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August 2007

End in sight for Glasgow's Katrine Water Project

Six years after planning permission was submitted, Scottish Water's huge Katrine Water Project is nearing completion. And it will supply Glasgow with a state-of-the-art water supply.

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Brave new world: The economics of recovery

Economic and environmental regulators are important drivers for emerging energy and waste recovery technologies, as Paul Lowe explains

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Water treatment washes up well in Bolton

Greater Manchester Waste's thermal recovery plant in Bolton is benefiting from a water treatment system which filters out impurities and aids cleaner emissions

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· Fieldbus moves into the mainstream

· Out of the trenches

· Kent coast standards soar in £66M cleanup project

· Odour surveying leads by the nose

· Gasplasma: A cleaner method of recovery

· Food for thought in recovering best value

· Rules 'must change' on energy from sludge

August 2006

Bringing European harmony to wastewater treatment

A new European standard comes into force from July 2008 which will harmonise individual countries' testing for small wastewater treatment systems. Alison Anderson, a member of the team that developed the new standard, explains why it will bring clarity to the industry.

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Market leaders beware - a new generation of consultancies is snapping at your heels

While the big names slug it out for the best reputation in their sector, many smaller battles are taking place further down the table - and it is these which are more likely to create the surprises that will upset the status quo.

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Who is making waves in the water / wastewater sector?

When it comes to reputation in the world of water and wastewater, Hyder Consulting emerges as the winner both in the opinion of customers and fellow consultants.

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· MBR - an efficient process

· Dealing with drought

· Market must adapt for new players to prosper

· Best reputation in Waste Management

· Salary survey

· Portugal in a flap over bird law

· How do customers choose?

August 2003

Maesteg washery gets cleaned-up

The £10 million Maesteg Washery Land Reclamation Scheme, which is funded mainly by the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) is transforming a former coal and iron industry site to provide a new comprehensive school and sports fields, in addition to areas set aside for new housing development.

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Recycling sectors focus on boosting performance

WRAP's major role in promoting markets for recyclable materials continues to be reinforced with targets being laid down across eight programmes: five material streams ( paper, plastics, glass, wood and aggregates) and three generic areas (procurement, financial mechanisms and standards and specifica

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Digging deep for the hole truth

Endless disruption is caused every time a hole is dug in England, but at a stakeholders' forum recently, delegates decided something must be done.

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· Time to review private sewers

· Making a commitment to energy

· Handling flow information

· Removing a disruptive element

· Bioremediation injects speed into decontamination

· Ground level training

· New ideas shine at the Paignton parade

August 1998

MWF disposal - the dual approach

A combination of novel formulatory techniques and advanced waste separation processes are currently under development in a two year project to address the environmental pollution issues facing the users of watermix metalworking fluids (MWFs). Tony Lesowiec of the project co-ordinator, Pera, repo

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The future of AMR in France

Robert Frati, VP, European Operations at Itron examines the prospects for automatic meter reading in the French water industry.

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Gedeon Dagan, groundwater ambassador

Gedeon Dagan, a professor of engineering at Israel's Tel Aviv University, will receive the 1998 Stockholm Water prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden later this month. Dagan was selected for the award for his research on the relationship between pollutants, subsurface formations, transport pr

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· Controlling gaseous emissions

· Sampling high salt effluent

· Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target

· French system of water management faces far-reaching reforms

· Fusion aims for fairness in metering

· Research on plastic pipe systems

· Pros and cons of the burning issue