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August 2007

Telemetry solutions are now affordable, reliable and practical, and web-based data acquisition and alarm-handling solutions are proving their worth.
Dave Oakes of Powelectrics reports.
Ian Sully, managing director of Auma Actuators' UK operation, explains the advantages and applications of bus protocols
As the debate rages over the use of concrete or plastic, the benefits of both materials are vigorously tested. Dr Vasilios Samaras of Asset International looks at the benefits of plastic in water storage and pipe infrastructure.
» Food for thought in recovering best value
» Brave new world: The economics of recovery
» Out of the trenches
» End in sight for Glasgow's Katrine Water Project
» Rules 'must change' on energy from sludge
» Gasplasma: A cleaner method of recovery
» Odour surveying leads by the nose

August 2006

A storm of controversy has been whipped up by the DTI's decision to allow the building of the UK's biggest incinerator to go ahead. Katie Coyne reports
As a new entrant into the municipal waste arena, Ian Crummack outlines some
of the challenges his company faces when trying to break down the old guard
An on-board weighing system from PM Onboard is helping one private contractor get to grips with the rising cost of waste disposal in Guernsey
» Who has the best reputation in IPPC
» Confidence key for Wessex
» Fighting for the planet
» Insure against risk for a better brownfield price
» Portugal in a flap over bird law
» Which consultancy has the best reputation in climate change and renewables?
» Keeping it simple

August 2003

Waste management professionals attending the CIWM Torbay 2003 Exhibition were offered an array of new solutions and technology to tackle environmental and waste problems, ranging from new street cleansing machines and RCVs (see LAWE July 2003) to software and containers.
The Environment Agency is calling for views on its proposed approach to assessing the human health risks from petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
A high powered Steering Group set up to push ahead with the goals of the Waste Implementation Group, plus a beefed up role for WRAP in waste reduction and recycling on the domestic front, make up a two-pronged attack on the rising waste mountain. Allied to the Government's backing for Joan Ruddock's
» Bioremediation injects speed into decontamination
» Recycling sectors focus on boosting performance
» Changing times
» Digging deep for the hole truth
» Removing a disruptive element
» CIWM President calls for clear vision of the future
» Ultrasound abilities assessed

August 1998

Procedair's patented 'all dry scrubbing' process is used typically for scrubbing flue gases from incineration processes where the predominant pollutant is HCI but where sulphur dioxide is present in smaller quantities. Good combustion control and careful waste stream selection have a key role in reducing gaseous emissions, but end-of-pipe treatment is still an essential part of the solution. Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davis of Environmental Development Technology look at the available treatment opt
French Environment Minister, Dominique Voynet.The French Minister of the Environment, Dominique Voynet, recently told the French Cabinet that she plans to reform the French system of water management - in particular the Water Agencies. Michael Rook reports from the Ministry of the Environment in Paris.
The burning issues concerning incineration, mainly of municipal solid waste, are debated in this month's special feature with contributions from the energy from waste lobby and from environmentalists broadly opposed to this method of waste disposal. Readers wishing to contribute to the debate on
» MWF disposal - the dual approach
» Fusion aims for fairness in metering
» Research on plastic pipe systems
» The future of AMR in France
» Sampling high salt effluent
» Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target
» Gedeon Dagan, groundwater ambassador