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May 2018

May 2017

Oceans apart: Why businesses need to embed water efficiency across departments

With water availability declining as energy demand rises, some of the private sector's leading lights on water management believe now is the time for businesses to embed holistic water stewardship programmes that capture the interests of other departments. edie's Matt Mace investigates.

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Greening the game: How Man City FC has put sustainability at the heart of its journey to the top

On the back of Manchester City Football Club partnering with an energy storage company, edie takes a closer look at how the club has incorporated sustainable business practices into its multi-billion pound transformation, in line with its rise up the Premier League table.

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May 2014

More sustainable policies needed from the 'Greenest Government Ever'

This month sees the fourth anniversary of David Cameron's promise that the coalition would become 'the Greenest Government Ever'. But, as Charles Perry argues, blue and yellow have not made green, and those promises of action on climate change have dropped from sight.

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Green Deal incentives leave 85% carbon gap

The Government's new incentive scheme is coming up short on the carbon emission reductions it was supposed to deliver, says Andrew Warren.

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Greater Expectations: Rethinking investment towards a sustainable future

Progress towards a green and sustainable economy is way too slow and our perspectives on investment will need to undergo a radical shift if we are to give our businesses the right conditions in which they can deliver a truly prosperous future, says Michael Townsend.

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· Growth - the real elephant in the room?

· Travails of the unexpected: Managing your environmental risk

· Interserve digs deep for data to keep green goals in sight

May 2009

Edie's parent awarded green standards

The publishing house responsible for edie.net has been awarded a kitemark for sustainable events management.

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When the sun sets on oil

Oil prices have plummeted from $147 last July to a mere $40 a barrel. But, write David Strahan and Gary Kendall, this has little bearing on the future of energy prices or the drastic steps businesses will need to take as the wells run dry

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Intellisondes monitoring water flows Down Under

Australian company WestWater Enterprises has been using Intellitect sondes to transmit real-time information to water companies for the the first time ever. Technology is "the most exciting" for 30 years.

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· Italian plant finds a better way to use its data

· Achieving the right mix is not just about personal choice

· Beating the cowboy clothing criminals

· From rags to riches

· Waste recycling fuels Severn Trent works

· Keeping storm weather flows under control

· Swiss technology does a dam good job in the Lake District