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July 2000

Regulation opens market

Danfoss' Ian Ward explains why RPZ valve use may increase.

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Siemens joins war on Crypto

Compliance with the latest DWI regulations designed to prevent Cryptosporidium outbreaks has led North West Water to sign-up the services of Siemens Industrial Projects and Systems.

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Filter press pump is ready to deliver

French manufacturer PCM Pompes has developed a ready-to-use solution for the solid/liquid filter press separation process.

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· Passive activity

· A lifeline for Helgoland's dune village

· Terberg Matec buys will Engineer to target growing recycling market

· Shopping for an EMS

· Teamwork in a tight corner

· Attenuation, naturally

· Distance learning improves IQ

July 1999

KEECO wraps up heavy metals

KEECO (Klean Earth Environ-mental Company) is a relatively young environmental company specialising in the provision of a unique Silica Micro Encapsulation (SME) treatment process for the remediation of liquid and solid wastes contaminated by heavy metals or radionuclides.

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Costain under contract to the water industry

Construction giant Costain has secured a number of partnering deals with UK water companies, for some of the largest wastewater projects in the country.

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A green focus on FTSE 350

Sectoral benchmarking, performance measurement and a wider sample of listed companies, brings a sharper green focus to this year's Business in the Environment survey of corporate environmental engagement. Angela Himus reports.

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· Petroleum remediation gel

· CLAIRE in the community

· Twin-track soil contamination removal

· Fitting regulations for backflow technology

· Belgian technology targets UK

· A new framework for control

· The liabilities of the land

July 1996

July 1991