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June 2016

Lighting the match: A guide to employee engagement and behaviour change

Trail blazing: A successful behaviour change initiative can be a crucial part of driving sustainability and CSR programmes throughout an organisation

In the second part of edie's 'guide-to' series for sustainability professionals, Matt Mace asks the experts about how to overcome major challenges and seize otherwise unobtainable opportunities that present themselves when igniting behaviour change throughout an organisation.

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The demands of supply: How BT's customer-focused carbon commitments rest in the hands of suppliers

BT is beginning to unleash the willingness of the public to combat climate change through ambitious CSR goals

edie's Matt Mace talks to BT's head of sustainable business policy Gabrielle Giner on how the company's customer-centric carbon reduction commitment is influenced by a flexible and highly innovative supply chain.

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Climate Take Back: Inside Interface's bold new mission to reverse climate change

Carpet is woven at Interface Europe's manufacuring facility in Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands. The company wants to ignite a green industrial revolution. Photo: Interface

EXCLUSIVE: Just four years away from its ambitious Mission Zero deadline, global carpet manufacturer and sustainability leader Interface has decided to evolve its sustainability strategy, developing an unparalleled initiative that goes "beyond the boundaries" of any single company. edie's

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· Into the Dragon's Den: A guide to boardroom buy-in on sustainability

· Building Revolutions: Designing a circular economy for the built environment

· Decoupling emissions from economic growth: the Interserve success story

June 2015

The future of leadership development

Ashridge Business School's MSc in Sustainability & Responsibility offers foundation and springboard into a new level of leadership

In the first of a brand new, eight-part sustainability series from Ashridge Business School, course co-Director Chris Nichols explains the importance of leadership education to create sustainable strategic action.

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Recycle Week: 8 surprising statistics about waste

Figures from WRAP released for Recycle week show a third of people are still confused about what can be recycled

With green groups and recycling campaigners gearing up for a week of awareness-raising events, edie brings you 8 fascinating facts about waste and resource management.

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edie explains: Levy Control Framework

It is widely accepted that the Government is running out of money to fund it's green energy subsidies.

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· Driving sustainability through collaboration

· Energy efficient homes: What can the Government do to help?

· Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?

· Empowering change: Three steps to improve employee engagement

· Why sustainability is more important than ever

· 5 ways Tesla is leading the sustainability charge

· How CCE plans to meet its most ambitious sustainability targets yet

June 2012

Inflatable barrier helps protect Amsterdam

Inflated dam during test, following installation at Omval

A bespoke inflatable dam manufactured in Manchester is providing flood protection in Amsterdam, writes Mike Saunders, Dunlop GRG's business development manager

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GHG and sustainability reporting - next steps for business and government

IEMA executive director for policy Martin Baxter

IEMA executive director for policy Martin Baxter, offers his take on the recent mandatory reporting announcement and what he thinks could be on the reporting horizon...

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Sustainable supply chains: breaking out of the tick box

Focusing purely on supplier compliance is too limiting if you want to drive sustainability

If manufacturers want to drive resource efficiency innovation across their supply chains, they need jump beyond compliance, take risks and be creative, argues Ramon Arratia

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· Green Investment Bank - a bang or a whimper?

· Clare Whelan: Lambeth's green campaigner

· Energy-from-waste explosion sparks jobs boom

· How do we learn to consume less?

June 2007

Water industry unites on a night to remember

The first ever Water Industry Achievement Awards took place at IWEX 2007 last month. The night was a spectacular success, and a chance to recognise the outstanding efforts of companies across the UK in the past 12 months.

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Compost offers greener option for brownfield

The Government is keen to push the specification of green materials such as
compost for sustainable, brownfield regeneration. Richard Swannell explains why

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Navigating brownfield issues

The publication of a new strategy to support the reuse of brownfield land signals a renewed hope for England's legacy of sites, writes Stephen Cox

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· Atkins builds UK's biggest pumping station

· Councils get their priorities straight

· EA loses landfill challenge

· Land Rover hits the road to sustainability

· Environmental Legislation Summary June 07

· Quality Protocol: does it hit the right spot?

· Finland rapped over wolf hunting