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August 2002

Waist deep in waste? The Environment Council has launched a new interactive website which supplies information on current waste management issues and provides a forum for discussion of potential solutions. Beverly La Ferla reports.
An innovative solution to tackling contaminated land and hazardous waste is on line to being introduced into the UK later this year. Changing UK contaminated land policy, dwindling landfill capacity and new EU legislation on landfill means that the process of using cement could become one of the mos
Recycling initiatives have saved the company £6,000 per yearBeing more environmentally aware is something that can benefit most companies and save money over the longer term. In this article, Tom Wagland, QA and environmental manager at Ricoh UK, discusses the procedures that need to be implemented to attain accreditation, as well as the ongoing work require
» Paul Haywood looks at techniques available for pipeline renovation
» WRAP targets key sectors to boost recycling
» Beating corrosion naturally
» Government agency reviews brownfield land practices
» Smaller degree of uncertainty
» Monitoring the flowmonitors
» Taking control of asbestos at work

August 2001

Open trench method unfeasible if the effects on traffic are too greatGeography, population density and a tight footprint all pose serious challenges when choosing the best technique for upgrading Hong Kong's water mains, reports KL Wong, Technical Director of Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd.
But the new Brussels North wastewater scheme - one of Europe's biggest BOOT projects - is facing a challenge in the courts from an unsuccessful contender in the race for the $320M project as Alan George reports from Brussels.
Cling film prevents surface cracks during dryingIn one of the longest established industrial areas of the country, pipe manufacturing is still going strong. Peter Minting visited Stanton Bonna's plant near Ilkstone in Derbyshire
» The means to the end
» The environment - how much of a challenge is it to EU entry?
» The delicate balance of sharing water
» Settling on the Flyde coast
» Deep tunnels finally reach Stonecutter
» GIS advances widen the horizons for environmental professionals
» Education, education . . .

August 1998

French Environment Minister, Dominique Voynet.The French Minister of the Environment, Dominique Voynet, recently told the French Cabinet that she plans to reform the French system of water management - in particular the Water Agencies. Michael Rook reports from the Ministry of the Environment in Paris.
Keith Riley, left, MD of HWS shows Michael Meacher the new MRF Massive investment by Hampshire Waste Services in a new MRF as part of the Project Integra waste management strategy, plus public participation, makes the 25% by 2000 recycling target a realistic aim for the county
Gedeon Dagan - the 1998 Stockholm Water Prize winner. Gedeon Dagan, a professor of engineering at Israel's Tel Aviv University, will receive the 1998 Stockholm Water prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden later this month. Dagan was selected for the award for his research on the relationship between pollutants, subsurface formations, transport pr
» Controlling gaseous emissions
» MWF disposal - the dual approach
» Research on plastic pipe systems
» The future of AMR in France
» Fusion aims for fairness in metering
» Pros and cons of the burning issue
» Sampling high salt effluent

August 1993