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June 2015

New, sustainable business models are growing rapidly and changing the way we think about moneyIn the second of our feature series with Ashridge Business School, faculty members Tim Malnick and Stefan Cousquer explore the ever-changing relationship between sustainability and economics.
Many issues continue to hamper energy efficiency improvements accross the UK's solid wall housing marketDavid Kemp, sustainability manager at Procure Plus, discusses how the newly-formed Government can support housing providers in upgrading the insulation of their solid-wall stock.
Collaboration helped Lafarge Tarmac to challenge the status quo and devise new initiatives and practicesDr Martyn Kenny, director of sustainability at Lafarge Tarmac, explains how closer collaboration across the whole construction supply chain has become key to embedding sustainability and driving innovative ways to meet UK infrastructure and carbon reduction targets.
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June 2014

Low and no-cost actions can  produce quick returns and significantly reduce energy costsWith increasing energy costs and legislation pushing energy management further up the corporate agenda, edie brings you five 'light-bulb moments' to improve energy efficiency and boost margins.
Peter Knight is Chairman of The Context GroupIn less than 16 years, the UN says that the demand for fresh water will outstrip supply by 40%. Businesses are acutely aware of the impending risks of managing with less water, but many are confused about exactly what to do, and where it should start. Peter Knight provides some clarity.
Nikwax produces performance solutions for outdoor clothing and equipment that are environmentally safeWinning the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development is no easy task. But for Nikwax, it was deserved recognition. From harvesting rainwater to adopting a stringent restricted chemicals policy, the waterproofing and aftercare manufacturer is leading the way as a truly 'sustainable' bu
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June 2011

More detail is needed: Dee MoloneyThe Government's Waste Review is supposedly good news for businesses, but Dee Moloney questions if the policy is robust enough to deliver on its C&I ambitions
David MacKay insists that there is no single right answer to achieving the emissions target, but favours the hedging scenarioDavid Strahan meets David MacKay, chief scientific adviser, DECC
The energy saving potential at a sewage treatment plant installed on the M40 has been investigated by WPL. Engineering manager Harry Mouquet from the company explains
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June 2006

The Lombard region of Italy has been warned it must do more to ensure hunters are not taking too many birds following a case brought by WWF Italia.
The potential impact of water shortages and climate change are high on the corporate agenda, according to Business in the Community, a charity established to help corporations have a more positive social and environmental impact. Water shortages are the business communitys top environmental conc
With energy saving policy dominating the headlines, significant savings could be achieved through the storage of energy, argues Tim Hennessy
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