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July 2007

Butt out in the nicest possible way

As the smoking ban comes into effect this month, there may well be an increase in cigarette butt littering on the streets. But guidance is on hand to ensure it doesn't become too much of a drag

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Residents reassured during factory remediation

During remediation of a site used to make viscose rayon, Akzo Nobel did a complex risk assessment, which included 228 houses and a nearby lough. Richard Thurgood reports

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary July 07

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month legislation covering Home Information Packs in the UK comes into force alo

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· How to make a lean, green logistics machine

· Case considers whether recycled oil is waste

· Welsh Water invests in activated carbon

· Understanding what waste really means

· Austria told to be more open with information

· Climate Change Bill: An opportunity missed?

· Lords look at prickly polluter pays case

July 2006

Coca-Cola opts for oxygen-based WWT

The soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola needed to review the wastewater treatment (WWT) system at its development and quality control laboratory in Anderlecht, Belgium. An increase in wastewater produced at the site meant that the existing plant was struggling to meet demand. European water business

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Celebration time for Gee

Birmingham-based Gee & Company is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary as a
specialist designer and builder of chemical dosing plant for the treatment of both potable water and effluents.

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Elgressy reduces the Legionella factor

With 30 years of experience, Elgressy is a world leader in this highly controlled means of treating water without the need to transport, store and handle chemicals. Mark Eyre looks at the process benefits of Elgressy systems and draws on the experiences of the Bioma Foundation in Spain and other org

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· Pressurised irrigation cuts consumption in Andalucía

· France extends Europe's largest WWTP

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, July 06

· From trial to triumph

· Integration remains key

· Web-based archiving improves productivity

· Energy from biomass residues - the present opportunity

July 2003

Sewage treatment contract showcases expertise

In association with sister company, Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL, ACWa Services has won a contract to design, install and commission the Phase 6 extension to Sharjah Sewage Treatment works in the United Arab Emirates. The contract forms part of an £18million project being carri

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Sort it out

In the light of the Environmental Audit Committee’s Waste — An Audit report, Graham Margetson, director of Foresite Systems, urges the government to take action on waste

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The cream of effluent treatment

When Dairy Crest acquired Unigate’s dairy and cheese business, increased production led to the need for efficient and cost-effective effluent disposal. The solution, which involved balancing on-site treatment and offsite disposal was provided by Severn Trent Water.

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· The lie of the land

· Utilities follow the bus route

· NETL develops carbon capture test plant

· Local authorities regain power

· Beating the elements

· Keeping it real

· Local authorities regain power

July 1998

EQUIPed contractor continues to grow

The pumped storage scheme for Colliford Reservoir under construction at the Restormel WTW

Established for over 90 years, MJ Gleeson has undertaken water and wastewater engineering work for over half a century, last year its turnover in the water industry totalled £62 million. To keep up with changes it has adapted its organization and capabilities to stay at the forefront. In addition

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Pressing for consistent environmental liability laws

Environment Commissioner Bjerregaard: facing an uphill task

Despite its long and rocky start, European Environment Commissioner, Ritt Bjerregaard, is committed to introducing a directive on environmental liability which will make the polluter pay for environmental damage. Pamela Castle, head of environmental law at Cameron McKenna, looks at the legal basi

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Need to know basis

Down by the Waterside: Kingston Voiceware's early warning system, which it believes could be invaluable to a broad range of organisations, allows people to take action to protect themselves and their property - before it is too late.

In Easter this year, the lives of tens of thousands of East Anglian people were dramatically affected by the worst flooding this century. If only they could have seen it coming…

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· Partnerships: Walking hand in hand saves time and money

· Green taxes: experts debate the way forward

· Contracting post privatisation