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June 2016

The demands of supply: How BT's customer-focused carbon commitments rest in the hands of suppliers

edie's Matt Mace talks to BT's head of sustainable business policy Gabrielle Giner on how the company's customer-centric carbon reduction commitment is influenced by a flexible and highly innovative supply chain.

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Building Revolutions: Designing a circular economy for the built environment

The circular economy makes complete sense for short-lived consumer products, but can it really work for something as enduring and complex as a building? David Cheshire, sustainability director at engineering firm AECOM, provides an answer.

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Lighting the match: A guide to employee engagement and behaviour change

In the second part of edie's 'guide-to' series for sustainability professionals, Matt Mace asks the experts about how to overcome major challenges and seize otherwise unobtainable opportunities that present themselves when igniting behaviour change throughout an organisation.

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· Climate Take Back: Inside Interface's bold new mission to reverse climate change

· Into the Dragon's Den: A guide to boardroom buy-in on sustainability

· Decoupling emissions from economic growth: the Interserve success story

June 2015

Food waste: Big issues with reaching small firms

Encouraging some businesses to separate their food waste for composting or anaerobic digestion is proving to be a challenge. Roundtable report by Eilidh Brunton of eco-friendly packaging firm Vegware.

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How CCE plans to meet its most ambitious sustainability targets yet

Joe Franses, director of corporate responsibility and sustainability at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), explains how the bottling firm is planning to spritz up its green efforts over the next five years.

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Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?

In the second of our feature series with Ashridge Business School, faculty members Tim Malnick and Stefan Cousquer explore the ever-changing relationship between sustainability and economics.

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· edie explains: Levy Control Framework

· 5 ways Tesla is leading the sustainability charge

· The future of leadership development

· Energy efficient homes: What can the Government do to help?

· Recycle Week: 8 surprising statistics about waste

· Empowering change: Three steps to improve employee engagement

· Driving sustainability through collaboration

June 2012

Sustainable supply chains: breaking out of the tick box

If manufacturers want to drive resource efficiency innovation across their supply chains, they need jump beyond compliance, take risks and be creative, argues Ramon Arratia

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Clare Whelan: Lambeth's green campaigner

Lambeth's Conservative spokesperson on the environment, health and adult social care speaks to Nick Warburton about improving waste and recycling in the borough

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Green Investment Bank - a bang or a whimper?

Waste may be favoured under the Green Investment Bank's remit, but don't get your hopes up yet, cautions Peter Jones

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· Energy-from-waste explosion sparks jobs boom

· How do we learn to consume less?

· Inflatable barrier helps protect Amsterdam

· GHG and sustainability reporting - next steps for business and government

June 2007

Scraper blade loading monitored in Manchester

As part of an odour-control project for United Utilities, AV Technology was called in to measure the bending forces on scraper blades in a very awkward environment. Technical director Neil Parkinson explains

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Profit through efficiency

Site Waste Management Plans are soon to become the law for projects of more than £250,000. Mike Payne of Envirowise explains how this will result in significant benefits for companies

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Licensed to swill

The Environment Agency has found that many small or packaged WwTWs are inadequately maintained or serviced, and present an unacceptable risk of pollution. A new training course aims to address the problem. John Aldridge explains.

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· Coping under pressure

· Ireland fails to designate shellfish waters

· Portugal late on SEA adoption

· Designing a much more sustainable world

· IWEX comes back with a vengeance

· EA loses landfill challenge

· The great grant farce