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July 2008

Trials are now underway for the world's first hybrid refuse collection truck, developed by Volvo. Dave Young flew out to Gothenburg to take a closer look
Anglian Water wanted to improve customer service and the efficiency of its 1,300 staff in the field. So it called in a management consultancy. Now staff no longer need to visit the office in the morning to get their jobs for the day.
Trapping CO2 underground is now a reality, and it seems a sensible proposition in the face of climate change. But putting the gas down below can allow companies to get access to even more fossil fuels. Mike Scott reports
» It's all good, clean water
» High standards in a tight spot
» Air Pollution - Wales
» Waste - Europe
» Greener guidance for Ofwat
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, July 2008
» How to get the point across

July 2007

A new mobile reed bed system - the first of its kind in the UK - is playing a key role in treating effluent water. Mark Clayton, managing director of environmental practice Aardvark, which designed the system, reports on its development and various installations, including one at Heathrow Airport
Generating energy from waste is attracting increasing attention. But incineration causes concerns. Andrew Hamilton says his company has a technology that bypasses the issue
Austria has become the latest state to be told it must make environmental information more accessible to the public.
» Residents reassured during factory remediation
» Environmental Case Law Summary, July 2007
» Finding the green balance
» Climate Change Bill: An opportunity missed?
» Southern Water scheme to clean up Kent coast nears completion
» Spanish landfills closed
» Welsh Water invests in activated carbon

July 2004

Ann Barrett, vice president of the environmental practice of Marsh, discusses risk management of waste projects
Stirling Council, impressed with the performance of the 12 bespoke mini-articulated recycling trucks recently supplied by Corby-based Traiload, part of King Highway Products Ltd, has now taken delivery of three, 7.5 tonne rigid recycling trucks to enhance its successful kerbside collection scheme.
Shadow environment minister Richard Ottaway sets out what he says is a catalogue of failures by the Labour government
» Acting on impacts
» Land full
» Emissions trading: will it work?
» Technically speaking
» New concepts offer options in waste collection
» Raising a pennant for penstocks
» Seddon Atkinson launches first of new product range

July 1999

Frank Elskens, OEC managing director (right), and technical and commercial executive Ivo Pallemans with part of the mobile soil washing plant used in West Africa.OVAM, the Flemish equivalent of the UK's Environment Agency, was first given powers to enforce clean-up of contaminated sites by a Parliamentary Waste Decree of 1981. In the UK, by contrast, similar powers will only come into force with the implementation of Part IIA of the 1990 Environmental Protec
Acid mine drainage - a long term issue addressed by KEECO's unique reagents and technologies.KEECO (Klean Earth Environ-mental Company) is a relatively young environmental company specialising in the provision of a unique Silica Micro Encapsulation (SME) treatment process for the remediation of liquid and solid wastes contaminated by heavy metals or radionuclides.
In an interview with WWT, Bruno Speed, director of Miller Water, makes clear his views on the future of contracting in the water industry and predicts that in the AMP3 period from 2000-2005, even more work will be outsourced by the plcs.
» Costain under contract to the water industry
» CLAIRE in the community
» A new framework for control
» The liabilities of the land
» Fitting regulations for backflow technology
» Petroleum remediation gel
» Sharing the burden of contractual responsibility