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June 2010

Whether it is for the cooler climate of the UK or the hot temperatures of the Sinai Peninsular, MWH Soft has the software to help improve infrastructure and prevent major flooding.
Waste wood is fast becoming a real contender in the biomass fuel markets as interest in this material stream rises. Marcel Goemans explains more.
There are various renewable energy options for operational and closed landfills. Alan Edwards looks at the potential revenue opportunities for a relatively untapped market.
» A bit of a damp squib?
» SWS contracts up for grabs before year-end
» Mott’s Odessa deal
» Court in the act of waste recycling
» New forestry act for Northern Ireland
» Keeping it in the neighbourhood
» ‘Put theory into practice’

June 2009

The next general election promises a breakthrough for the Green Party. And its leader for England and Wales, MEP Caroline Lucas, may be on her way to a seat in the Commons. Erik Jaques meets the controversial politician
Having been tried and tested in other industry sectors, the Voluflow inlet converter from Fostech could be the answer to meeting increasing water quality standards and overcoming clarifier problems. WET News takes a look at the system.
The place to be seen and to meet; the place to keep up to date and to boast about your latest development; the place to strut your stuff and negotiate your next deal - that was IWEX 2009
» Carbon commitments: what you need to know
» Eversheds comments on legal issues in the CRC
» CRL gets started on water tower repairs
» SWW's helping hand
» Why carrots beat sticks
» Does your landfill suffer from gas pains?
» Charging up for the battery regulations

June 2006

Veolia Environmental Services has specified Sulo's on-board container identification and weighing system for a contract it has recently won with the University of Birmingham.
Welcome to this month's edie Special Report which in this edition turns its attention to the waste management industry.
Green belts around cities are under threat from companies buying up protected greenfield land for house-building, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned.
» Making consents fairer
» A model example? Scrutinising the capital
» ECJ rules on habitat protection
» Employees refuse to pay for carbon cuts
» British courts test successor-of-polluter pays principle
» A new era for wastes management
» Your legal queries answered

June 2001

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) combine layers of spatial information about a location, allowing the user to visualise, manipulate and analyse data from many sources. John Bearder, HSE Consultancy, Shell Global Solutions (UK), describes why this makes them ideal tools to facilitate environmen
Environmental award schemes have for some time offered a powerful means of stimulating change, and have been very successful in encouraging organisations to behave in a more environmentally responsible way. So successful, in fact, that growth in such schemes has tipped the 'exponential' mark, to the
The forthcoming Europen Standard on the Quality Assurance of Automated Monitoring Systems will have a significant impact on the monitoring of certain industrial emission sources in the UK. Beverly La Ferla reports.