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August 2007

Ian Sully, managing director of Auma Actuators' UK operation, explains the advantages and applications of bus protocols
Greater Manchester Waste's thermal recovery plant in Bolton is benefiting from a water treatment system which filters out impurities and aids cleaner emissions
One company has combined gasification and plasma arc treatment technologies to create what it claims is a significantly cleaner energy-from-waste process
» Don't neglect biodiversity during land regeneration
» The future of outsourcing
» Feast on this: abrasive drying for food waste
» Rules 'must change' on energy from sludge
» End in sight for Glasgow's Katrine Water Project
» Food for thought in recovering best value
» Brave new world: The economics of recovery

August 2006

Attracting top workers and drawing in business go hand in hand in any dynamic market.
Environmental consultancies put much emphasis on bringing in the crème de la crème of the experts in the field, and strive to draw in the best people with promises of a dynamic working environment and profess
Surplus brownfield sites are often sold at less than their market value, but if local authorities insured against liability issues, they could increase their revenue. David Brierley explains
Working with Trinity Horne, Yorkshire Water has implemented a programme of change within its Waste Water Asset Management team, leading to savings of £1M-plus. The programme has been highly successful and is being extended
» Environmental market set for runaway success
» Ikea begins bag revolution
» Where are the gaps in the employment market?
» Fighting for the planet
» Guernsey contractor rolls out pay-by-weight
» Keeping it simple
» EfW project takes flight as alliances link up

August 2003

by Luc Vandevelde, Chairman, Marks & Spencer

In every part of our business, we have an end result in mind and plan our strategy to achieve it. So, thinking about corporate social responsibility, how do we therefore conduct ourselves in the social arena to make a real difference in the world?

A high powered Steering Group set up to push ahead with the goals of the Waste Implementation Group, plus a beefed up role for WRAP in waste reduction and recycling on the domestic front, make up a two-pronged attack on the rising waste mountain. Allied to the Government's backing for Joan Ruddock's
Implementation of the new contaminated land regime is slipping, and legal departments within local authorities have been slow to respond to the major issues, according to an NSCA survey which also pinpoints concerns about a lack of technical guidance on soil contamination levels. LAWE's special feat
» Region of waste transformation
» Bioremediation injects speed into decontamination
» Ultrasound abilities assessed
» Region of waste transformation
» Living with the Code
» Reaching for the sky
» Thermals are given a lift

August 1998

Figure 1 Ralph Potter, senior research fellow at the University of East London's Pipeline Technology Group, describes in this article research that is being undertaken in the field of plastic pipe systems by the group in collaboration with the water industry.
The AMR system. CCU: Cell Control Unit. GMM:Genesis Meter Module. GMM/Repeater. IHP: Itron Host Processor. Robert Frati, VP, European Operations at Itron examines the prospects for automatic meter reading in the French water industry.
System Equity meters under test Fusion Meters has extended its brief beyond the manufacture of water metering products and has taken a broader view of water distribution to develop a system that offers fairness for both the utility and customers.
» Sampling high salt effluent
» French system of water management faces far-reaching reforms
» Controlling gaseous emissions
» Pros and cons of the burning issue
» Gedeon Dagan, groundwater ambassador
» Europe's largest co-mingled waste MRF speeds Hampshire towards 25% target
» MWF disposal - the dual approach