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August 2005

Colour coding for construction waste boosts recycling

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), in collaboration with the Construction Confederation and the Scottish Waste Awareness Group (SWAG), has recently launched a new, easy and simple initiative to tackle construction waste by introducing colour-coding for skips. The English launch of the Nationa

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Green wing

Andy Watson was recently named Energy Manager of the Year, on account of his resource-saving work for BAA Heathrow. Tom Idle found out how he earned the title

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Code red

Gill Ross-Jones, HazRed Project Manager at the Environment Agency, explains how the project aims to help small businesses reduce their hazardous waste

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· Case C-304/02, Commission v France

· Denitrification filtering

· Okyay and others v Turkey (ECHR application No 36220/97)

· Edie environmental case law summary (August 2005)

· IPPC - who has best reputation?

· Best Reputation in...........WASTE MANAGEMENT

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (August 2005)

August 2004

Stop the brain drain!!

Stewart Anthony, of the Centre for Environment and Safety Management for Business reports on a project to use academic consultancy skills to help prevent a 'brain drain' from developing nations.

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Pontoon poised for action

Ashley Sansom reports on the Bewl to Darwell water transfer scheme

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Are you feeling assured?

Company directors are increasingly under pressure to provide assurance that their activities meet high ethical and environmental standards. Matt Haddon and Justin Dye from ERM Assurance discuss how you can provide and receive assurance that your company is complying.

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· Keeping pace

· Probe into pipe integrity

· Steel can recycling hits all time high in UK

· Green taxation not more taxation.

· Driving biofuels

· Recycling equipment offers new features and solutions

· Minimum disruption expected

August 2001

Casting replaces spinning process

In one of the longest established industrial areas of the country, pipe manufacturing is still going strong. Peter Minting visited Stanton Bonna's plant near Ilkstone in Derbyshire

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How significantly risky a business is managing contaminated land

In this edited paper by Adam Czarnecki and Sarah Dack of GeoDelft Environmental, the application of risk assessment in the management of contaminated land is reviewed within the context of requirements of recently introduced regulations applying in England and Scotland.

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Water and wastewater treatment: on your marks, get set . . .

The ongoing pursuit of reducing running costs and guaranteeing an optimal quality/quantity ratio has led industrial end-users to increase installations of technologically-advanced equipment for the treatment of water utilised in on-site processes.

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· Belgian plant finally gets the go-ahead

· Is insurance the solution to the brown field dilemma?

· The environment - how much of a challenge is it to EU entry?

· Hoping for measured change

· Biosensors: from canaries to bacteria

· Rehabilitation requires mixed approach

· Technically speaking

August 1996