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June 2016

Step-by-step approach: the construction and operation of the built environment currently accounts for more than 60% of UK materials consumption and one third of all wasteThe circular economy makes complete sense for short-lived consumer products, but can it really work for something as enduring and complex as a building? David Cheshire, sustainability director at engineering firm AECOM, provides an answer.
Gold-diggers: Sustainability professionals need to know exactly how to approach their board, and must be able to present a compelling case for investment In this three-part 'guide to' series for sustainability professionals, edie asks the experts about how to overcome major challenges and seize hidden opportunities on the path to driving green business. First up: the daunting task of getting the board on-board.
BT is beginning to unleash the willingness of the public to combat climate change through ambitious CSR goalsedie's Matt Mace talks to BT's head of sustainable business policy Gabrielle Giner on how the company's customer-centric carbon reduction commitment is influenced by a flexible and highly innovative supply chain.
» Decoupling emissions from economic growth: the Interserve success story
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» Climate Take Back: Inside Interface's bold new mission to reverse climate change

June 2015

Many issues continue to hamper energy efficiency improvements accross the UK's solid wall housing marketDavid Kemp, sustainability manager at Procure Plus, discusses how the newly-formed Government can support housing providers in upgrading the insulation of their solid-wall stock.
Telsa's electric cars are just one of its sustainable innovationsTesla and its founder Elon Musk have been paving the way for sustainable innovation in the automotive industry, renewable energy generation and beyond.
It is widely accepted that the Government is running out of money to fund it's green energy subsidies.
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» How CCE plans to meet its most ambitious sustainability targets yet
» Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?
» Food waste: Big issues with reaching small firms
» The future of leadership development
» Why sustainability is more important than ever
» Recycle Week: 8 surprising statistics about waste

June 2012

Fortunes hang in the balance with the GIB (Credit: yampi / Shutterstock.com)Waste may be favoured under the Green Investment Bank's remit, but don't get your hopes up yet, cautions Peter Jones
Inflated dam during test, following installation at OmvalA bespoke inflatable dam manufactured in Manchester is providing flood protection in Amsterdam, writes Mike Saunders, Dunlop GRG's business development manager
IEMA executive director for policy Martin BaxterIEMA executive director for policy Martin Baxter, offers his take on the recent mandatory reporting announcement and what he thinks could be on the reporting horizon...
» Sustainable supply chains: breaking out of the tick box
» Clare Whelan: Lambeth's green campaigner
» How do we learn to consume less?
» Energy-from-waste explosion sparks jobs boom

June 2007

Sewage that has escaped from wastewater treatment plants comes under the same rules as any other, the ECJ has ruled.
The Environment Agency has found that many small or packaged WwTWs are inadequately maintained or serviced, and present an unacceptable risk of pollution. A new training course aims to address the problem. John Aldridge explains.
Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see proposed changes to vehicle emissions standa
» EA loses landfill challenge
» Designing a much more sustainable world
» Coping under pressure
» Scraper blade loading monitored in Manchester
» Kingston sees rates rocket in four weeks
» Italy lacks waste plans
» IWEX comes back with a vengeance