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July 2001

Challengers sharpen competition in street sweeping marketplace


In a specially commissioned contribution for LAWE's Street Cleansing feature, freelance specialist writer, Mike Gerber, formerly Editor of Waste Transport and Deputy Editor of The Waste Manager, reports on new developments in equipment on show at the recent IWM Torbay exhibition which promi

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Waste management industry sets up National Training Organisation

The waste management sector has made a major advance in the training of staff in the industry with the announcement at Torbay that a new National Training Organisation - WINTO - is being launched. In a special report for LAWE, Pat Jennings, waste management journalist and a former Edi

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Innovation offers advances in loading and lifting sector

Special correspondent Mike Gerber reports on the latest developments in RCV chassis, bodies and lifters, many of which were unveiled at the recent Torbay 2001 Exhibition. Innovation across the board offers local authority and private sector fleet managers an ever-widening choice of chassis and equip

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· Green-powered revolution needs to step on the gas

· Energy industry - growing back to its roots

July 2000

Dublin STW project underway

Work on the Dublin Bay STW in Ireland is now underway. The process will include lamella plate settlement, sequential batch reactors (SBRs) and thermal hydrolysis of sludge.

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Siemens joins war on Crypto

Compliance with the latest DWI regulations designed to prevent Cryptosporidium outbreaks has led North West Water to sign-up the services of Siemens Industrial Projects and Systems.

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Microtunnelling delivers domestic sewer system

Hobas glass reinforced polyester pipes are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and easy to lay.

Adverse ground conditions and possible gas formation were the key challenges to overcome during the installation of a new public sewer in Vienna.

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· Terberg Matec buys will Engineer to target growing recycling market

· Why WEEE?

· Stockholm tackles future resource demands

· Treating chemical wastewater

· Pipeline works make up for lost time

· A lifeline for Helgoland's dune village

· Flexible package designed to cope with rising gas volumes

July 1997

Innovative design concepts aim to sweep up in pavement sector

The competitive market in the UK for pavement sweepers has seen a new entrant in the form of the Schmidt

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Practical contaminated land management: methods of remediation

Contributing author

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July 1992