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May 2010

Auma’s ready for the new era

Actuators have come a long way in the past few decades - thanks in no small part to the work and designs of Auma. Now a new phase in the evolution of actuation is on the horizon - and the company's products are set to triumph.

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How to avoid a procurement headache

The changing face of waste management procurement is creating some major headaches for local authority officers. Bob Read and Adam Read offer a tonic to ease the pain

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It all adds up with Aerofoil

A new package of support for councils adding aerosols and aluminium foil to their kerbside collections has been launched. Rick Hindley outlines the benefits.

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· What's arising - a mixed picture?

· AMEC snaps up Entec in Vision strategy

· A question of finance, risk – and regulation

· Severn Trent Water’s wish list for shaping the future

· Detecting something fishy in the water

· Scotland mulls aviation and shipping emissions.

· Getting a handle on your waste

May 2009

Achieving the right mix is not just about personal choice

Mixing in the water and wastewater industry is integral to treatment, allowing key subsequent processes such as aeration, digestion and disinfection to be more efficient and effective.

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Algae offers biofuel boost

The production of biofuels from biocrops is mired in controversy, but Frank Rogalla of Aqualia sees a third way - using wastewater to support fast-growing algal biomass

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Beating the cowboy clothing criminals

Genuine textile recycling operators must keep up the pressure on the increasing number of bogus collectors if they are to prosper in these difficult times, warns Paul Ozanne

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· More than words

· Taking the MBT route to remove risk of LATS

· U Mole trains utility operatives on site

· Keeping storm weather flows under control

· Waste recycling fuels Severn Trent works

· No nitrate for Yorks

· Is PFI going to waste in credit-crunched times?

May 2006

In defence of our agency

There are plenty of intelligent, hard-working officers in the Environment Agency and in Defra. It is the structure and culture that are wrong, writes Bill Butterworth

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Environmental Case Law Summary, May 06

This month Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK, Europe and further afield. In this month's roundup Portugal falls foul of European authorities for building a motorway through a bird haven while the UK attem

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NEW FLASH mixers and flocculators from Derby-based Chemineer are eliminating downtime at Bristol Water's Barrow Gurney WTW.

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· Legacy of under-investment

· Rurally rationalizing

· Best investment

· Boost for battery recycling



· Time to take action on business waste

May 2001

Ongoing crisis as demand outstrips supply

Desalination at Eilat: restructuring Mekorot is seen to be a priority

The worst in the country's history - Aaron Priel outlines some of the measures Israel is embarking upon to strengthen its institutional water management and expand the use of desalination technologies in new areas.

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WWT on the impact of the proposed single Scottish water authority: Size is important for Scots

As WWT reported last month, it is likely Scotland's water authorities Ð West of Scotland Water (WoSW), East of Scotland Water (EoSW) and North of Scotland Water (NoSW) Ð will be merged to form Scottish Water (SW), a single publicly-accountable entity to handle the country's water and wastewater se

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A material dilemma

The fall and rise of plastics? Dr Mark Everard, director of science at The Natural Step; Duncan Bowdler, trade liaison manager for the Co-operative Group (CWS); and Mark Shayler, environmental manager, Asda Stores, looks again at the 'flawed concept of green materials'.

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· Doncaster monitors pollution data on particulates at two quarry sites

· Foot & mouth debacle proves need for independent regulators

· SWRO makes its debut in Cyprus

· Air quality monitoring stations designed yo operate in extreme weather conditions

· Raising cash and getting the price right

· New remedy for radioactive wastewater

· Portable open path ambient air quality monitor developed with Agency co-operation