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May 2010

A North East initiative has harnessed the power of comedy and social media to tackle the issue of poor air quality in urban areas, where the main cause is unnecessary private vehicle journeys.
A lack of reliable data on construction waste arisings is clouding judgement on whether recovery targets can be met without additional policy measures
The government-owned National Laboratory Service has a strategy to make itself more business-like, and is anticipating MCerts accreditation. Natasha Wiseman met commercial director Ian Rippin at IWEX
» A question of finance, risk – and regulation
» Everything’s under control
» Northern Ireland amends Renewables Obligation
» Courts look at substances added to fuels
» Five point energy plan for new Government
» Designer liner proves perfect solution for pump station
» Scotland mulls aviation and shipping emissions.

May 2009

The water industry faces a radical shake-up and must adopt innovative technology to meet the demands of a low carbon future, says a report by the Council for Science and Technology, which is funded by the government.
Northumbrian Water's Transfer Pumping Station at Skinningrove was an historically expensive and inefficient facility even though its pumps and VSDs were relatively new. It was susceptible to frequent blockages, increasing energy usage and costly site maintenance. However, that has all changed with t
The production of biofuels from biocrops is mired in controversy, but Frank Rogalla of Aqualia sees a third way - using wastewater to support fast-growing algal biomass
» No nitrate for Yorks
» Innovation is as clear as Day
» Redundancy - getting it right
» Triton is key at Mountmellick
» Keeping storm weather flows under control
» Nottinghamshire banks on Mansfield MRF
» Achieving the right mix is not just about personal choice

May 2006

The UK was found guilty of failing to meet its responsibility to ensure full environmental impact assessments are carried out on large developments, in this case the Crystal Palace leisure complex in south London.
The European Court of Justice has thrown out a case brought against the UK by the European Commission which had claimed that sanctioning the operations of scrapyards that had not had planning permission was dodging the need for environmental impact assessments.
In a bid to try and match the performance of utilities in England and Wales, Water Service will shift from being a government department to a government-owned company. WWT assesses the implications
» Rurally rationalizing
» Keeping in touch
» Get your message across
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (May 06)
» Environmental Case Law Summary, May 06

May 2001

Desalination at Eilat: restructuring Mekorot is seen to be a priorityThe worst in the country's history - Aaron Priel outlines some of the measures Israel is embarking upon to strengthen its institutional water management and expand the use of desalination technologies in new areas.
Industry buys a vast amount of high quality drinking water, much of a far higher quality than is required for industrial applications. IEM reports on a recent Scottish project to cut costs and stem the flow.
Two air particulate monitors from Casella CEL collecting pollution data for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council from two quarries ten miles apart on opposite outskirts of the townParticulate monitors combine infra-red light based, real-time monitoring and gravimetric sampling under Doncaster MBCÕs pollution data monitoring programme at two quarries ten miles apart on the outskirts of the town
» Foot & mouth debacle proves need for independent regulators
» UK cuts greenhouse gas emissions as Euro MEPs back lower levels
» WWT on the impact of the proposed single Scottish water authority: Size is important for Scots
» Raising cash and getting the price right
» New remedy for radioactive wastewater
» SWRO makes its debut in Cyprus
» Air quality monitoring stations designed yo operate in extreme weather conditions