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Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in June 2009, 2008, 2005, 2000

June 2009

Southern Water signs up BTU

BTU, a a newly-established joint venture between civil engineering contractors Barhale and Trant Construction, has won a multimillion-pound framework agreement with Southern Water. The six-year repair and maintenance programme, covering Hampshire and West Sussex, covers the tail end of the utility's

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Thousands of visitors and some smart new ideas

The place to be seen and to meet; the place to keep up to date and to boast about your latest development; the place to strut your stuff and negotiate your next deal - that was IWEX 2009

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NI officials champion water reform

Years of underinvestment, public expenditure constraints and the need to meet statutory regulatory obligations while future-proofing against climate change are just a few of the important challenges facing Northern Ireland as it prepares its second, three-year business plan.

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· CECA findings reveal order books slump

· Crowds flock to IWEX 2009

· Interview - Caroline Lucas, leader, Green Party

· Durapipe helps clean up at Wessex Water

· CRL gets started on water tower repairs

· SWW's helping hand

· Opportunities knock North of the border

June 2008

How to provide a fuller service

One aspect of the supply chain is often overlooked: providing the client with appropriate training in how to use equipment correctly. But this, says supplier U Mole, is where it excels.

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Drive to cut carbon is opportunity to cut costs

Gary Parke, CEO of Evolve Energy, descibes how saving the planet can save companies money.

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Waste wood: branching out into biomass

Some £10M tonnes of waste wood are produced in the UK each year - that's a lot of material that could be tapped into and utilised as a biomass fuel source

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· A whole world of local skills

· Knowing the rules of the road

· How to meet a deadline

· Marine Pollution

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, June 2008

· Shared watercourse called for right jet-mixing system

· European Court of Justice - preliminary rulings

June 2005

Clear the air

Nigel Carter, chairman of the BSI Greenhouse Gas Management Technical Committee, analyses a standard being introduced to cut greenhouse gas emissions

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Emissions to air - new challenges for the power generation industry

Stationary Source Emissions
On 2nd December the British Standards Institution finally published BS EN 14181 - Stationary Source Emissions. EN14181 Stationary Source Emissions - Quality Assurance of Automated Measuring Systems is the new European standard intended to improve air pollution stan

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The role of Energy from Waste within integrated waste management

Ian Crummack, General Manager of Cyclerval UK - a subsidiary of the Tiru Group - explains why proportionally scaled Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities have an important role to play with today's integrated waste management systems.

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· Internal landfill slopes strengthened with polyester biaxial grid

· Woking runs pilot container weigh & ID scheme

· Leachate pumping control system uses radio links

· Griffiths Elder takes the biscuit with

· Sector aiming to reduce water use

· Speedy weighbridge system keeps waste moving at the NEC

· London Waste opts for in-vessel composting

June 2000

Continuous growth

Though considered progressive at the time, the US Clean Air Act, passed in 1969, has proven insufficient. Amended in 1990, sweeping revisions have been implemented in an attempt to curb the three major threats to the nation's environment and to the health of millions of Americans: acid rain, urban a

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RDP process chosen by Norway and Scotland

The RDP sludge pasteurisation process has gained a foothold in Norway and Scotland, following successful application in the US. By Keith Panter of Ebcor.

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Growing market for alternative systems

The new Waste Strategy offers the prospect of a range of new technology being developed as an alternative to incineration in treating waste. LAWE looks at progress on this front.

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· Monitors to protect microbes in activated sludge

· Arsenic removal for contaminated groundwater

· New £24M STW built for Grangemouth region

· Wessex upgrade aimed at sea change

· Waste Strategy backs increased composting

· Certified certifiable?

· The importance of giving off good vibrations