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July 2010

Not just waste, this is M&S waste

Marks & Spencer has somewhat of a reputation for being a cut above the rest - this now applies to its waste management activities too.

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'We're going to try to be disruptive in everything we do'

Kevin Surace: a big thinker who is intent on shaking up the building materials industry

Erik Jaques meets Kevin Surace, founder, Serious Materials

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Flood defences need local funding

Future investment in flood defences will require greater contributions from communities and businesses, according to the chief executive of the Environment Agency (EA).

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· Mouchel’s new RI boss confident about future

· Ginger acquisition offers new opportunities for Grontmij

· Mott helps with upgrade

· WFD, Mcerts... it’s time for a total solution and regulation

· Defra goes down to the farm

· Steel giant keen to push the boundaries

· That's peak performance

July 2009

If anyone can, Canon can

Canon has a philosophy of "living and working together for the common good". Tom Idle visited its UK headquarters and discovered that this ideology embraces climate change and the environment to such an extent that even the company's products have sustainability built into them

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Reports show need for more flood spending

Contractors have welcomed two new Environment Agency reports, which show that annual spend on building and maintaining flood defences must double to £1B a year by 2035 to meet the increased risk of coastal erosion and flooding.

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Kerbside trial offers food for thought

Anglesey County Council undertook a consultation exercise with householders to ensure its food waste collection trials would be a success. Meirion Edwards reports

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· Octopus operation proved to cut costs

· WYG Ireland to provide national groundwater data

· Water stress must be high on MEP agenda, say focus groups

· Flow metering now reduces maintenance to a trickle

· Geesink plugs in for electric dreams

· Restoring the balance when it comes to WEEE

· City heights: the urban food waste dilemma

July 2006

Property pioneers

Developers have been dabbling with green construction methods for a while now, but none has captured eco design quite like South West Eco Homes. Tom Idle paid a visit to the Great Bow Yard project in Somerset and spoke to regional co-ordinator, Cara Naden

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Media remedy range of contamination issues

An innovative media developed by UK industrial remediation specialist, Virotec, is ideal for applications requiring removal of metals and other pollutants from contaminated water and soil. Simon Tillotson, general manager at Virotec Europe, describes how the media permanently binds metals and phosph

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Meeting the DBO challenge

Public-Private Partnerships has created a trend towards inclusive contract arrangements that reflect the complexity of modern project management. Many contracts now involve the integration of design, build and operation, says David Parsons.

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· A model design tool

· Intelligent pump control boosts energy saving

· Glass firm's hopes shattered

· Let battle commence!

· Carbon trading will fail if it does not move forward

· Environmental Case Law Summary, July 06

· Does Dennis Eagle's latest Phoenix rise to the challenge?

July 2001

Innovation offers advances in loading and lifting sector

Special correspondent Mike Gerber reports on the latest developments in RCV chassis, bodies and lifters, many of which were unveiled at the recent Torbay 2001 Exhibition. Innovation across the board offers local authority and private sector fleet managers an ever-widening choice of chassis and equip

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Waste management industry sets up National Training Organisation

The waste management sector has made a major advance in the training of staff in the industry with the announcement at Torbay that a new National Training Organisation - WINTO - is being launched. In a special report for LAWE, Pat Jennings, waste management journalist and a former Edi

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Energy industry - growing back to its roots

Fibrothetford 38.5MW of power hidden in a Norfolk forest (Fibrowatt)

Bioenergy, a diverse array of renewable energies derived from plant or animal matter, first used by the forebears of Homo sapiens at least one and a half million years ago, is making a comeback as a highly sophisticated solution to our energy problems. Not only that, but bioenergy is also pr

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· Green-powered revolution needs to step on the gas

· Challengers sharpen competition in street sweeping marketplace