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June 2002

Eagles fly at Villa Park to combat pests

Strikers bound for goal are the only predators usually on display at Villa Park but a recent demonstration of bird control saw hawks, falcons and eagles swooping over this famous football venue to show how bird flocks can be deterred from roosting and infesting at a variety of sites.

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Sewage sludge in the dock

Tackling the loading and unloading of Northumbrian's sludge tankers

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Study draws to a conclusion

Results of an extensive study of nine WPL SAF plants are revealed

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· Results are a matter of time

· Pump element is overlooked

· deep sidewall saves on space

· Bridging the gap

· Waste industry looks to growth in 'charge by weight'

· Control the cost of pumping

· Techically speaking

June 2001

Location, location, location . . .

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) combine layers of spatial information about a location, allowing the user to visualise, manipulate and analyse data from many sources. John Bearder, HSE Consultancy, Shell Global Solutions (UK), describes why this makes them ideal tools to facilitate environmen

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You win again. . .

Environmental award schemes have for some time offered a powerful means of stimulating change, and have been very successful in encouraging organisations to behave in a more environmentally responsible way. So successful, in fact, that growth in such schemes has tipped the 'exponential' mark, to the

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All monitors are not created equal

The forthcoming Europen Standard on the Quality Assurance of Automated Monitoring Systems will have a significant impact on the monitoring of certain industrial emission sources in the UK. Beverly La Ferla reports.

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June 1998

Sizing up particulate separation

Methods of controlling particulate emissions from incineration processes will depend on the size and density of the particle and the temperature and viscosity of the flue gas. Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davis of consultancy Environmental Development Technology summarise the main sepa

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Absorbing the costs of air pollution

Scrubbing up: removing chemicals from gas streams prior to discharge can be a simple, or a highly complex, operation. Dr Aubrey Arrowsmith of Parsons Engineering offers some advice on selecting the right equipment at the right cost

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Catalytic oxidiser cuts costs and VOCs

Mark Moreton, Project Manager, Anguil Environmental Europe Ltd, explains how regenerative catalytic oxidisation can reduce operating costs and increase VOC destruction efficiency.

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· A question of balance

June 1993