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July 2007

Italy has been rapped by the ECJ for failing to carry out an environmental impact assessment for a waste incinerator and failing to adequately publicise the plans.
Atkins-led research has used carbon footprinting to bridge the gap between water quality standards and climate change. Dr Arthur Thornton explains the results of the research carried out on behalf of the water industry.
Spain has been reprimanded for allowing municipal waste to be disposed of at sites where environmental impact assessments were either insufficiently detailed or, in one case, completely lacking.
» Hose pumps boost performance
» Clay beats PVC for green drainage
» Case considers whether recycled oil is waste
» Butt out in the nicest possible way
» Faun sweeps in as Viajet makes UK debut
» How to get the most from waste-to-energy
» Sludge blanket detector trials

July 2006

The European Commission has taken Ireland to court over charges made by the Irish planning system for environmental impact assessments.
Europe's largest and oldest wastewater treatment plant, the Seine Aval near Paris, was failing to meet new European discharge standards. Natasha Wiseman reports on the construction of a new nitrification-denitrification unit, using Biostyr technology from French engineering group OTV France (Veolia
The London Oasis opens its petals. Photo Edmund SumnerGreen energy generator, sculpture and educational project rolled into one, the London Oasis is a public display of renewables adapted for an urban environment. Environmental services engineer Becci Taylor, who helped make the project a reality, outlines the range of cutting edge technologies involve
» Integration remains key
» Verbal agreement saves piggery's bacon
» A call to mobilise old phones into action
» Macedonia develops distribution master plan
» Validity of ship pollution law questioned
» A model design tool
» Meeting the DBO challenge

July 2003

A sound sustainable development strategy takes time and effort to integrate.EBM looks at how telecoms company BT managed
David Hayward, director of process and environmental management consultant Ashact, outlines an effluent treatment plant upgrade at New Taplow Mill.
Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission
» Making sustainability pay
» A manageable recovery
» The true cost of waste
» Keeping it real
» British lab sets the standard
» The choice is yours
» Chopper pumps stop for nothing

July 1998

Construction of a stormwater tank at Rhyl A recent survey suggests that construction companies that do not offer partnering frameworks could lose out on tenders. More than a third of respondents agreed that partnering offers the best solution to ensure that budgets are not exceeded.
Companies in both the clean and dirty water business have to be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment The British water industry is used to changes. But none can have been more traumatic than privatisation. Brian Dumbleton reports on the consequences and talks to some of the companies in the water business.
Down by the Waterside: Kingston Voiceware's early warning system, which it believes could be invaluable to a broad range of organisations, allows people to take action to protect themselves and their property - before it is too late. In Easter this year, the lives of tens of thousands of East Anglian people were dramatically affected by the worst flooding this century. If only they could have seen it coming…
» Pressing for consistent environmental liability laws
» Green taxes: experts debate the way forward
» EQUIPed contractor continues to grow