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April 2016

Carbon psychology: 10 ways to change behaviours and keep energy costs under control

Ahead of edie's Effective Energy Management Conference, we have enlisted the expertise of a 'carbon psychologist' to bring you 10 innovative, non-technical methods to change behaviours, improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

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Rap battle: Sustainability's latest Millennial marketing trend

From BT laying down a track about minimising emissions to a Dutch hip-hop star freestyling about Heineken's reduced water consumption, edie explores the latest trend in CSR reporting: rap music.

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Beyond carbon confusion: strategies for real business impact

Carbon dioxide emissions appear to be stalling - have we reached the holy grail of economic decoupling? Caution is needed to avoid complacency and to find strategies that deliver a real impact.

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April 2015

Edie explains: Electricity Market Reform

The cost of the Government's Electricity Market Reform (EMR) landed on some electricity bills for the first time in April, undoubtedly prompting surprise for some, as around 15% of business weren't aware of the policy at all.

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edie explains: Energy Performance Contracts

With businesses facing a increasing challenge to reduce energy costs and hit carbon targets, an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) could be the ideal solution.

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How to achieve a truly circular economy

The concept of a circular economy is quickly becoming widely accepted in the business world. But, as Interface's European president and CEO Rob Boogaard argues, there is still more conversation around the topic than action.

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· #Sustainability: Five ways social media is driving CSR

· Cross-sector collaboration and the global water crisis

· Celebrating women in sustainability

· Feeding the 9 billion: How technology can reduce food waste

· The importance and benefits of corporate social responsibility

· edie energy management survey: in numbers

· Businesses 'Go Green' in Bristol's year as European Green Capital

April 2012

From little acorns mighty oaks will grow

SME support is vital - not just for the local economy, but in keeping sustainable supply chains healthy, argues Beth Winkley

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Why it's not the last straw for Lush

Lush has embarked on its first straw bale construction project in a bid to slash carbon emissions in the built environment, as Maxine Perella finds out

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Waste authorities must grasp the resource nettle

Local authorities have a vital role to play in ensuring that mitigation measures outlined in the Government's Resource Security Action Plan become a reality, says Adam Read

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· Wembley kick off: Envac's vacuum waste

· GHG Reporting and Rio+20 - an international context

· HSE drive targets the near miss

· Woking's WEEE collection switches on residents

· The eating disorder around food waste

· Keeping recovery comms in the neighbourhood

· Keeping up with Jones

April 2007

Russian Spies Have Us Mapped Out

At this year's ET 2007, Landmark Information Group will be exhibiting their latest addition to their historical map archive, Russian spy maps of the UK. Richard Pawlyn, Managing Director of Landmark Information Group's Property and Environment division, explains the role that these unique maps play

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Speakers to drive transport agenda

While great strides have been made in greening the workplace, the energy savings which can be made by staff as they travel about is still being overlooked by many businesses.

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, April 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month we see new regulations giving financial incentives for energy saving devic

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· WEEE national allocation centre fails to get off the ground as talks stall

· Getting to grips with manual handling

· Sustainable water management to top the bill at IWEX

· Sustainable buildings - work in progress?

· Why it pays for builders to give the skip a miss

· Leftovers fed to livestock are not waste

· Capital gains: a timely plan for infrastructure