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June 2000

Continuous growth

Though considered progressive at the time, the US Clean Air Act, passed in 1969, has proven insufficient. Amended in 1990, sweeping revisions have been implemented in an attempt to curb the three major threats to the nation's environment and to the health of millions of Americans: acid rain, urban a

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Monitors to protect microbes in activated sludge

Pollution and Process Monitoring (PPM) has designed a number of monitoring systems to protect the sewage treatment process from toxic shock loading.

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Dispersion conversion

In its different versions, the Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System (ADMS) for calculation of pollutant concentrations is now used in the UK for the majority of studies of air pollution both for industrial areas and in urban centres. Sharon Watts, CERC, outlines ten years of ADMS, from the develo

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· Wessex upgrade aimed at sea change

· Welsh Water chooses to go with the flow

· Changing market favours the major players

· A blanket of air

· RDP process chosen by Norway and Scotland

· Arsenic removal for contaminated groundwater

· The importance of giving off good vibrations

June 1999

June 1996

June 1991