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July 2014

ESOS is the new government policy which calls for mandatory energy audits in the UK. Here are the 10 things you need to know.
When it comes to food waste, is the thinking rounded or do too many people still picture only a linear model? The benefits of a circular model are clear when it comes to most waste streams, but how many people consider closing the loop when it comes to food waste? Can food go circular?
Karen Lynch: Ethical water brand Belu started out with a simple idea: that there is a better way to do business by minimising environmental impact and investing all profits in ending water poverty. Ten years on, Luke Nicholls investigates how the not-for-profit social enterprise is using its sustainable ethos to
» Taking stock of green business
» Cabinet reshuffle: Who are the new green ministers?
» Time for waste measurements to get a 'sophisticated' makeover
» 10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change

July 2013

The terminology around waste is a much debated issue and as the language surrounding it evolves, this throws up some interesting dilemmas for society at large, ponders Mike Tregent
Saracens artificial pitch being laidWhen Saracens rugby club set out to produce the most sustainable and energy-efficient stadium in the UK, the plan was to revive, recover and regenerate one of the "green lungs of north London". Saracens rugby club community director Gordon Banks talks to Leigh Stringer about achieving a &q
Changing society from a 'buy and bin' to a 'rent and return' culture may take a generation to achieve, but the pain in getting there will be worth the effort, says Angus Middleton
» Viridor's outgoing CEO offers his waste vision
» In conversation with Carillion's Tom Robinson
» The rising water risk behind mining for metals
» Reducing consumption: Accor's long-term solution for a short-term stay
» The sustainable systems thinker: Interview with Sally Uren
» Creating space for a Better Place at adidas
» Big data, the key to navigating the resource risk maze?

July 2010

Since January, engineers have been trialling a new version of Intellitect Water's Intellisonde FE. Designed to broaden online monitoring advantages in wastewater treatment plants, the signs are that it will perform efficiently and save money.
Marks & Spencer has somewhat of a reputation for being a cut above the rest - this now applies to its waste management activities too.
IntroWater companies could soon be hit with daily charges for digging up roads - and hefty fines for late completion of roadworks. Dean Stiles reports.
» Pressure mounts over roadworks fines
» Flood defences need local funding
» Defra goes down to the farm
» Steel giant keen to push the boundaries
» AD chance mustn't be wasted
» A WEEELLY Happy Birthday
» A bumpy ride ahead

July 2005

Judgement in the case of Commission v Greece was issued by the ECJ on 2 June 2005.
Tony Blair has put tackling climate change and African poverty at the top of his agenda for the G8 summit. As David Hopkins reports, there is a way to meet both of these targets head-on, but only if there is the will.
Judgement was given by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Commission v Ireland on 2 June 2005.
» Tertiary treatment of wastewater for reuse in China
» Garwood shows wide range of waste & recycling vehicles
» An Introduction to Industrial Ecology & CSR
» Award-winning river restoration in Shanghai
» Case C-6/04 Commission v United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
» European Court of Human Rights Case Law - Fadeyeva v Russia (Application No. 55723/00)
» Calling all energy intensive small & medium sized European companies: Are you maximising profit and minimising costs in this brave new Kyoto era?