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May 2010

Air quality programme calls on comedy support and social media to engage public

A North East initiative has harnessed the power of comedy and social media to tackle the issue of poor air quality in urban areas, where the main cause is unnecessary private vehicle journeys.

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How to avoid a procurement headache

The changing face of waste management procurement is creating some major headaches for local authority officers. Bob Read and Adam Read offer a tonic to ease the pain

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Balfour boosted by £200M AMP5 work

Balfour Beatty, the international infrastructure group, has won support services work worth about £200M from the Highways Agency, Yorkshire Water and Anglian Water.

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· Scotland mulls aviation and shipping emissions.

· An open way of working

· Scotland sets out rules for ETS compliance

· Designer liner proves perfect solution for pump station

· AMEC snaps up Entec in Vision strategy

· Courts look at substances added to fuels

· Air of optimism reigned at IWEX 2010

May 2009

Innovation is as clear as Day

Water industry regulator Ofwat is sponsoring a grand prize for innovation at the 2009 Water Industry Achievement Awards. WWT editor Natasha Wiseman asked director of network regulation, George Day, what prompted Ofwat to get involved.

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Taking the MBT route to remove risk of LATS

As LATS targets bear down on local authorities, there is now an urgent need for diversion infrastructure. Adam Read looks at the financial benefits of using MBT

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Swiss technology does a dam good job in the Lake District

Seathwaite Tarn in Cumbria has become the first reservoir dam in the UK to be successfully fitted with a specialist vertical geomembrane to stop it leaking. Project manager Carl Sanders of United Utilities explains

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· From rags to riches

· Groundforce to the rescue for emergency repairs

· Rehabilitation contract is on target and on time

· Finding and funding low carbon innovation

· When the sun sets on oil

· Herculean task for McNicholas

· More than words

May 2006

London Borough in court over lack of EIA

The London Borough of Bromley has found itself before the European Court of Justice in a case concerning the potential environmental impact of a huge leisure complex in Crystal Palace.

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Torbay prepares to ring in the changes

Changing the face of waste management - that's the theme of this year's CIWM show in Torbay which will incorporate two conferences in one for added value

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Housing challenges on the horizon for air quality

The Government's housing drive is set to place even more pressure on local authorities to address rising air quality concerns. Richard Maggs asks what can be done to alleviate this burden

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· UK rapped for failing to insist on EIA for Crystal Palace

· Optimising kerbside collection of BMW

· The Secrets of Cirrus


· Rurally rationalizing

· Glaswegian innovation

· Station controller for hazardous waste

May 2001

Doncaster monitors pollution data on particulates at two quarry sites

Particulate monitors combine infra-red light based, real-time monitoring and gravimetric sampling under Doncaster MBCÕs pollution data monitoring programme at two quarries ten miles apart on the outskirts of the town

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Portable open path ambient air quality monitor developed with Agency co-operation

Siemens Environmental Systems has developed its Falcon portable multi-component open path ambient air quality monitoring instrument in co-operation with the Environment Agency

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Air quality monitoring stations designed yo operate in extreme weather conditions

Bound for an exacting environment, a batch of AQM enclosures have been engineered to withstand extremes of weather and temperature in an overseas location where the power supply is subject to sporadic fluctuation.

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· Networking helps cut losses

· WWT on the impact of the proposed single Scottish water authority: Size is important for Scots

· Raising cash and getting the price right

· Foot & mouth debacle proves need for independent regulators

· A material dilemma

· SWRO makes its debut in Cyprus

· New remedy for radioactive wastewater