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June 2009

The next general election promises a breakthrough for the Green Party. And its leader for England and Wales, MEP Caroline Lucas, may be on her way to a seat in the Commons. Erik Jaques meets the controversial politician
Rainwater harvesting systems have many benefits, not only to the environment but also to the average householder as well as business. The collection systems are helping to address the ever-increasing demand for drinking water.
Trials for Leicestershire City Council have shown that spreading bio-compost on land increases soil carbon capture while providing a valuable source of organic matter for agricultural application. Paul Gibbs outlines the benefits
» Carbon commitments: what you need to know
» Using bacteria to clean up the sewerage system
» Giving plastics a helping hand at the kerbside
» Opportunities knock North of the border
» Charging up for the battery regulations
» Eversheds comments on legal issues in the CRC
» Scotland introduces new renewables banding system

June 2008

The House of Lords has ruled on whether the environmental impact of a switch to partial burning of shredded used tyres as a fuel at the Cemex cement factory in Rugby was properly considered.
Portugal has been reprimanded by the ECJ for breaching the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. The Court found that Portugal had not adhered to certain conditions laid down in a Commission Decision granting a derogation allowing urban waste water from the Estoril Coast to be subject to less strin
Red Forge's range of axle-load indication systems is proving a popular choice among councils looking to boost health and safety for their vehicle fleets
» Zero tolerance
» Big squeeze as the credit crunch hits home
» Laying the foundations for constructive debate
» Environmental Case Law Summary, June 2008
» A drop of the good stuff
» The big squeeze
» Shared watercourse called for right jet-mixing system

June 2005

In this month's Semple Fraser and Edie News update of legal cases to impact the environmental industry sector in the UK, Europe and Internationally: Spain breaches multiple EU rulings on waste, water and wastewater; combustion plants ruling; contaminated land and much more.
Landfill leachate treatment must be optimised to ensure efficient operation of the plant and that discharge consents are not breached. The better the control over the leachate, the easier it is to optimise the treatment process.
Highly durable, custom-made mixers from Landia are helping Cleanaway, one of the UK's leading waste management companies, to treat successfully leachate at its Rainham landfill site in Essex.
» Article TitleSaville Tractors is UK dealer for Tana compactors
» Blending into the background
» Silt pollution costs landfill operator over £60,000
» Cutting the red tape
» Framework fatigue
» Speedy weighbridge system keeps waste moving at the NEC
» Clear the air

June 2000

In its different versions, the Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System (ADMS) for calculation of pollutant concentrations is now used in the UK for the majority of studies of air pollution both for industrial areas and in urban centres. Sharon Watts, CERC, outlines ten years of ADMS, from the develo
Wessex Water has opted for settlement lagoons instead of coarse screening.The IT network is at the heart of the modern STW. A recent project to improve bathing water quality at Weston-super-mare demonstrates the levels of sophistication now required.
Dr Richard Maggs, Stanger Science and Environment, highlights the proposals to increase the extent and coverage of air quality monitoring in the UK in response to EU drivers.
» HF hitting the roof?
» Changing market favours the major players
» Waste Strategy backs increased composting
» Software and tear
» Incineration wins role in Waste Strategy
» The importance of giving off good vibrations
» One decade dawn