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July 2006

EU to get tough on bird law

The European Commission has announced that it has taken the first steps in raising infringement proceedings against a number of Member States regarding implementation of the Wild Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive.

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Residents kick up a stink over burning rubber

An appeal by residents who object to waste tyres being burned to fire kilns at a Rugby cement factory has been dismissed by the courts.

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Portable water testing range launched

CSO Technik Camlab of Cambridge has launched the Camlab Water range of hand-held, portable and laboratory meters for the routinely measured parameters in potable, process and waste waters.

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· Elgressy reduces the Legionella factor

· Validity of ship pollution law questioned

· Macedonia develops distribution master plan

· Environmental Case Law Summary, July 06

· Glass firm's hopes shattered

· A model design tool

· Celebration time for Gee

July 2005

Northern Municipal opts for Aquazura street washers

Street cleansing is big business for local authorities wishing to maintain a clean, attractive outside space for residents and visitors. Northern Municipal Spares (NMS) Ltd, which has a number of cleaning vehicles available for short and long-term hire to local authorities, recently added a numb

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Solution installed to cope with success

A scheme to collect household plastic bottles for recycling, in Hyndburn, East Lancashire quickly turned into a headache for Waste Services Manager, Steve Riley when it became increasingly successful. With initial funding from DEFRA to supply and install a small MRF at the Council's recycling ce

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Case C-6/04 Commission v United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

An Opinion was recently issued by the Advocate General (AG) in Case C-6/04 Commission v UK.

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· Energy efficiency can only be achieved if we enforce the law

· Taking the waters

· Time to deliver

· Case C- 282/02 Commission v Ireland

· FAUN builds in load sensing technology

· Meeting our energy needs for the 21st Century

· Case T-158/03 Spain v Commission

July 2002

The science of selling science

Southern Water is expanding its laboratory services by re-entering the commercial market. New technology is being used to meet the legistlative demands on its growing client base

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Putting decommissioning on the map

Reactors and robots, paratroopers and planes - the Harwell site in Oxfordshire has seen it all. Soon to be hailed as an international business centre, the area is currently undergoing a thorough liability review. In the second part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) series, Beverly L

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Cementing a new path for remediation

Changing UK contaminated land policy, dwindling landfill capacity and new EU legislation on landfill will have a major impact on the way contaminated land is remediated. Castle Cement claims to have an answer in the form of its stabilisation solidification technology, which after some

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· Making a critical assessment

· Probing technology minimises land risks

· Rising to the challenge

· Best solution for new Hong Kong island residents

· New applications for flotation technology

· Remediation: it's all in the technique

· Eager to be legal

July 1997

Innovative design concepts aim to sweep up in pavement sector

The competitive market in the UK for pavement sweepers has seen a new entrant in the form of the Schmidt

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Practical contaminated land management: methods of remediation

Contributing author

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