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August 2018

August 2017

A greener footprint: How Timberland's boots ignited a decade of circular economy progress

As Timberland celebrates the 10th anniversary of its EarthKeeper product range which utilises recycled plastic, edie catches up with the outdoor clothing retailer's sustainability director Colleen Vien, who explains how a decade of continual improvements has put the firm on track to achieving the ci

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In practice: Edinburgh Zoo's behaviour change drive to increase recycling

Attracting more than half a million visitors each year, Edinburgh Zoo has a significant opportunity to engage consumers on sustainability at a large scale. Here, edie charts an award-winning behaviour change drive which has helped the attraction divert 98% of its waste away from landfill.

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In practice: Smurfit Kappa's £120m onsite sustainability drive

With one eye on a key carbon reduction goal for 2020, paper-based packaging company Smurfit Kappa recently undertook a multi-million-euro investment into new boiler and steam turbine systems at one of its major manufacturing facilities in Austria which will significantly reduce emissions.

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· In practice: London's largest solar retrofit project

· In practice: Capgemini's carbon-cutting Merlin data centre

August 2014

Will shale gas ever find its place in today's broad energy mix?

Many decades ago, Albert Einstein said that 'Everything is Energy and Energy is everything". This claim is still very true as we look at the impact of energy as a source on our modern society today.

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A brighter future: using solar power to tackle the water crisis in Ethiopia

There are 44.5 million people in Ethiopia that don't have access to safe drinking water. Renewable energy is an ideal solution in remote areas with no mains electricity. We take a look at a WaterAid project that used solar power to save lives.

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The circular economy needs to find the middle ground

It's clear that UK industry must move away from the old linear model of 'take-make-dispose' and towards a circular economy. But where on that journey is UK plc, and what more needs to be done to drive it forward? SITA chief executive David Palmer-Jones considers things 'in the round'.

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· Leader interview: Environment Agency chairman Lord Chris Smith

· Green sky thinking: Six truly amazing renewable ideas

· Turning a slate quarry green: 40 years of Centre for Alternative Technology

· Working to move communities up and forward in Greater Manchester

· Green Deal: Success or failure?

· Lessons learned: using GRI's G4 reporting guidelines

· Unlocking AD's potential

August 2009

Ofwat under fire over limit decision

OFWAT'S SURPRISE decision to limit future capital returns for water companies until 2015 at 4.5% will put contractors under pressure as water companies seek efficiency and cost savings in the order of 12%.

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Why it pays to do some ground work

The increasing emphasis on statistically assessing site data on ground investigations can be time-consuming and costly if you're not careful, explains Cathy Swords

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Staff feel the heat in a courtroom drama

Managers at Morrison Utility Services have been taking part in a hard-hitting training exercise that aims to hammer home the personal consequences of serious site incidents. Being in the dock, they discovered, was the ultimate reality check.

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· The race is on to cut costs and improve efficiency

· Conservation: pressure's on to solve drainage issue

· A humanitarian priority

· Making carbon accounting a reality

· Spain reigns in the desalination market

· Glasgow goes for drains gold

· 'Vital' Thames tunnel takes first steps