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May 2015

edie explains: Building Management Systems (BMS)

A recent edie survey found that 56% of energy managers are focusing on Building Management Systems (BMS) this year - a 9% surge. With this in mind, we've taken a closer look at BMS (and BEMS) to find out what all the fuss is about.

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Green hospitality: How Whitbread is making complex supply chains more sustainable

As Whitbread sets itself a series of ambitious new sustainability targets, the hotel and restaurant group's CSR programme manager Mark Parker explains the increasing importance of supply chain management to further enhance its environmental credentials.

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Q&A: The importance of water efficiency for businesses

Resource Efficient Scotland recently held a Q&A session with Dr Stuart Ballinger, project director for the Water Technology List, to discuss why and how businesses should reduce their water use.

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May 2014

Growth - the real elephant in the room?

EXCLUSIVE Is the pursuit of continuous growth the single biggest issue for our businesses and our economies? Will the circular economy provide the silver bullet, or do we need to go further? Michael Townsend investigates.

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Greater Expectations: Rethinking investment towards a sustainable future

Progress towards a green and sustainable economy is way too slow and our perspectives on investment will need to undergo a radical shift if we are to give our businesses the right conditions in which they can deliver a truly prosperous future, says Michael Townsend.

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Interserve digs deep for data to keep green goals in sight

When Interserve embarked on its ambitious sustainability plan last year, it discovered a pressing need for better data capture. Maxine Perella looks at the challenges this presented, and asks if the company is on is track against its early goals.

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· More sustainable policies needed from the 'Greenest Government Ever'

· Green Deal incentives leave 85% carbon gap

· Travails of the unexpected: Managing your environmental risk

May 2011

Jeremy Darroch

Tom Idle meets Jeremy Darroch, CEO BSkyB

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Could continuous network monitoring help SIM?

As companies move to improve performance by focusing on customer service, Tony Halker, chief executive at Intellitect Water, explores just where technology fits in and how it can make a difference

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Construction on target to halve landfill waste

First signatories to WRAP deal lead the charge to waste reduction

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· Ofwat assesses its regulatory role for the future

· Forward thinking

· Pointing the way ahead in Portugal

· Layering for leakage

· Packaging for a low-carbon future

· Tailoring waste to the householder

· St Germans pumping station keeps fens flood-free

May 2006

Torbay prepares to ring in the changes

Changing the face of waste management - that's the theme of this year's CIWM show in Torbay which will incorporate two conferences in one for added value

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Glaswegian innovation

The replacement WTW at Milngavie will serve 700,000 Glaswegians. We look at the progress of Scottish Water's £120M job, known as the Katrine Project

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Textiles suffer shortfall

Uncertainty surrounds the UK textile recycling and reuse industry as reclamation merchants are struggling with a shortfall in supplies, reports Alan Wheeler

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· Incineration rules explained


· Keeping in touch

· Continuous sampling of dioxins - latest research results from the Environment Agency


· Legacy of under-investment

· Non-contacting transducers