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August 2005

Judgement was given in the case of Commission v Italy on 7 July 2005.

The ECJ held that by maintaining rules which permit the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) in fire protection installations beyond the limits and outside the conditions laid down in Article 5(3) of EC Regulation No

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered its judgement in the case of Commission v Greece on 7 July 2005.
American company Bio-Systems has brought its battle against SAS to the UK. The firm's secret weapon is called B500
» English Partnerships spearheads regeneration
» How does your sludge flow?
» Okyay and others v Turkey (ECHR application No 36220/97)
» Green wing
» The edie.net and Environment Business 2005 Consultancy Survey
» An Introduction to Industrial Ecology & CSR
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (August 2005)

August 2004

Trygve Reed-Larsen of Det Norske Veritas explains the Clean Development Mechanism
Engineering a voice in government
Fly-tipping in Birmingham was threatening to get out of hand before Operation Cleansweep. Peter McCrum looks at its success
» Bumper crop
» Technically speaking
» Landfill Directive - handicap or opportunity?
» Pontoon poised for action
» Litter patrol
» Minimum disruption expected
» Setting standards in concrete

August 2001

Impure water? Dirty work surfaces? Polluted effluent? Contaminated products or land? These days we don't use canaries in coal mines to warn of impending danger, but the same principle that protected miners then does the same job today, albeit in the form of microorganisms like bacteria. Dr
Kurobe Dam in Toyama Prefecture is typical of the country's mega-schemesJapan is a land of extremes - its heavy rainfall no panacea for its periodic droughts. Steve Higham reports on the country's dam building programme and below, describes one city's approach to water conservation.
Peter Minting looks at the design and performance of long sea outfalls
» Article Title
» Wasteland reclaimed as canalboat marina
» Education, education . . .
» Initiatives across the UK map out how recycling targets can be hit
» Is insurance the solution to the brown field dilemma?
» Casting replaces spinning process
» Hoping for measured change

August 1996