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August 2017

In practice: London's largest solar retrofit project

Waste management firm Bywaters has dramatically reduced its energy usage and achieved near self-sufficiency following the delivery of a 1MW solar retrofit project at its plant in East London.

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In practice: Capgemini's carbon-cutting Merlin data centre

With data centres accounting for 40% of Capgemini's total emissions and 70% of energy use, IT consulting firm's decision to develop an ultra-sustainable, energy-efficient data centre has driven great results, helping to push the company beyond a carbon goal one year ahead of schedule.

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In practice: Edinburgh Zoo's behaviour change drive to increase recycling

Attracting more than half a million visitors each year, Edinburgh Zoo has a significant opportunity to engage consumers on sustainability at a large scale. Here, edie charts an award-winning behaviour change drive which has helped the attraction divert 98% of its waste away from landfill.

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· In practice: Smurfit Kappa's £120m onsite sustainability drive

· A greener footprint: How Timberland's boots ignited a decade of circular economy progress

August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics: How sustainable is the greatest show on Earth?

It was dubbed a "green games for a blue planet" during the bidding process, but the event has since become shrouded in controversy, with venues contaminated with waste, waters infected with superbugs, and the host city's air quality remaining at deadly levels. So, just how 'sustainable' is

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Policies, data and imports: tackling the trilemma of collaboration for Britain's retailers

In the wake of some key waste and resource efficiency issues being brought to light within the UK retail sector, edie's Matt Mace speaks to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) about how to drive collaboration in this highly-competitive market as a means to deliver low-carbon, resource-efficient ways

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Pokemon Go: Green business opportunity or environmental headache?

As people of all ages roam the streets in search of Pokemon, has this new, interconnected age of smartphone capabilities provided a green business opportunity for a fully fledged sharing economy, or will the increased energy demand spoil the environmental potential?

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· Coming of age: The heroes and villains of the circular economy

· From Exxon to Jack Black: The call for a global carbon price is gathering pace

· How to be a Sustainability Leader: Awards Q&A with Energy Manager of the Year

August 2013

In Deep Water: How technology can localise and restore urban water infrastructure

Many of us have experienced the growth of the "buy local food" movement in recent years. Brian Young and Emma Stewart, Sustainability Solutions at Autodesk, would like to propose an even more effective movement: "drink local".

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Heathrow waste trial puts closed loop on the radar

A large-scale waste audit at London Heathrow Airport could change the way the aviation industry views waste. Nick Warburton reports

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UPS: en route to a fuel efficient future

From using electric vehicles in New York City during the 1930s to operating one of the world's largest fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, UPS has long practiced environmentally-conscious innovations. Leigh Stringer looks into the company's approach to further reducing its CO2 emissions

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· How honest are supermarkets being on food waste?

· Redefining our relationship with waste

· Asda: sustainability through the eyes of the consumer

· In conversation with the Institute for Sustainability's Terry McGivern

· Zero waste: why just be less bad?

· In conversation with TUI Travel's James Whittingham

· Will a global aviation deal release the airline emission strategy's potential?

August 2008

Environmental Impact Assessment - Spain

A Spanish court called on the European Court of Justice's expertise in a case involving work on the Madrid urban ring road.

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Taxation - UK

The Finance Act 1996 requires landfill site operators to pay landfill tax for the disposal of material as waste by way of landfill at a landfill site.

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, August 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the changes this month are updates to European regulations on shipping waste, a

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· Weighing up options for kerbside recycling

· New twist on wastewater treatment with picket fence filter

· Journey to the centre of the earth

· What makes a car green?

· Pesticides - Europe

· Environmental Case Law Summary, August 2008

· How to rehabilitate a sewer