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June 2008

Drive to cut carbon is opportunity to cut costs

Gary Parke, CEO of Evolve Energy, descibes how saving the planet can save companies money.

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Taking technology on board

On-board vehicle technology is nothing new to the private sector, but one body-building firm is increasingly getting calls from local authorities wanting a similiar set-up

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Waste wood: branching out into biomass

Some £10M tonnes of waste wood are produced in the UK each year - that's a lot of material that could be tapped into and utilised as a biomass fuel source

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· How to meet a deadline

· Knowing the rules of the road

· Zero tolerance

· European Court of Justice - Compliance

· Shared watercourse called for right jet-mixing system

· Sewer renovation turns to the fold

· Future proofing for flood risk

June 2007

IWEX comes back with a vengeance

The International Water & Environment Exhibition made an attention-grabbing return to the NEC in Birmingham last month after an 18-month absence. And visitors flocked in their thousands

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Austria accepts habitat protection not up to scratch

Austria has acknowledged that it has failed to take all the necessary steps to protect wildlife and habitats as required by European law.

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Tale of the centuries

Recently some Devon residents found that their water supply through a 19th century private main had come to a standstill. Open-cut replacement was out of the question but pipe-bursting posed its own problems.

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· Oxygen boosts efficiency in leachate treatment

· Electrokinetic revolution looms for sludge dewatering

· Portugal late on SEA adoption

· One green bottle

· Designing a much more sustainable world

· Navigating brownfield issues

· Scraper blade loading monitored in Manchester

June 2004

Complying with EU Law on Waste: Can the Planning Process Deliver?

Wayne Laramee is Head of Parliamentary Affairs at the Environmental Services Association. Here he explains how the Government must seize the upcoming opportunity to put in place a planning framework to deliver the new waste management facilities the UK needs.

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Chain of demand

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Miles ahead

For the second year running the Go-Ahead Group has won the ILT's Environmental Improvement Award. Peter McCrum finds out why

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· Focus group cracks the code

· Advances in technology spearhead composting drive

· Weighing software offers major savings for Las

· Shering meets need for dual mode weighbridge operation

· Implementation of the WEEE Directive in the UK

· Troubling times for works

· Wide-base tyres aid performance on landfill site

June 1999