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May 2013

The cradle-to-cradle concept is now hugely influential in terms of sustainable product design. Bridgett Luther, president of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, tells Daan Elffers how this agenda is shaping up
Following an industry consultation, the UK Government is due to announce its decision on Part L of the Building Regulations imminently. However, when the announcement is made, will we see a transformation in the way houses are built in the UK, or will the road to zero carbon take a back-seat? Asks <
Organisations are facing increasing challenges to balance business performance with environmental issues and these challenges have created a new area of green supply chain management, says Ron Basu.
» Kotuku provides first step on the waste ladder
» York 'spring clean' sweep on household waste
» In conversation: Talking Resource Revolution with the creatives
» Sustainability must go mainstream: Interview with Peter Bakker
» Councils must get compliance right to maximise WEEE recycling
» The evolution of product carbon footprinting
» Circular re-entry: are you ready to go beyond recycling?

May 2012

Bin hangers placed on bins to remind residents about the new serviceNick Warburton visits Southwest London to see how new working patterns in the council's waste and recycling service have netted £1m in savings
NIW's Trevor Haslett: "I thought if anyone is going to turn the company around it would be best done by someone who knows the business inside out"The winter crisis of 2010/11 has forced Northern Ireland Water to change the way that it operates. In an exclusive interview, chief executive Trevor Haslett gives WWT editor Natasha Wiseman the inside story
Commingling: drives up recycling while driving down costsResponding to deep cuts while also looking to boost environmental performance, one council found that moving to commingled collections ticked all the boxes. Raman Selvon explains why
» Video: Scottish Water completes 1.2km tunnel
» Manufacturing a world beyond zero waste
» Why recycling is music to the ears at V Festival
» VIDEO: Harsh reality of water poverty first hand
» MCERTS 'not enough' for complex sites
» Tread with care

May 2009

A trenchless main replacement project in Great Yarmouth gave Essex & Suffolk Water the opportunity to train its workers on the job. On behalf of specialist hire company U Mole, Ian Clarke gives the low down
The water industry faces a radical shake-up and must adopt innovative technology to meet the demands of a low carbon future, says a report by the Council for Science and Technology, which is funded by the government.
Ofwat's deliberations over water company submissions for the 2009 price review and AMP5 will take more consideration of carbon footprint. Dean Stiles reports.
» SB - The Event has arrived
» Achieving the right mix is not just about personal choice
» Groundforce to the rescue for emergency repairs
» Unburden water companies to combat flooding
» Cave: We need Ofwat R&D body
» Taking the MBT route to remove risk of LATS
» How is the carbon agenda materialising in waste?

May 2004

Enviro Technology Services plc has introduced a new website package that will enable local authorities to meet the increasing general public interest in air quality simply and economically.
Ian Miller, director of spatial data management specialist Optimal Solutions, on delivering data capable of supporting both business processes and effective performance management
In these days of sophisticated GIS-assisted monitoring technology, Atkins Environment finds it can be refreshing to know there is still a function for tried and tested basic techniques.
» Spanish capital gets all fired up
» Technology aids LAs in meeting Government targets
» Visitors find solutions at UK's major remediation event
» Comply with me
» No time to waste
» Essential disposal solutions
» Tackling waste at sauce