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July 2001

The waste management sector has made a major advance in the training of staff in the industry with the announcement at Torbay that a new National Training Organisation - WINTO - is being launched. In a special report for LAWE, Pat Jennings, waste management journalist and a former Edi
Special correspondent Mike Gerber reports on the latest developments in RCV chassis, bodies and lifters, many of which were unveiled at the recent Torbay 2001 Exhibition. Innovation across the board offers local authority and private sector fleet managers an ever-widening choice of chassis and equip
Fibrothetford 38.5MW of power hidden in a Norfolk forest (Fibrowatt)Bioenergy, a diverse array of renewable energies derived from plant or animal matter, first used by the forebears of Homo sapiens at least one and a half million years ago, is making a comeback as a highly sophisticated solution to our energy problems. Not only that, but bioenergy is also pr
» Green-powered revolution needs to step on the gas
» Challengers sharpen competition in street sweeping marketplace

July 2000

Access to water as a basic human right and making this happen for millions of South Africans have been the twin goals of the work of Professor Kader Asmal, this year's recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize. Professor Asmal will receive his award from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at the 10th Stoc
The challenge of constructing a dual direction pipeline to simultaneously carry drinking water and sewage on a North Sea island has been met thanks to modern pipe materials, as Egeplast's Ulrich Winkler explains.
In what is currently the largest electricity generation facility using spark ignition engines with landfill gas, the Arpley Landfill Power Generation Plant, owned by WRG and built, operated and maintained by CPL Energy, shows how environmental improvement and commercial success can be combined under
» Filter press pump is ready to deliver
» Attenuation, naturally
» Greenpeace blocks discharge
» Treating chemical wastewater
» Earthquake demands remedial work
» Stockholm tackles future resource demands
» Liability of the lands

July 1997

The competitive market in the UK for pavement sweepers has seen a new entrant in the form of the Schmidt
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July 1992