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August 1998

Figure 1 Ralph Potter, senior research fellow at the University of East London's Pipeline Technology Group, describes in this article research that is being undertaken in the field of plastic pipe systems by the group in collaboration with the water industry.
The burning issues concerning incineration, mainly of municipal solid waste, are debated in this month's special feature with contributions from the energy from waste lobby and from environmentalists broadly opposed to this method of waste disposal. Readers wishing to contribute to the debate on
Gedeon Dagan - the 1998 Stockholm Water Prize winner. Gedeon Dagan, a professor of engineering at Israel's Tel Aviv University, will receive the 1998 Stockholm Water prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden later this month. Dagan was selected for the award for his research on the relationship between pollutants, subsurface formations, transport pr
» MWF disposal - the dual approach
» The future of AMR in France
» French system of water management faces far-reaching reforms
» Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target
» Controlling gaseous emissions
» Fusion aims for fairness in metering
» Sampling high salt effluent

August 1997

August 1994

August 1989