edie feature articles on this day... for May 2016, 2015, 2012, 2007

Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in May 2016, 2015, 2012, 2007

May 2016

Cleantech innovation: Strategies for scaling up

In the second part of this cleantech innovation feature mini-series, Hamish Corner - a partner at UK law firm Penningtons Manches LLP - outlines the key challenges and potential solutions for green entrepreneurs and start-ups when it comes to attracting funding to turn proven prototypes into a comme

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edie Environment & Energy Awards 2016: Meet the winners

Take a full read through each of the projects and initiatives that fended off tough competition to be crowned winners of edie's 2016 Environment & Energy (E&E) Awards.

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Getting over peak delusion: Four strategies for sustainable prosperity within planetary boundaries

Our aspirations for sustainable growth and prosperity have little chance of being realised, if we don't manage within all our planetary boundaries. Mike Townsend explores how we need to get over our delusions, and find a new course for business success.

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· Cleantech innovation: the collaboration equation

· Cleantech innovation: the legal necessities of joining forces

May 2015

Green hospitality: How Whitbread is making complex supply chains more sustainable

As Whitbread sets itself a series of ambitious new sustainability targets, the hotel and restaurant group's CSR programme manager Mark Parker explains the increasing importance of supply chain management to further enhance its environmental credentials.

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Q&A: The importance of water efficiency for businesses

Resource Efficient Scotland recently held a Q&A session with Dr Stuart Ballinger, project director for the Water Technology List, to discuss why and how businesses should reduce their water use.

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edie explains: Building Management Systems (BMS)

A recent edie survey found that 56% of energy managers are focusing on Building Management Systems (BMS) this year - a 9% surge. With this in mind, we've taken a closer look at BMS (and BEMS) to find out what all the fuss is about.

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May 2012

Manufacturing a world beyond zero waste

Eliminating waste streams is just the starting point for manufacturers when it comes to sustainable growth - it's time to change the rules, argues Ramon Arratia

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'I've taken blunt questions - and given honest answers'

The winter crisis of 2010/11 has forced Northern Ireland Water to change the way that it operates. In an exclusive interview, chief executive Trevor Haslett gives WWT editor Natasha Wiseman the inside story

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Why recycling is music to the ears at V Festival

Music festivals present many challenges for materials recovery due to the high levels of people and food and drink consumed on-site, but one programme is making good progress in targeting drinks cans

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· VIDEO: Harsh reality of water poverty first hand

· MCERTS 'not enough' for complex sites

· Melton switches to commingled for cost savings

· Tread with care

· Video: Scottish Water completes 1.2km tunnel

· Sutton's new collection service slashes costs

May 2007

Making a case for PFI credits

Defra has recently adopted a new system for awarding PFI credits to local authorities. LAWR looks at what's involved

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Revamp, not replace, for low vehicle emissions

Local authority fleet managers facing strict new vehicle emissions restrictions should look at cost-effective ways of rejuvenating their fleet before buying replacements, argues Mike Galey

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Engagement the key to promoting water efficiency

At a time of long-term growing pressure on water resources in some parts of the country, water industry stakeholders need to work together in practical ways to promote the efficient use of water in households. Tony Smith identifies some of the challenges and options.

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· Southern upgrades mapping system

· Contractors experiencing a renaissance

· Torbay goes global this summer

· Get resourceful as the time is now to add value

· Building a sustainable future for brick waste

· Air quality directive: a basis for equality?

· Food for thought: dining on the recovery dilemma