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May 2008

We're entering a new era. Nano particles look set to play a part in every aspect of our lives. But some say that the revolutionary tiny technology may pose a 'serious threat to human health'. Rob Bell reports
If plumbing were an Olympic sport, it would look a lot like the IWO National Drilling & Tapping Championship.
For the first time ever, a complete regional model of the main German rivers, including upstream catchment areas outside the country, has been developed. Gregers Jørgensen, senior hydrologist at DHI-DK, and Ole Larsen, head of business development for DHI in Germany, explains
» Clearing the air
» Solar pump brings running water to a Gambian school
» Plastic fantastic for Lancashire trials
» Huge roofs on Top o' th' Cow
» The importance of flow and load surveys
» It's all a matter of total thrust
» Ignoring the dangers of chlorine

May 2007

As CIWM gears up for its 21st show, chief executive Steve Lee charts the fast moving changes taking place in the industry as waste evolves into a resource
Intelligent water meters help indentify supply pipe leakage. Severn Trent Service's Fran House provides an update on how the trials of its SmartMeter C100R are progressing. Supply pipe leakage has always been difficult to accurately estimate due to its irregular occurrence and relatively low flow ra
The brick-making industry could save millions while diverting contaminated waste away from landfill thanks to a project which puts spent scrubbers from flue pipes to good use.
» Food for thought: dining on the recovery dilemma
» Milton Keynes MRF fires up bigger and better
» Breaking the Stalemate
» Spanish irrigation could harm birds
» Italian ski resort will harm bird life
» Engagement the key to promoting water efficiency
» Siltbuster - solving the shortage down under

May 2004

By Dave Curtis, Source Testing Association
The Source Testing Association, established in 1995, has been committed to improving quality, health & safety and providing a technical base for its members.
Equipment used by Campbell Scientific is at the core of the multi-site monitoring system used by the Corporation of London to monitor pollutant levels and environmental parameters at the heart of the capital.
The CIWM once again stages what is billed as " the largest international wastes management conference and exhibition" at Paignton in Torbay, Devon, UK, from 15-17 June, 2004.
» Hot rock
» Moving beds - a trickling filter approach
» An interpretation of the legal obligations of the Water Framework Directive with respect to monitoring
» UK Emissions Trading Scheme wins NAC accolade
» Air Emission monitoring in the UK
» Skye Instruments launches DataHog3 data logger
» Limiting liability

May 1999

Groundwater levels in London vary from 10m to 40m below ground level reaching the highest point in the east in such areas as Woolwich and Barking. It is estimated that by 2010, if nothing is done, the water table will be between 20m and ground level in areas of Westminster and the City of L
The number of industries which choose to treat their waste on-site prior to discharge to either sewer or surface water continues to grow. Dr Nigel Horan of Aqua Enviro at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds explains some simple techniques for the control of industrial wa
Pollution from the tin mine Wheal Jane to the River Carnon, West Cornwall.The Clemows Valley Tailings Dam in Cornwall retains acidic metal-laden minewater sludge released into the Carnon River and Fal Estuary in 1992 following the abandonment and subsequent water level recovery of the Wheal Jane tin mine. The dam is expected to overflow by 2001. Clive Hallett, Knight Piès
» £0.5 million scheme protects salmon rich river
» Pollution problem prevented at rail station
» Water treatment for British Sugar CHP plant
» Virtual visualisation of the Thames
» Photocatalytic industrial effluent treatment