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May 2014

Green Deal incentives leave 85% carbon gap

The Government's new incentive scheme is coming up short on the carbon emission reductions it was supposed to deliver, says Andrew Warren.

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Travails of the unexpected: Managing your environmental risk

With the economy recovering, partnering with a trusted law firm can help companies prepare for growth by mitigating the environmental risk throughout the business lifecycle. According to solicitors Matthew Brandis and Diane Yarrow, it's all about 'avoiding the travails of the unexpected'.

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More sustainable policies needed from the 'Greenest Government Ever'

This month sees the fourth anniversary of David Cameron's promise that the coalition would become 'the Greenest Government Ever'. But, as Charles Perry argues, blue and yellow have not made green, and those promises of action on climate change have dropped from sight.

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· Growth - the real elephant in the room?

· Interserve digs deep for data to keep green goals in sight

· Greater Expectations: Rethinking investment towards a sustainable future

May 2013

York 'spring clean' sweep on household waste

Faced with tough decisions on its waste collection and disposal, City of York Council has increased community engagement to improve recycling, as Nick Warburton discovered on a trip to the historic city

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Complexities and advantages of a green supply chain

Organisations are facing increasing challenges to balance business performance with environmental issues and these challenges have created a new area of green supply chain management, says Ron Basu.

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Damage limitation: how recyclers can reduce incident risks

Delivery and collection is vital but waste and recycling companies can be open to damaging claims should an incident occur off-site. Philip Bladon offers some useful advice for the sector

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· Circular re-entry: are you ready to go beyond recycling?

· Where next for WRAP?

· Councils must get compliance right to maximise WEEE recycling

· Going for gold with cradle-to-cradle: Interview with Bridgett Luther

· Case study: monitoring energy consumption by volume not value at Brewers

· Exploring water usage: Sainsburys journey to a 50% water reduction

· In conversation: Talking Resource Revolution with the creatives

May 2010

Getting a handle on your waste

The baling and compacting sector has witnessed massive change in the way businesses and councils deal with their waste. David Hall assesses recent trends

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Northern Ireland amends Renewables Obligation

Northern Ireland has done some fine tuning to the statutory rules covering the Renewables Obligation in the province.

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Latest Pump Control System helps to ease the flow

The RPC_2000 has proved to be a major asset in the ongoing battle to deal with regular blockages, flooding and odours. Julian Williams explains how one Scottish SPS has improved performance and made annual savings since its installation.

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· Air quality programme calls on comedy support and social media to engage public

· Everything’s under control

· Air of optimism reigned at IWEX 2010

· Scotland sets out rules for ETS compliance

· An open way of working

· Detecting something fishy in the water

· B&V and JVs get lion’s share of Thames work

May 2005

UV solution for giardiasis outbreak in Norway

When the city of Bergen's water supply was identified as the source of giardia infection in the population, the proposed solution was to install a UV system. As Ben Kalisvaart, microbiology specialist and European sales manager for Dutch contractor Berson, reports, the urgency of the project meant t

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Water Framework Directive: Case C-270/03 Commission v Italy

The Advocate General gave his opinion in the case of Commission v Italy on the 14 April 2005, recommending that the Italian government be condemned under the Waste Framework Directive (Directive 75/442/EEC).

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MCERTS accreditation plays key role in AQM

As legislation and regulation take an increasingly important part in combating air pollution, particulary through IPPC and linked systems of control, the role of MCERTS accreditation in Air Quality Management (AQM) has been enhanced. But just how does MCERTS work? Key issues, including the responsib

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· Electric charge for solar disinfection

· Groundwater pollution: Case C-163/03 Commission v Greece

· The green vote

· Wireless options for WwTWs

· Bridging the gap

· Water wise

· Park life