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August 1998

Gedeon Dagan, groundwater ambassador

Gedeon Dagan - the 1998 Stockholm Water Prize winner.

Gedeon Dagan, a professor of engineering at Israel's Tel Aviv University, will receive the 1998 Stockholm Water prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden later this month. Dagan was selected for the award for his research on the relationship between pollutants, subsurface formations, transport pr

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The future of AMR in France

The AMR system. CCU: Cell Control Unit. GMM:Genesis Meter Module. GMM/Repeater. IHP: Itron Host Processor.

Robert Frati, VP, European Operations at Itron examines the prospects for automatic meter reading in the French water industry.

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Fusion aims for fairness in metering

System Equity meters under test

Fusion Meters has extended its brief beyond the manufacture of water metering products and has taken a broader view of water distribution to develop a system that offers fairness for both the utility and customers.

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· Pros and cons of the burning issue

· Sampling high salt effluent

· MWF disposal - the dual approach

· Controlling gaseous emissions

· French system of water management faces far-reaching reforms

· Research on plastic pipe systems

· Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target

August 1997

August 1994

August 1989