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June 2003

Dodging the issues

ulian Miller, director of Automatic Environmental Controls (AEC), discusses the failures behind government energy policy.

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Exploring the cost of failure

Mark Smith and John Wood of WRc report on a recent project looking at reducing costs at unmanned WwTWs and improving procurement of low-cost monitoring technology

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Ensuring that your company buys green need not be as complicated as it seems.

Lucy Glynn looks at why green procurement should be an essential business aim

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· Blue skies ahead for UK ETS?

· Rewriting the rules

· Save energy, save cash

· Filling the void

· Avoiding enforcement notices

· Details of chemicals regime leaked

· Joining forces for de-bugging

June 2002

Membrane bioreactors clean up landfill leachate

Wehrle Environmental, part of the Wehrle-Werk AG group, presented a wide range of effluent treatment technology at the et2002 show last month.

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Liquid lime alleys caustic concerns

Since its introduction by Buxton Lime Industries over two years ago, Kalic Liquid Lime has proved to be an economic and safer alternative to caustic soda for drinking water and acidic effluent waste processing.

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Results are a matter of time

Timothy Whitmore of WRc looks at rapid microbiological monitoring

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· Weighing system improves turnaround at North London waste transfer system

· Sewage sludge in the dock

· Noise pollution levels spur call for action

· Integrated management: the art of doing two things at once

· Landfill site licensing fuels demand for specialist aftercare management

· Noise mapping points the route to an ambient noise strategy

· Control the cost of pumping

June 1999

June 1994