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June 2000

The RDP sludge pasteurisation process has gained a foothold in Norway and Scotland, following successful application in the US. By Keith Panter of Ebcor.
MTN 300 switchbox, surface receiver for submersible accelerometer signals.Chris Hansford of Monitran, looks at the role vibration monitoring has to play in reducing the cost of maintaining both pumps and pumping systems, and ensuring that they are able to operate efficiently.
A new STW is being built at Kinneil Kerse in Scotland, to treat sewage from the Grangemouth and Falkirk area. The plant should be completed by 2001.
» Growing market for alternative systems
» One decade dawn
» Welsh Water chooses to go with the flow
» Waste Strategy backs increased composting
» Continuous growth
» Changing market favours the major players
» Monitors to protect microbes in activated sludge

June 1999

June 1996

June 1991