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May 2000

The new CMS from Draeger provides an immediate, true digital readout without the need for further evaluation.
Cutting its wastewater treatment bill is a must for the seafish processing industry. Seafish Technology's R Watson looks at some ways to make savings.
Flowtronex has developed a remote monitoring package for the small pumping stations used to irrigate farms and golf courses. Significant savings can be achieved once the operators have full confidence in the software.
» One for the buoys...
» New flow monitoring system for Dublin's sewers
» ESA Chairman promotes open debate on Landfill Directive
» SHE in the field
» The rain on planes
» Westminster mounts extensive consulations on pioneering Local Air Quality Action Plan
» Improved air quality figures for UK back call for concerted European action

May 1999

Honeywell BA298 RPZ valves (Reduced Pressure Zone ­ back flow preventers) are being used to prevent a pollution problem at Leeds City Station as part of the Leeds 2000 Development Project. The valves stop non-potable water from flowing back into the mains when water is supplied to the carria
Groundwater levels in London vary from 10m to 40m below ground level reaching the highest point in the east in such areas as Woolwich and Barking. It is estimated that by 2010, if nothing is done, the water table will be between 20m and ground level in areas of Westminster and the City of L
The number of industries which choose to treat their waste on-site prior to discharge to either sewer or surface water continues to grow. Dr Nigel Horan of Aqua Enviro at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds explains some simple techniques for the control of industrial wa
» Wheal Jane minewater - the long term solution
» Photocatalytic industrial effluent treatment
» Water treatment for British Sugar CHP plant
» £0.5 million scheme protects salmon rich river
» Virtual visualisation of the Thames

May 1996

May 1991