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June 1998

Chris Earnshaw - sustainability not as straightforward as we would like Chris Earnshaw, managing director, Networks and Systems, BT, explains the company's philosophy on environmental management and why its approach goes beyond so-called 'green issues'.
The two-stage spray scrubber Scrubbing up: removing chemicals from gas streams prior to discharge can be a simple, or a highly complex, operation. Dr Aubrey Arrowsmith of Parsons Engineering offers some advice on selecting the right equipment at the right cost
Anguil dual-bed regenerative catalytic oxidiser Mark Moreton, Project Manager, Anguil Environmental Europe Ltd, explains how regenerative catalytic oxidisation can reduce operating costs and increase VOC destruction efficiency.
» Sizing up particulate separation

June 1997

Environmental data, and the management thereof, is now vital to the work of industry, scientists and others. The RSPB, formed in 1889 by a group of people who wanted to ban the practice of using Grebe feathers in ladies' hats, today employs 'Adaptive Server Enterprise' and 'Spatial Query Server' sol
Against the background of the impact of the Landfill Tax and the growing scarcity of of traditional cover
With the election over, the hiatus in the government’s publishing machine came to an abrupt end last month with a flood of good practice guides, benchmarking reports and case studies from the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme (ETBPP).

June 1994

June 1989