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May 2000

The main pumping station at Ringsend.Integrated Hydro Systems has completed a project to provide Dublin Corporation with a flow monitoring system for the city's sewerage network.
Local authorities across the country are gearing up to exercise their responsibilities for air quality. Westminster City Council has produced an Air Quality Strategy and Action Plan which sets out a series of initiatives to help clean up the capital's atmosphere.
Magmex is made from marine Mg(OH)<sub>2</sub>Rapid stabilisation of acidic waste sludges can be achieved using caustic soda or lime. But magnesium hydroxide is safer to handle and is much less likely to kill the bacteria needed for anaerobic sludge digestion.
» One for the buoys...
» The rain on planes
» SHE in the field
» Improved air quality figures for UK back call for concerted European action
» LCA supports integrated approach to solid waste management systems
» Reliance on instrumentation can only increase
» Jack Allen group sets the pace with all-round product line up

May 1999

Honeywell BA298 RPZ valves (Reduced Pressure Zone ­ back flow preventers) are being used to prevent a pollution problem at Leeds City Station as part of the Leeds 2000 Development Project. The valves stop non-potable water from flowing back into the mains when water is supplied to the carria
Photocatalysis has been considered for a number of years to be an ideal technique for the treatment of industrial effluents. However, until now the cost of the process has been prohibitive for all but the most intractable problems. Recently Photox Bradford has developed a new approach to the
Virtual reality is being used to visualise the tidal hydraulics of the Thames Estuary and as a future prediction tool explains Maggie Templeman of Superscape.
» Businesses act in attempt to keep London dry
» Wheal Jane minewater - the long term solution
» Water treatment for British Sugar CHP plant
» £0.5 million scheme protects salmon rich river
» Techniques to control industrial wastewater

May 1996

May 1991