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July 2002

Rising to the challenge

The Green Technology Challenge (GTC) tax incentive will provide 100 per cent first year enhanced capital allowances (ECAs) for companies investing in innovative technologies which contribute to environmental protection, but what, exactly will it mean to your business? IEM first reported on

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Cementing a new path for remediation

Changing UK contaminated land policy, dwindling landfill capacity and new EU legislation on landfill will have a major impact on the way contaminated land is remediated. Castle Cement claims to have an answer in the form of its stabilisation solidification technology, which after some

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New applications for flotation technology

Bruce Atkinson and Chris Conway of The Environmental Group Ltd explain how a unique method for operating flotation in the mineral industry has been applied with great success to wastewater treatment.

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· Putting decommissioning on the map

· Revolution in treating contaminated mines

· Training takes priority in waste management sector

· 'Best Value' partnership map out the road ahead

· Seasonal tourist demand is met in Malaga

· The skills to stay in the frame

· Data is not the full measure

July 2001

Innovation offers advances in loading and lifting sector

Special correspondent Mike Gerber reports on the latest developments in RCV chassis, bodies and lifters, many of which were unveiled at the recent Torbay 2001 Exhibition. Innovation across the board offers local authority and private sector fleet managers an ever-widening choice of chassis and equip

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Energy industry - growing back to its roots

Bioenergy, a diverse array of renewable energies derived from plant or animal matter, first used by the forebears of Homo sapiens at least one and a half million years ago, is making a comeback as a highly sophisticated solution to our energy problems. Not only that, but bioenergy is also pr

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Challengers sharpen competition in street sweeping marketplace

In a specially commissioned contribution for LAWE's Street Cleansing feature, freelance specialist writer, Mike Gerber, formerly Editor of Waste Transport and Deputy Editor of The Waste Manager, reports on new developments in equipment on show at the recent IWM Torbay exhibition which promi

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· Waste management industry sets up National Training Organisation

· Green-powered revolution needs to step on the gas

July 1998

Partnerships: Walking hand in hand saves time and money

A recent survey suggests that construction companies that do not offer partnering frameworks could lose out on tenders. More than a third of respondents agreed that partnering offers the best solution to ensure that budgets are not exceeded.

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Contracting post privatisation

The British water industry is used to changes. But none can have been more traumatic than privatisation. Brian Dumbleton reports on the consequences and talks to some of the companies in the water business.

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EQUIPed contractor continues to grow

Established for over 90 years, MJ Gleeson has undertaken water and wastewater engineering work for over half a century, last year its turnover in the water industry totalled £62 million. To keep up with changes it has adapted its organization and capabilities to stay at the forefront. In addition

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· Green taxes: experts debate the way forward

· Pressing for consistent environmental liability laws

· Need to know basis

July 1993