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June 2008

Contaminated Land - England

The Court of Appeal has upheld the right to raise a personal injury action on the basis of public nuisance in a contaminated land case.

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Environmental Case Law Summary, June 2008

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. In a busy month for the courts cases include a composting site banned from making bad odours, a cement factory's request to burn tyres as fuel and

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How to provide a fuller service

One aspect of the supply chain is often overlooked: providing the client with appropriate training in how to use equipment correctly. But this, says supplier U Mole, is where it excels.

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· The big squeeze

· A drop of the good stuff

· Where the work is

· Taking technology on board

· Marine Pollution

· Taking the load to drive safe

· Drive to cut carbon is opportunity to cut costs

June 2007

Atkins builds UK's biggest pumping station

Work has begun on a project to drain 700km2 of land in Norfolk. John Sheppard, principal engineer of the Water Operations Team at Atkins, describes the £35M scheme, and the construction of the largest pumping station in the country

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Austria accepts habitat protection not up to scratch

Austria has acknowledged that it has failed to take all the necessary steps to protect wildlife and habitats as required by European law.

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Leaked sewage covered by WFD

Sewage that has escaped from wastewater treatment plants comes under the same rules as any other, the ECJ has ruled.

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· Finland rapped over wolf hunting

· Tomorrow's home today

· Licensed to swill

· Setting standards for Europe

· IWEX comes back with a vengeance

· Water industry unites on a night to remember

· Portugal late on SEA adoption

June 2004

Maximising minimisation: taking the waste out of the packaging supply chain

As recent European directives have instructed, the UK must reduce the actual amount of packaging that is used, both in the end product and for transit purposes. Graham Margetson, director of Foresite Systems, one of the country’s experts on compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations, here consi

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LGA raises the alarm over landfill targets

Concern is growing over landfill policy in the UK as the July deadline for the implementation of the Landfill Directive fast approaches. Latest to raise the alarm is the Local Government Association, Focussing on Government landfill targets set to be introduced next year the LGA says that they could

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Chain of demand

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· Working together to hit recycling targets

· A bridge over troubled water

· Geotextile capping system provides low permeability

· Writing audit nonconformances

· Are you Waste Aware?

· The next generation

· Miles ahead

June 1999