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July 2010

While tax, immigration and defence may have divided the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. The two parties making up the UK's new government are more united on green issues, say the EIC's Adrian Wilkes and Sam Ibbott.
A massive collaborative effort is under way to come up with new tools to help water companies manage their distribution networks more effectively. Tim Door, ABB's UK Water Industry Manager, explains
A joint venture of Galliford Try and Biwater has contracted Mott MacDonald as the detailed civil engineering designer for Thames Water's £40M Long Reach Sewage Treatment Works upgrade.
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» A WEEELLY Happy Birthday
» Defra goes down to the farm
» Amtreat: the cost-effective solution
» 'We're going to try to be disruptive in everything we do'
» What's mine should also be yours
» Not just waste, this is M&S waste

July 2009

Investment in flood defences needs to double by 2035 to cope with global warming. As a result, contractors will see plenty of opportunities to maintain and build flood defences. Dean Stiles reports.
Anglesey County Council undertook a consultation exercise with householders to ensure its food waste collection trials would be a success. Meirion Edwards reports
Cost and efficiency one might assume go hand in hand - the larger the programme the more efficiently it can be delivered and vice versa. Not necessarily true for capital programmes in the water sector, Colm Gibson explains
» Partech's sensors make for simple blanket monitoring
» No substance beyond REACH
» Unique renewable energy source upgrade
» Mixed plastics plant builds market potential
» Mapping by Mott MacDonald helps Lincs manage tidal flood risks
» Rain - a valuable resource
» WYG Ireland to provide national groundwater data

July 2006

Having the right design expertise can help improve performance and costings for customers. Ian Campbell looks at some of the projects tackled by his M&E team, and the issues involved.
Camden Council has lost its case against a company it argued had been illegally leaving waste in a public highway.
Biomass energy has had its share of successes and failures, and now the industry must learn from its past by tapping into the free resource of waste wood - writes renewable energy researcher Dr. David Fulford of Reading University.
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» Cementing a green solution
» Reuse, reduce, recycle
» Gently does it: graffiti solution preserves historic value
» Are you up to the challenge?
» Sweepers get streetwise
» Glass firm's hopes shattered

July 2001

Fibrothetford 38.5MW of power hidden in a Norfolk forest (Fibrowatt)Bioenergy, a diverse array of renewable energies derived from plant or animal matter, first used by the forebears of Homo sapiens at least one and a half million years ago, is making a comeback as a highly sophisticated solution to our energy problems. Not only that, but bioenergy is also pr
Special correspondent Mike Gerber reports on the latest developments in RCV chassis, bodies and lifters, many of which were unveiled at the recent Torbay 2001 Exhibition. Innovation across the board offers local authority and private sector fleet managers an ever-widening choice of chassis and equip
The waste management sector has made a major advance in the training of staff in the industry with the announcement at Torbay that a new National Training Organisation - WINTO - is being launched. In a special report for LAWE, Pat Jennings, waste management journalist and a former Edi
» Green-powered revolution needs to step on the gas
» Challengers sharpen competition in street sweeping marketplace