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August 2004

Range of new solutions launched at Torbay

In the July issue LAWE featured many of the new products and developments that were on show at the CIWM annual exhibition at Paignton within our RCV and Street Cleansing features. In this final round up from Torbay LAWE reports on other exhibits that caught the eye

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Energy for change

Sue Priest, managing director of Emissions Strategy Solutions, discusses her research into management attitudes to climate change mitigation

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Innovation through regulation

Aidan Turnbull of consultancy Environ provides an industry perspective on the role of environmental regulation in stimulating innovation and cleaner technologies

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· Are you feeling assured?

· Better business

· Clear Northern skies

· Recycling equipment offers new features and solutions

· Stop the brain drain!!

· CSR and the art of reporting

· The Carbon Disclosure Project: Round Two

August 2003

Handling flow information

Hydro-Logic's Rod Hawnt and Alec Willis on flow data management

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Changing fashion or fashioning change?

by Luc Vandevelde, Chairman, Marks & Spencer

In every part of our business, we have an end result in mind and plan our strategy to achieve it. So, thinking about corporate social responsibility, how do we therefore conduct ourselves in the social arena to make a real difference in the world?

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Thermals are given a lift

Advanced forms of thermal treatment can make a contribution to sustainable development, according to a new report from The Natural Step (TNS), an international charity using science to promote sustainable development.

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· Having a blast

· Government steps up drive to hit recycling targets

· Sowing the seeds of growth

· CSR can benefit more than just business

· CIWM President calls for clear vision of the future

· Recycling sectors focus on boosting performance

· Ground level training

August 2000

Pollution failures mar improving record

Environmental regulation of industry is cutting thousands of tonnes in emissions of substances that damage health and the environment, the Environment Agency reports, but continuing pollution failures by businesses across England and Wales are marring environmental gains it says.

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Survey tracks trends in recycling

The latest in LAWE's series of Tracking Trends supplements examines the key issues of waste minimisation and recycling raised by the publication of the Government's Waste Strategy for England and Wales. The move to meet tough waste reduction and recycling targets set by Environment Minister Michael

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Industry raises alarm over packaging recovery targets

The argument between commercial interests affected by the Packaging Waste Regulations and the Government over where target levels should be set, received renewed impetus last month with a call by leading compliance group, Valpak, for no increase in UK recovery targets next year.

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· A drain on resources

· Waste industry set for change

· Major group sets up training college

· Ebb and flow

· Competency wheels turning

· Initiative on show at Paignton parade

· The wood for the trees?

August 1995