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August 2000

Pollution failures mar improving record

Environmental regulation of industry is cutting thousands of tonnes in emissions of substances that damage health and the environment, the Environment Agency reports, but continuing pollution failures by businesses across England and Wales are marring environmental gains it says.

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Major group sets up training college

In an innovative move, Vivendi Environment, parent group of waste management services contractor, Onyx Environmental Group, and train operator, Connex, has set up a college to provide training for the staff of the UK companies.

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Industry trains its sights on the future

The established professional bodies and industrial associations in the waste sector provide a constantly developing range of training and educational services to respond to the increasing pace of change in this area.

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· ESA aims to improve operations through training

· Advances in education add professional edge

· Waste industry set for change

· The wood for the trees?

· Metering out?

· Competency wheels turning

· Industry raises alarm over packaging recovery targets

August 1999

Measuring unpredictable flow conditions

Wide variations in effluent flow rates resulting from changing production schedules or part filled pipes makes accurate flow measurements difficult. But without an accurate flow rate, it is not possible to extract a sample of the discharge for analysis.

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Implements and tools

The Pollution Prevention and Control Bill, having last month received Royal Assent, is now an Act of Parliament. In the second of IEM's reports on IPPC, the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive, we turn to UK implementation and regulation.

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Zapping toxic organics

The high reactivity of the electron and its potential for generating highly oxidising species which can break down toxic organics is an area which has been extensively studied by EA Technology.

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· Pipe-jacking helps preserve Welsh SSSI

· Optimising burner/ boiler operation

· Securing employee motivation

· Severn Trent spends £18M on flagship STWs

· Training needs a cert

· How to meet EU lead standards by 2003

· EA to step up enforcement of flow regulations

August 1996

August 1991