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August 2014

Will shale gas ever find its place in today's broad energy mix?

Is fracking for shale gas key for the UK's long term energy mix, or is it a recipe for environmental disaster?

Many decades ago, Albert Einstein said that 'Everything is Energy and Energy is everything". This claim is still very true as we look at the impact of energy as a source on our modern society today.

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Green sky thinking: Six truly amazing renewable ideas

From the weird to the wonderful, the space age to the bizarre, green innovators are coming up with amazing inventions to create a more sustainable future.

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A brighter future: using solar power to tackle the water crisis in Ethiopia

Tirfie Tikura, a mother in Gellabo village, whose life has been changed by the solar-powered water pumping system

There are 44.5 million people in Ethiopia that don't have access to safe drinking water. Renewable energy is an ideal solution in remote areas with no mains electricity. We take a look at a WaterAid project that used solar power to save lives.

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· Unlocking AD's potential

· Turning a slate quarry green: 40 years of Centre for Alternative Technology

· Lessons learned: using GRI's G4 reporting guidelines

· Leader interview: Environment Agency chairman Lord Chris Smith

· Working to move communities up and forward in Greater Manchester

· Recycling: What to do to encourage the wrong behaviour?

· Green Deal: Success or failure?

August 2013

How honest are supermarkets being on food waste?

It's time for the major food retailers to open up and reveal in granular detail how much food is being wasted across their supply chains - Tristram Stuart puts his point of view across to Maxine Perella

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In Deep Water: How technology can localise and restore urban water infrastructure

Many of us have experienced the growth of the "buy local food" movement in recent years. Brian Young and Emma Stewart, Sustainability Solutions at Autodesk, would like to propose an even more effective movement: "drink local".

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Heathrow waste trial puts closed loop on the radar

The picking line on the MRF

A large-scale waste audit at London Heathrow Airport could change the way the aviation industry views waste. Nick Warburton reports

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· Asda: sustainability through the eyes of the consumer

· In conversation with Whitbread's Chris George

· Mandatory energy audits: will they result in a more efficient freight industry?

· UPS: en route to a fuel efficient future

· Will a global aviation deal release the airline emission strategy's potential?

· In conversation with the Institute for Sustainability's Terry McGivern

· Zero waste: why just be less bad?

August 2010

New laws to drive down power industry emissions

August sees the introduction of new legalisation aimed at driving down emissions in the electricity and gas industry.

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Skills shortage fears as jobs are slashed

Contractors are bracing themselves for a skills shortage in the water industry within the next six to 12 months. The early end to the AMP4 cycle and slow start to AMP5 by some water utilities has led to job losses among contractors and consultants.

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Ministers to decide on infrastructure plans

The planning system for large-scale infrastructure projects is to change with the newly-formed Infrastructure Planning Committee (IPC) abolished. The move, part of the Government’s strategy to move decision making from quangos to ministers, will see a new Major Infrastructure Planning Unit (MIPU) wi

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· Ministers to decide on infrastructure plans

· Why kerbside matters for carton collection

· Sensor and sensibility

· Legal firm calls on political and regulatory support

· Water has value - and so does the water business

· Court ruling on drilling 'trespass' on Mohamed al Fayed's estate

· Tree growth and climate change

August 2005

Innovative circulation systems developed for in situ remediation

IEG Technologies UK Limited is a newly formed specialist company offering a range of revolutionary patented technologies for in-situ soil and groundwater remediation. Underpinned by an extensive track record gained on several hundred remediation projects completed over 15 years across Europe an

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Case C-304/02, Commission v France

France has had a record fine of €20 million imposed upon it by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The fine was imposed on France due to a breach of EU fisheries conservation law aimed at protecting Europe's diminishing fish stocks.

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Initiatives gather impetus across the spectrum

In this annual LAWE recycling sector review, which complements our Preview of RWM 2005, there is good news of progress on many fronts of campaigns and initiatives which are setting the UK on track to meet national goals for waste minimisation and recycling. Editor Alexander Catto reports.

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· Edie environmental case law summary (August 2005)

· How does your sludge flow?

· Technology Innovation winner cleans up on domestic front

· Odour and out

· Code red

· Municipal greenery

· Environmental Reporting: The need for open transparency in environmental reporting.