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June 2001

Environmental award schemes have for some time offered a powerful means of stimulating change, and have been very successful in encouraging organisations to behave in a more environmentally responsible way. So successful, in fact, that growth in such schemes has tipped the 'exponential' mark, to the
The forthcoming Europen Standard on the Quality Assurance of Automated Monitoring Systems will have a significant impact on the monitoring of certain industrial emission sources in the UK. Beverly La Ferla reports.
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) combine layers of spatial information about a location, allowing the user to visualise, manipulate and analyse data from many sources. John Bearder, HSE Consultancy, Shell Global Solutions (UK), describes why this makes them ideal tools to facilitate environmen

June 2000

The new Waste Strategy offers the prospect of a range of new technology being developed as an alternative to incineration in treating waste. LAWE looks at progress on this front.
Fig 1 Effect of pH on alumina performance.Tom Hall, principal technical specialist at WRc Processes, has investigated the options for removing arsenic from contaminated groundwater supplies.
MTN 300 switchbox, surface receiver for submersible accelerometer signals.Chris Hansford of Monitran, looks at the role vibration monitoring has to play in reducing the cost of maintaining both pumps and pumping systems, and ensuring that they are able to operate efficiently.
» Incineration wins role in Waste Strategy
» FTIR: testing resolution
» Software and tear
» Continuous growth
» RDP process chosen by Norway and Scotland
» Certified certifiable?
» Wessex upgrade aimed at sea change

June 1997

Environmental data, and the management thereof, is now vital to the work of industry, scientists and others. The RSPB, formed in 1889 by a group of people who wanted to ban the practice of using Grebe feathers in ladies' hats, today employs 'Adaptive Server Enterprise' and 'Spatial Query Server' sol
With the election over, the hiatus in the government’s publishing machine came to an abrupt end last month with a flood of good practice guides, benchmarking reports and case studies from the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme (ETBPP).
Against the background of the impact of the Landfill Tax and the growing scarcity of of traditional cover

June 1992