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Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in June 2009, 2008, 2005, 2000

June 2009

CECA findings reveal order books slump

Civil contractors suggest that the current economic downturn is slowing even though total order books continue to decline, a new Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) survey has revealed.

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Does your landfill suffer from gas pains?

With landfill operators under pressure to increase revenue streams, increasing landfill gas production rates makes financial sense. Anne Udaloy explains how multiple-phase flow designs can help achieve this

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Burkert valves offer top-up facility to existing systems

Rainwater harvesting systems have many benefits, not only to the environment but also to the average householder as well as business. The collection systems are helping to address the ever-increasing demand for drinking water.

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· Giving plastics a helping hand at the kerbside

· CRL gets started on water tower repairs

· The Ultracoat cure

· Crowds flock to IWEX 2009

· Rainwater or greywater?

· Charging up for the battery regulations

· Custom-built eccentric valve a dam fine choice

June 2008

Taking the load to drive safe

Red Forge's range of axle-load indication systems is proving a popular choice among councils looking to boost health and safety for their vehicle fleets

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There's no business like show business

IWEX 2008 took place at Birmingham's NEC last month as part of Sustainabilitylive!, organised by WET News publisher Faversham House Group.

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Sweeper plant on the road to recovery

A plant that can treat - and reuse - both liquid and solid waste from road sweepings has just opened for business in the northeast. Dean Stiles reports

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· A drop of the good stuff

· The big squeeze

· Marine Pollution

· How to provide a fuller service

· How to get on top of the carbon league

· Beyond Bali

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, June 2008

June 2005

A mixing breakthrough

Landia details its role in creating a oxygenation system with Air Products and the advantages of using their innovative new process to treat wastewater

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Woking runs pilot container weigh & ID scheme

The possibility of legislation to introduce payment by weight or volume in waste collection and recycling, allied with the increasing demand from local authority and private sector waste management for accurate information, are driving factors in the growth of ever more sophisticated weighing system

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MBT or Not To Be?

Adam Baddeley of Juniper Consultancy Services weighs up the merits of Mechanical Biological Treatment

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· Boosting efficiency of effluent filtration

· Case C-416/02 Commission v Spain

· Creating the right environment

· Speedy weighbridge system keeps waste moving at the NEC

· Custom-made plant tackles ammonia removal from leachate

· The cost of living

· Bacteria-based biological system treats leachate

June 2000

A blanket of air

Dr Richard Maggs, Stanger Science and Environment, highlights the proposals to increase the extent and coverage of air quality monitoring in the UK in response to EU drivers.

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HF hitting the roof?

Redland Roofing Systems, at its Bedworth Works near Coventry, produces clay roofing tiles using technology that has not changed dramatically since Roman times. Tiles are manufactured by firing clay, which has been prepared and conditioned for pressing into the finished profiles. Since the days of to

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Monitors to protect microbes in activated sludge

Pollution and Process Monitoring (PPM) has designed a number of monitoring systems to protect the sewage treatment process from toxic shock loading.

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· Wessex upgrade aimed at sea change

· One decade dawn

· Incineration wins role in Waste Strategy

· Growing market for alternative systems

· Waste Strategy backs increased composting

· Changing market favours the major players

· RDP process chosen by Norway and Scotland