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August 2002

Air 'dam' system bars gas migration

The completion of a land reclamation project in Birmingham has involved the implementation of new technology to transform a previously contaminated site affected by high levels of gas emanating from nearby disused waste landfill sites to a standard fit for human habitation

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Government agency reviews brownfield land practices

English Partnerships, the Government’s regeneration and development agency, has commissioned a team from Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Nottingham and Parkman Consultants to review current practices and policies regarding the re-use of brownfield land in Europe.

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Smart steps to sustainability

With the help of Envirowise, Huddersfield-based commercial interiors company, Interface Fabrics embarked on a programme of waste minimisation which yielded cost savings of over £1 million. The company has been making a determined effort to minimise its impact on the environment for the past decade,

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· Smaller degree of uncertainty

· WRAP targets key sectors to boost recycling

· Recycling materials sectors promote initiatives

· Paul Haywood looks at techniques available for pipeline renovation

· Beating corrosion naturally

· A guiding light for decision makers

· Monitoring the flowmonitors

August 2001

Conserving water value for the long term

Japan is a land of extremes - its heavy rainfall no panacea for its periodic droughts. Steve Higham reports on the country's dam building programme and below, describes one city's approach to water conservation.

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The means to the end

Over four days in July. 178 countries concluded a compromise to ensure a continuing of international efforts to address climate change. At the same time, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published Climate Change 2001, a 2,600-page, three volume tome detailing the evidence for cli

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Education, education . . .

Chalk and talk, interactive workshops, practical exercises, videos, role-play... Training delivery, according to Melanie Kenny and Wendy Jervis, URS Dames & Moore, depends on what's being delivered, and to whom.

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· Hoping for measured change

· Technically speaking

· Deep tunnels finally reach Stonecutter

· The environment - how much of a challenge is it to EU entry?

· Settling on the Flyde coast

· Initiatives across the UK map out how recycling targets can be hit

· Is insurance the solution to the brown field dilemma?

August 1998

Pros and cons of the burning issue

The burning issues concerning incineration, mainly of municipal solid waste, are debated in this month's special feature with contributions from the energy from waste lobby and from environmentalists broadly opposed to this method of waste disposal. Readers wishing to contribute to the debate on

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Research on plastic pipe systems

Ralph Potter, senior research fellow at the University of East London's Pipeline Technology Group, describes in this article research that is being undertaken in the field of plastic pipe systems by the group in collaboration with the water industry.

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Controlling gaseous emissions

Good combustion control and careful waste stream selection have a key role in reducing gaseous emissions, but end-of-pipe treatment is still an essential part of the solution. Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davis of Environmental Development Technology look at the available treatment opt

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· Gedeon Dagan, groundwater ambassador

· MWF disposal - the dual approach

· The future of AMR in France

· French system of water management faces far-reaching reforms

· Sampling high salt effluent

· Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target

· Fusion aims for fairness in metering

August 1993