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August 2002

Recycling materials sectors promote initiatives

The major recycling sectors have continued their campaigns in recent months aimed at increasing the level of recycling across the country.

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Taking control of asbestos at work

The costs associated with surveying buildings for asbestos are varied

The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 (and its supporting Approved Codes of Practice) will be put into place in September 2002 with a compliance date of March 2004. This is required to bring the UK into line with the European Chemical Agents Directive. Steve Hurst, senior asbestos consult

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Paving the road to waste recovery

Glasphalt can be worked for up to two hours longer than conventional sulfur

Stockpiles of crushed glass are increasingly being used in the construction and repair of our roads, thanks to a material known as ‘Glasphalt’.

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· Power partnering drives innovation

· A clearer picture of glass recycling

· Government agency reviews brownfield land practices

· Web solution to a rubbish problem

· Air 'dam' system bars gas migration

· Monitoring the flowmonitors

· WRAP targets key sectors to boost recycling

August 2001

Technically speaking

Peter Minting looks at the design and performance of long sea outfalls

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The delicate balance of sharing water

Water is as important to the mining industry as the ore it extracts

The value of water is set to be truly realised in Western Australia as consumers prepare to buy, sell or lease their share of their licensed supplies. Deborah Rohan of the Water and Rivers Commision reports on the new initiative.

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Water and wastewater treatment: on your marks, get set . . .

The ongoing pursuit of reducing running costs and guaranteeing an optimal quality/quantity ratio has led industrial end-users to increase installations of technologically-advanced equipment for the treatment of water utilised in on-site processes.

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· Article Title

· Rehabilitation requires mixed approach

· The environment - how much of a challenge is it to EU entry?

· The rough and the smooth

· How significantly risky a business is managing contaminated land

· Casting replaces spinning process

· Biosensors: from canaries to bacteria

August 1998

Sampling high salt effluent

Associated Octel's main manufacturing site in Ellesmere Port

What steps can a company take when the physical/chemical properties of effluent make on-line sampling difficult? John Tonelli, Associated Octel, describes his company's response when faced with unexpectedly high salt levels.

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Gedeon Dagan, groundwater ambassador

Gedeon Dagan - the 1998 Stockholm Water Prize winner.

Gedeon Dagan, a professor of engineering at Israel's Tel Aviv University, will receive the 1998 Stockholm Water prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden later this month. Dagan was selected for the award for his research on the relationship between pollutants, subsurface formations, transport pr

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Pros and cons of the burning issue

The burning issues concerning incineration, mainly of municipal solid waste, are debated in this month's special feature with contributions from the energy from waste lobby and from environmentalists broadly opposed to this method of waste disposal. Readers wishing to contribute to the debate on

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· MWF disposal - the dual approach

· Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target

· Fusion aims for fairness in metering

· French system of water management faces far-reaching reforms

· Research on plastic pipe systems

· Controlling gaseous emissions

· The future of AMR in France

August 1993