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June 2005

Clear the air

Nigel Carter, chairman of the BSI Greenhouse Gas Management Technical Committee, analyses a standard being introduced to cut greenhouse gas emissions

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New weighbridge software adds 'Xtra' factor

Weighman Xtra, the latest software innovation from Avery Weigh-Tronix, is designed to increase revenue, lower costs and improve efficiency for any vehicle weighing application.

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Sector aiming to reduce water use

This article explores the IWEX report's findings for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

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· A stark warning

· Custom-made plant tackles ammonia removal from leachate

· Boosting efficiency of effluent filtration

· ISO in crisis

· Silt pollution costs landfill operator over £60,000

· Versatile vacuum systems

· 'Landfill' gulls pose potential health hazard

June 2004

Search for the ultimate solution

Tighter environmental legislation and a desire to reduce their discharge bills has led many companies to opt for bespoke pumping and mixing systems instead of off-the-shelf products

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Lighting the way to UV disinfection

Wolf Meese of Wedeco discusses the case for using low-pressure UV disinfection systems

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The next generation

The ISO Technical Committee 207 has released the final draft of the revised ISO 14001 standard. Amy Pettit and John Pepper of DNV looks at the impact on business

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· Are you Waste Aware?

· Complying with EU Law on Waste: Can the Planning Process Deliver?

· LGA raises the alarm over landfill targets

· Chipped tyres offer leachate drainage solution

· Shering meets need for dual mode weighbridge operation

· Writing audit nonconformances

· Bio-acoustics disperse birds

June 2001

All monitors are not created equal

The forthcoming Europen Standard on the Quality Assurance of Automated Monitoring Systems will have a significant impact on the monitoring of certain industrial emission sources in the UK. Beverly La Ferla reports.

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Location, location, location . . .

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) combine layers of spatial information about a location, allowing the user to visualise, manipulate and analyse data from many sources. John Bearder, HSE Consultancy, Shell Global Solutions (UK), describes why this makes them ideal tools to facilitate environmen

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You win again. . .

Environmental award schemes have for some time offered a powerful means of stimulating change, and have been very successful in encouraging organisations to behave in a more environmentally responsible way. So successful, in fact, that growth in such schemes has tipped the 'exponential' mark, to the

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June 1996