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July 2003

Taking stock

Investors are increasingly looking at companies’ environmental and social performance to inform investment decisions. Brian Pearce looks at the implications for business

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Sewage treatment contract showcases expertise

In association with sister company, Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL, ACWa Services has won a contract to design, install and commission the Phase 6 extension to Sharjah Sewage Treatment works in the United Arab Emirates. The contract forms part of an £18million project being carri

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Advocating measured change

Peter Whittle, chair of EIC's Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Group, looks at the group’s work and broader issues facing those providing lab services for the water sector

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· A manageable recovery

· Primary considerations.

· The lie of the land

· The choice is yours

· Industry fears over new EU chemicals plans

· Chopper pumps stop for nothing

· A helping hand

July 2002

Flood warnings from behind the barricades

A new 2-D modelling approach has been developed for predicting the potential inundation of low lying land behind coastal and river defences, as George Mitchell, principal engineer at the UK’s Atkins Water explains.

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Cementing a new path for remediation

Changing UK contaminated land policy, dwindling landfill capacity and new EU legislation on landfill will have a major impact on the way contaminated land is remediated. Castle Cement claims to have an answer in the form of its stabilisation solidification technology, which after some

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Putting decommissioning on the map

Reactors and robots, paratroopers and planes - the Harwell site in Oxfordshire has seen it all. Soon to be hailed as an international business centre, the area is currently undergoing a thorough liability review. In the second part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) series, Beverly L

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· Maintaining common ground

· The skills to stay in the frame

· Market leader advances on all fronts

· Best solution for new Hong Kong island residents

· Synchronization, integration, unification

· The grand Scheme of things

· Sensitive sewer restoration work in Berlin

July 1999

The liabilities of the land

Liberty Legal Indemnities (LLI), a subsidiary of the Lloyd's managing agency Liberty Syndicate Management (LSM), has launched Landpro, a new scheme that can protect policy holders against new liabilities arising in respect of contaminated land that has been remediated. The concept has been developed

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Belgian technology targets UK

OVAM, the Flemish equivalent of the UK's Environment Agency, was first given powers to enforce clean-up of contaminated sites by a Parliamentary Waste Decree of 1981. In the UK, by contrast, similar powers will only come into force with the implementation of Part IIA of the 1990 Environmental Protec

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Petroleum remediation gel

In a recent in situ bioremediation project undertaken by Response Environmental Services, one company saved around 56% of its costs through opting for bioremediation as opposed to landfill.

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· Outsourcing predicted to increase during AMP3

· CLAIRE in the community

· A new framework for control

· Fitting regulations for backflow technology

· Twin-track soil contamination removal

· A green focus on FTSE 350

· KEECO wraps up heavy metals

July 1994