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July 2008

High standards in a tight spot

Work is under way on two old aqueducts which take water all the way from the Lake District to Manchester. Andrew Taylor, director of confined-space specialist PMP, discusses his company's inspection work on the projects

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Where are WEEE now?

The WEEE Directive has not been without its challenges since being implemented in the UK a year ago. Philip Morton charts its progress to date, and offers some advice for the future

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Folding pipe fixes sewage main

A sewer renovation project in the picturesque Peak District is using a new type of HDPE pipe, which folds into a U-shaped profile to reduce its diameter, writes Ian Clarke on behalf of Insituform Technologies

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· The cap fits - it's time to wear it

· Seeing a C:LAIRE way to a definition of waste?

· Air Pollution - Wales

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, July 2008

· It's all good, clean water

· How to get the point across

· Some Frank admissions

July 2007

Understanding what waste really means

The definition 'waste' under the Waste Framework Directive continues to baffle. And a recent European Court ruling has raised the risk of criminal sanctions for waste offences. Eluned Watson and Laura Brady report.

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Is competition healthy?

The government believes competition could spur water companies to greater efficiency and improved performance, and provide customers with lower prices and new and improved services. But, asks Sally Nash, is competition in the sector viable?

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Austria told to be more open with information

Austria has become the latest state to be told it must make environmental information more accessible to the public.

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· Lords look at prickly polluter pays case

· Clay beats PVC for green drainage

· Southern Water scheme to clean up Kent coast nears completion

· Kitchen waste option for Dennis Eagle Duo

· Stylish ride inside low entry cab

· Residents reassured during factory remediation

· How to make a lean, green logistics machine

July 2004

Labour's failure

Shadow environment minister Richard Ottaway sets out what he says is a catalogue of failures by the Labour government

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Energy: why is it so important to conserve?

Saving energy is the best way to cut carbon emissions. Here, Heather Peacocke of the Energy Saving Trust gives practical advice for home, businesses and local authorities.

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Analysis along the riverbanks

Michael Scott of SWIG reports on monitoring and measurement implications of the WFD

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· Heil shows two stream Euro-Cycler at Torbay

· Rising sun – focussing on solar thermal energy

· Too Big A Bill!

· Health environments

· Emissions trading: will it work?

· Focus on nitrification

· Raising a pennant for penstocks

July 1999

Belgian technology targets UK

OVAM, the Flemish equivalent of the UK's Environment Agency, was first given powers to enforce clean-up of contaminated sites by a Parliamentary Waste Decree of 1981. In the UK, by contrast, similar powers will only come into force with the implementation of Part IIA of the 1990 Environmental Protec

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Petroleum remediation gel

In a recent in situ bioremediation project undertaken by Response Environmental Services, one company saved around 56% of its costs through opting for bioremediation as opposed to landfill.

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Twin-track soil contamination removal

A twin-track system for removing soil contamination - developed by environmental engineers MEL of Wakefield - is providing cost savings and technical benefits while fitting unobtrusively into the client's normal working environment.

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· KEECO wraps up heavy metals

· Outsourcing predicted to increase during AMP3

· A new framework for control

· A green focus on FTSE 350

· Fitting regulations for backflow technology

· CLAIRE in the community

· Costain under contract to the water industry