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June 2003

EBM looks at the increasing popularity of field-testing as a strategy for determining contamination levels at brownfield sites and discovers that it can offer cost benefits
Lucy Glynn looks at why green procurement should be an essential business aim
A research study led by environmental consultancy Enviros has looked at the first full year of the government-backed UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Jason Rayfield reports.
» Details of chemicals regime leaked
» Filling the void
» Ensuring that your company buys green need not be as complicated as it seems.
» Any way the wind blows
» Rewriting the rules
» Buying into the big picture
» Adding value

June 2002

Fluorescent dyes detect individual microbial cellsTimothy Whitmore of WRc looks at rapid microbiological monitoring
Noise mapping is a major tool in the Government's development of a strategy to tackle ambient noise. Philip Evans, Operations Director and John Rowland, Acoustic Consultant, of RPS Planning, Transport & Environment at Tonbridge, give an overview of this technique and outline what's in s
Space constraints at Dunfermline WwTW led Paterson Candy to use a North American final settlement tank design which increases upflow velocity, allowing a reduced tank diameter
» Waste industry looks to growth in 'charge by weight'
» Oh dear, what an odour.....
» Membrane bioreactors clean up landfill leachate
» Liquid lime alleys caustic concerns
» IT changes working practice
» Landfill site licensing fuels demand for specialist aftercare management
» A break from the old regime

June 1999

June 1994