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June 2010

Contractors and equipment suppliers north of the border are set to benefit from Scottish Water Solutions' early start agreement. Dean Stiles reports.
The Scottish Parliament has put in place the legal measuers necessary to set annual carbon budgets for the country.
Legislation covering Energy Performance of Buildings has been amended.
» Blockage problems solved
» Keeping it in the neighbourhood
» Mott’s Odessa deal
» Northern Ireland lays out biomass funding rules
» Living off the landfill for renewables
» Caingorms national park extends boundaries
» Have you twigged yet?

June 2009

Biosol is promising to revolutionise the wastewater industry with a technology based on cell signalling - using microbial control to slow down or speed up the metabolism and production of bacteria.
The place to be seen and to meet; the place to keep up to date and to boast about your latest development; the place to strut your stuff and negotiate your next deal - that was IWEX 2009
Ultracoat is a revolutionary trenchless technology solution, introduced into the UK by Fernco Environmental, with Yorkshire-based Ferro Monk Systems its first approved applicator. It is proving ideal in today's environmentally-conscious world.
» CRL gets started on water tower repairs
» Durapipe helps clean up at Wessex Water
» CECA findings reveal order books slump
» Why isn't this government influenced by science? - the nuclear power debate
» Burkert valves offer top-up facility to existing systems
» Voluflow overcomes the law of gravity in settling tanks
» Southern Water signs up BTU

June 2006

A case brought against Spanish authorities which failed to prevent protected otters being killed by snares set for foxes has been dismissed by the European Court of Justice.
Welcome to this month's edie Special Report which in this edition turns its attention to the waste management industry.
Car manufacturer Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd has been ordered to pay more than £27,000 for failing to comply with packaging-waste regulations.
» Avery gets software first under its belt
» Making consents fairer
» Its just a phase
» What's it all about...? Energy storage
» Steel is in the frame
» West London's in-vessel winner
» Luxembourg lax on legislation for water

June 2001

The forthcoming Europen Standard on the Quality Assurance of Automated Monitoring Systems will have a significant impact on the monitoring of certain industrial emission sources in the UK. Beverly La Ferla reports.
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) combine layers of spatial information about a location, allowing the user to visualise, manipulate and analyse data from many sources. John Bearder, HSE Consultancy, Shell Global Solutions (UK), describes why this makes them ideal tools to facilitate environmen
Environmental award schemes have for some time offered a powerful means of stimulating change, and have been very successful in encouraging organisations to behave in a more environmentally responsible way. So successful, in fact, that growth in such schemes has tipped the 'exponential' mark, to the