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May 2002

In Indonesia, solar powered pumps are providing drinking water and contributing to a public hygiene programme
PAWS is a software package for the hydraulic analysis and design of pressure pipe systems that incorporate ABS pumps. It is operated through a system which enables the user to draw on the computer screen a graphical representation of the pump/pipe system under consideration. Alternati
Monitoring and maintaining assets dispersed over a large and remote area is a particular problem in northern Scotland. Hyder Consulting's Gareth Jones discusses the response
» Airport run-off feeding bacteria for WWT
» Conditional acceptance for re-use in USA
» Reducing effluent discharge
» Optimism over SW challenge
» Spreading the word
» Site surveys in the Highlands
» There is plenty in the pipe

May 2001

Improving air quality, particularly in urban environments remains a key priority at global, national and local government levels, with councils in the UK having to take increasing responsibility for monitoring and managing pollution levels. In this feature LAWE reports on recent developments and run
UV Falcon Air Pollution MonitorSiemens Environmental Systems has developed its Falcon portable multi-component open path ambient air quality monitoring instrument in co-operation with the Environment Agency
Two air particulate monitors from Casella CEL collecting pollution data for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council from two quarries ten miles apart on opposite outskirts of the townParticulate monitors combine infra-red light based, real-time monitoring and gravimetric sampling under Doncaster MBCÕs pollution data monitoring programme at two quarries ten miles apart on the outskirts of the town
» Air quality monitoring stations designed yo operate in extreme weather conditions
» A material dilemma
» Water, water, everywhere...
» New remedy for radioactive wastewater
» Ongoing crisis as demand outstrips supply
» Raising cash and getting the price right
» SWRO makes its debut in Cyprus

May 1998

Inside the sludge drying plant at Teeside Industry is investing major resources into expanding Combined Heat and Power capacity with the enthusiastic support of the Government for the economic and environmental benefits this solution can offer

May 1993