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May 2008

A pipe-thruster that allows accurate monitoring on project sites is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Herrenknecht's chairman, Martin Herrenknecht, and vice-chairman, Werner Suhn, explain how it works
The planet is hotting up. And so is regulation aimed at getting companies to cut carbon emissions. But, Mike Scott discovers, many of the new rules can also lead to intriguing business opportunities
Carbon offsetting has ruffled the feathers of big businesses around the world. Different schemes have been mooted - some more dubious than others, says Mark Lupton
» Want a Birthday Present?
» Italy in more trouble over waste laws
» Divide and conquer
» Pipes that have seen better days made as good as new
» Ignoring the dangers of chlorine
» Keeping on track for sustainability at London 2012
» Off the road and on the right track

May 2007

Unwanted food is arguably the biggest residual household waste stream yet its recovery still lags behind other materials. Adam Read and Sarah Knapp examine what can be done to address this
Whether coming from China or Chesterfield, visitors to the Nemex sustainable energy exhibition in Birmingham this week had the chance to offset their travel emissions for free thanks to a generous offer from engine efficiency company Enersol.
If the balancing act succeeds, we can cut the burden of bureaucracy while maximising the positive outcomes of regulation, according to Defra.
» Yorkshire Water - driving innovation
» Revamp, not replace, for low vehicle emissions
» Milton Keynes MRF fires up bigger and better
» Composting - a cleaner disposal for sludge
» Italian ski resort will harm bird life
» Locking up the polluters
» Spain must do more to treat waste water

May 2004

The pioneering UK Emissions Trading Scheme is praised in a new report from the National Audit Office for its beneficial impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases. This seal of approval comes as the latest DEFRA figures show an upward movement, described by Environment Minister Elliot Morley as a "
Dr John De Rosa of Subterra reports on European trials of an environmentally sustainable FastPatch repair system.
Environmental risk consultant Allister Meal of risk and insurance services firm Marsh explains the options available for insuring against environmental damage
» Air Emission monitoring in the UK
» Brussels’ sewers are finally computerised
» An interpretation of the legal obligations of the Water Framework Directive with respect to monitoring
» The old ways can still be the best
» Sustainable production
» Air Emission monitoring in the UK
» Multi-site monitoring for Corporation of London

May 1999

Groundwater levels in London vary from 10m to 40m below ground level reaching the highest point in the east in such areas as Woolwich and Barking. It is estimated that by 2010, if nothing is done, the water table will be between 20m and ground level in areas of Westminster and the City of L
Honeywell BA298 RPZ valves (Reduced Pressure Zone ­ back flow preventers) are being used to prevent a pollution problem at Leeds City Station as part of the Leeds 2000 Development Project. The valves stop non-potable water from flowing back into the mains when water is supplied to the carria
Pollution from the tin mine Wheal Jane to the River Carnon, West Cornwall.The Clemows Valley Tailings Dam in Cornwall retains acidic metal-laden minewater sludge released into the Carnon River and Fal Estuary in 1992 following the abandonment and subsequent water level recovery of the Wheal Jane tin mine. The dam is expected to overflow by 2001. Clive Hallett, Knight Piès
» Virtual visualisation of the Thames
» Techniques to control industrial wastewater
» Photocatalytic industrial effluent treatment
» £0.5 million scheme protects salmon rich river
» Water treatment for British Sugar CHP plant