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June 2003

Filling the void

EBM looks at the Environment Agency’s draft guidance on odour treatment and control and finds industry eager for help with this complex area, but wary of the extra work it might entail

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A dip into the world of scum

Scum on the surface of process tanks can affect the efficiency of the treatment process and lead to aesthetic and odour problems. SCUDA is a new approach to dealing with the matter

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Insulation unlocks the savings

Director of the National Insulation Association, Gillian Allder outlines the potential energy savings available to industry from effective buildings insulation.

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· Looking forward to energy efficiency

· Buying into the big picture

· Pyrolysis enables successful composite recycling

· Out in the field

· Full steam ahead

· Living with your permit

· A measure of environmental protection

June 2002

A break from the old regime

As part of the IPPC Permit application, operators of an installation must quantify all point source fugitive emissions to air, water and land arising from the installation activities

With regards to emissions to atmosphere, the impact assessment which forms part of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) regime Permit application can often prove difficult for operators to undertake in-house. Step forward Dr Richard Lowe of consultant, URS, who explains th

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deep sidewall saves on space

Space constraints at Dunfermline WwTW led Paterson Candy to use a North American final settlement tank design which increases upflow velocity, allowing a reduced tank diameter

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Weighing system improves turnaround at North London waste transfer system

Advanced technology in both fixed weighbridges and the increasingly popular on board weighing systems is widening the options available to waste managers as this month's special feature reports

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· Oh dear, what an odour.....

· Noise mapping points the route to an ambient noise strategy

· Bridging the gap

· Techically speaking

· Membrane bioreactors clean up landfill leachate

· Ways to get ahead in business

· Waste industry looks to growth in 'charge by weight'

June 1999

June 1994