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May 2015

Q&A: The importance of water efficiency for businesses

Resource Efficienct Scotland has so far helped 134 Scottish organisations identify ways to save money by using water more efficiently

Resource Efficient Scotland recently held a Q&A session with Dr Stuart Ballinger, project director for the Water Technology List, to discuss why and how businesses should reduce their water use.

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edie explains: Building Management Systems (BMS)

A recent edie survey found that 56% of energy managers are focusing on Building Management Systems (BMS) this year - a 9% surge. With this in mind, we've taken a closer look at BMS (and BEMS) to find out what all the fuss is about.

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Green hospitality: How Whitbread is making complex supply chains more sustainable

Whitbread's brands include Premier Inn, Costa Coffee, Beefeater and Brewers Fayre

As Whitbread sets itself a series of ambitious new sustainability targets, the hotel and restaurant group's CSR programme manager Mark Parker explains the increasing importance of supply chain management to further enhance its environmental credentials.

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May 2014

Greater Expectations: Rethinking investment towards a sustainable future

The majority of energy managers consider funding to be the greatest barrier to initiating energy-saving programmes

Progress towards a green and sustainable economy is way too slow and our perspectives on investment will need to undergo a radical shift if we are to give our businesses the right conditions in which they can deliver a truly prosperous future, says Michael Townsend.

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More sustainable policies needed from the 'Greenest Government Ever'

Charles Perry is a director at sustainability group Anthesis-SecondNature

This month sees the fourth anniversary of David Cameron's promise that the coalition would become 'the Greenest Government Ever'. But, as Charles Perry argues, blue and yellow have not made green, and those promises of action on climate change have dropped from sight.

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Interserve digs deep for data to keep green goals in sight

Interserve's group finance director and head of sustainability Tim Haywood confident the company is on track to hit its sustainability targets

When Interserve embarked on its ambitious sustainability plan last year, it discovered a pressing need for better data capture. Maxine Perella looks at the challenges this presented, and asks if the company is on is track against its early goals.

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· Travails of the unexpected: Managing your environmental risk

· Growth - the real elephant in the room?

· Green Deal incentives leave 85% carbon gap

May 2011

St Germans pumping station keeps fens flood-free

The 100m3/s capacity pumping station at Wiggenhall St Germans in Norfolk has now been formally opened by Lord James Russell, marking the culmination of this huge construction and flood defence project. Atkins’ John Sheppard explains.

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Wastewater sensor goes non-contact

WRc has developed an instrument to measure organic load by optical non-contact methods, says senior consultant Steve Russell

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How councils can do more with less

Extracting best value out of service provision and treatment options is now the biggest challenge facing council waste departments. Adam Read and Sarahjane Widdowson offer some advice

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· Layering for leakage

· Why Tunnel vision requires flexible boring

· New beginning for St Germans

· In-house water sampling? - It keeps the costs down

· Packaging for a low-carbon future

May 2006

Making wind work

The soon-to-be-built World Trade Centre in Bahrain will showcase the first large-scale integration of wind turbines in a building. John Haven describes the design evolution.

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Station controller for hazardous waste

Pioneering technology in use at a York transfer station has a firm grip on every aspect of the waste management process

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Isle of Wight set to benefit from gasification project

Gasification technology may be retrofitted to a waste treatment plant in the Isle of Wight to help divert domestic waste from landfill

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