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June 2015

Empowering change: Three steps to improve employee engagement

The recent flurry of ambitious new behaviour change programmes from big business shows no signs of abating, with sustainability professionals citing it as one of their top priorities this year.

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Food waste: Big issues with reaching small firms

Encouraging some businesses to separate their food waste for composting or anaerobic digestion is proving to be a challenge. Roundtable report by Eilidh Brunton of eco-friendly packaging firm Vegware.

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How CCE plans to meet its most ambitious sustainability targets yet

Joe Franses, director of corporate responsibility and sustainability at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), explains how the bottling firm is planning to spritz up its green efforts over the next five years.

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· 5 ways Tesla is leading the sustainability charge

· Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?

· Recycle Week: 8 surprising statistics about waste

· edie explains: Levy Control Framework

· Driving sustainability through collaboration

· The future of leadership development

· Energy efficient homes: What can the Government do to help?

June 2014

Nikwax: Using green chemistry to stand out from the crowd

Winning the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development is no easy task. But for Nikwax, it was deserved recognition. From harvesting rainwater to adopting a stringent restricted chemicals policy, the waterproofing and aftercare manufacturer is leading the way as a truly 'sustainable' bu

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Water & Business: How to avoid the looming 'crisis'

In less than 16 years, the UN says that the demand for fresh water will outstrip supply by 40%. Businesses are acutely aware of the impending risks of managing with less water, but many are confused about exactly what to do, and where it should start. Peter Knight provides some clarity.

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Managing your energy: Five top tips for businesses

With increasing energy costs and legislation pushing energy management further up the corporate agenda, edie brings you five 'light-bulb moments' to improve energy efficiency and boost margins.

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· Making the Pledge: SC Johnson charts sustainability over time

· In Conversation with Coca-Cola's Joe Franses

· Greener buildings: Bringing low-carbon construction into the mainstream

June 2011

David MacKay

David Strahan meets David MacKay, chief scientific adviser, DECC

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Modelling aids tunnel project

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has led to vast improvements in preliminary works at the Beckton wastewater treatment facility in east London. Chris Abdee, a technical director in AECOM’s transportation business, reports.

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Belfast MRF sorts it for optimum recovery

TITECH has installed an optical sorting system at an Irish MRF that recovers wood from a mixed C&I waste stream, as Jonathan Clarke explains

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· Priority substances debated

· The future of onshore and offshore wind power

· VSD trial beats ragging blockages

· Land-full of opportunity

· Is the Waste Review fit for purpose?

· How Plan A is plotting a path to zero waste

· Getting smarter all the time

June 2006

British courts test successor-of-polluter pays principle

The Environment Agency and National Grid Gas locked horns in the courtroom this week as the gas company tried to argue it was not legally responsible for the clean-up of land contaminated by the gas industry in the 1960s, well before its own formation.

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Glass shows promise as filtration medium

Trials taking place at Europe's largest integrated turkey producer show that an innovative reed-bed design, using recycled glass in place of quarried gravel, is successful at treating effluent.

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More plants needed to keep compost from landfill

Martin Grundon, managing director of West London Composting, writes about the first twelve months of running a cutting edge composting facility and predicts the need for 200 similar sized sites if the UK is to divert 6m tones of biodegradable waste from landfill by 2010.

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· Veolia gets Sulo on-board to aid university's recycling drive

· A new era for wastes management

· Porsche fined over packaging waste

· WWF has Italian hunters in its sights

· Standards in odorant emissions analysis

· Steel shows its strength

· Bioaerosol Monitoring and Dispersion from Composting Sites