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August 2003

The Environment Agency is calling for views on its proposed approach to assessing the human health risks from petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
Simon Skentelbery and Eric Hartmann of OEH Group look at the development of a Solvent Management Plan (SMP) for operators of major industrial processes.
Waste management professionals attending the CIWM Torbay 2003 Exhibition were offered an array of new solutions and technology to tackle environmental and waste problems, ranging from new street cleansing machines and RCVs (see LAWE July 2003) to software and containers.
» Government steps up drive to hit recycling targets
» A team not afraid to take risks
» Digging deep for the hole truth
» Recycling sectors focus on boosting performance
» A hazardous undertaking
» Government steps up drive to hit recycling targets
» Ultrasound abilities assessed

August 2002

Insertion meter: favoured for verificationCommon guidelines for auditing flow monitoring systems should allow standardised reporting and improved assessment of performance. NEL explains how the guidelines were drawn-up.
Simplified BS3680 equations for V-notch weirs are not uncommonDr John Duffy considers the importance of accurate open-channel flow measurement and the best practice for instrumentation accuracy as identified by Pulsonic Technologies
Information on glass recycling opportunities is now available from WRAPComprehensive information on the current and potential recycling opportunities for recovered glass is now available in a major report commissioned and published by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).
» Technically speaking
» Smart steps to sustainability
» Beating corrosion naturally
» A guiding light for decision makers
» Power partnering drives innovation
» The lighter side of waste
» Air 'dam' system bars gas migration

August 1999

Customers of Hamworthy Combustion Engineers, one of the world's largest dedicated manufacturers of burners and associated equipment, receive thorough training to operate equipment in order to gain maximum benefit.
Construction of an interceptor sewer beneath a protected marsh has been completed by Byzak Contractors, as part of a £180M Welsh Water scheme to improve Cardiff¹s sewerage facilities.
According to Alasdair Ward of Meggitt Mobrey, the EA is to step up enforcement of discharge consents with specific reference to flow, in an attempt to achieve water quality objectives set following the Environment Act (1995).
» Securing employee motivation
» How to meet EU lead standards by 2003
» Severn Trent spends £18M on flagship STWs
» Measuring unpredictable flow conditions
» Zapping toxic organics
» Implements and tools
» Sweet success for TOC/TN analyser

August 1994