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April 2016

Beyond carbon confusion: strategies for real business impact

Climate choices: Emissions from the energy sector have stalled, but our response to global warming is still dangerously slow

Carbon dioxide emissions appear to be stalling - have we reached the holy grail of economic decoupling? Caution is needed to avoid complacency and to find strategies that deliver a real impact.

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Carbon psychology: 10 ways to change behaviours and keep energy costs under control

A psychological approach to energy management can alter employees' energy habits and help an entire company embrace more efficient ways of working

Ahead of edie's Effective Energy Management Conference, we have enlisted the expertise of a 'carbon psychologist' to bring you 10 innovative, non-technical methods to change behaviours, improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

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Rap battle: Sustainability's latest Millennial marketing trend

BT, H&M, Heineken and Henkel have all turned to rap music as a way of spreading their CSR messages

From BT laying down a track about minimising emissions to a Dutch hip-hop star freestyling about Heineken's reduced water consumption, edie explores the latest trend in CSR reporting: rap music.

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April 2015

Businesses 'Go Green' in Bristol's year as European Green Capital

Hot air balloons fly over Bristol for the city's International Balloon Fiesta. Photo: Chris Bahn

Bristol's year as European Green Capital has recently seen the launch of Go Green, a major initiative to bring about positive change for Bristol's business community. Here, Go Green project co-directors Amy Robinson and Nina Skubala explain how the year will provide a platform for those who want to

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How to achieve a truly circular economy

A circular economy is about making the most of our products and infrastructure, especially when they are being left idle. Photo: Green Alliance

The concept of a circular economy is quickly becoming widely accepted in the business world. But, as Interface's European president and CEO Rob Boogaard argues, there is still more conversation around the topic than action.

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Cross-sector collaboration and the global water crisis

The problem of water scarcity can only be solved if businesses, governments and NGOs collaborate

Diageo's head of water, environment and agriculture sustainability Michael Alexander explains how and why businesses must collaborate to address the critical issue of water scarcity.

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April 2012

GHG Reporting and Rio+20 - an international context

IEMA executive director of policy Martin Baxter

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) executive director of policy, Martin Baxter, considers how delaying the decision on mandatory carbon reporting will impact on international sustainability commitments.

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The eating disorder around food waste

Wasteful habits are not helping the industry's image

Battling negative perceptions of 'slop buckets', Nicola Peake explains why more service providers need to do more to capture this waste stream

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Keeping up with Jones

Choose your exit markets carefully: Peter Jones

He's one of the waste industry's brightest sparks - and usually streets ahead in his thinking around modern resource management. Maxine Perella finally catches up with Peter Jones

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· Keeping recovery comms in the neighbourhood

· From little acorns mighty oaks will grow

· Why it's not the last straw for Lush

· HSE drive targets the near miss

· Waste authorities must grasp the resource nettle

· Woking's WEEE collection switches on residents

· Wembley kick off: Envac's vacuum waste

April 2007

France slow to tackle illegal landfills

France has been hauled over the coals by the European Commission for failing to close down illegal landfills or ensure they meet the standards necessary to allow them to be granted the permits which would make them legal.

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Why a joined-up approach provides the most effective method of protecting our environment

The environment - does any other single issue have a bigger impact on today's businesses? I doubt it. But do we consider the environment a single issue?

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A practitioner's perspective on REACH

Tim Jessel assesses the impact of REACH on the competitiveness of the European chemicals industry.

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