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September 2002

Toxicity management: it's a bug's life

Toxicity control is a major driving force in the run up to the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. Dr Peter Spencer Davies, director of Strathkelvin Instruments, explains what needs to be done and how.

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Elemental analysis - a question of balance

Dr Terence Mabbett has a look at the new single and multi-channel analytical tools from Burkard Scientific.

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Greener motoring is the key to cleaner air

The Government has recently put in place a range of new measures and initiatives aimed at improving air quality across the country. A key element is the drive towards greener motoring and the switch to alternative fuels and sustainable forms of transport, combined with the introduction of higher sta

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· The real value within

· The perfect measure for brewery

· Final tests for Scots’ potable water

· Climate change Agreements: Are you going to fail to meet targets?

· Climate Change and Business: Keep up or get left behind

· Farmers put on a good spread

· Achieving the perfect mix

September 2001

Oil companies: Future perfect or Carbon-dated?

There can be no doubt that the products provided by oil companies are essential for today’s economy, what about the prosperity of the future? Are huge oil corporations blindly grabbing the Earth’s non-renewable resources as fast as possible for maximum short-term profit, or are serious thought and

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Agency sets technical guidance on regulating clinical waste

New guidance on regulating clinical waste from the Environment Agency is aimed at aiding the public, healthcare providers and the clinical waste services industry as health and safety issues within the waste management sector are the subject of more stringent control. In this special featur

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Double deck collection vans add big-time capacity

The introduction of purpose-designed, double deck collection vans has hugely increased the capacity in transporting clinical waste containers for incineration as a specialist in this field explains

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· Dennis Eagle launches new generation with curved 'benchmark' design for RCVs

· Alternative fuels power the drive to combat atmospheric pollution

· Market Boost for green waste containers

· Tunnel vision check combines with atmosphere monitoring

September 1998

NY town chooses the FAST option

After receiving four state discharge violation notices following rainstorms, the town of Dexter decided to incorporate Smith & Loveless' FAST® system into its WwTP writes James A.Bell, Vice President of Technical Services for Smith and Loveless.

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Burning and burying - dealing with sludge

Sludge treatment and disposal has recently been a common discussion subject especially with only three months before the disposal of sludge to sea is banned and recent talks with retailers on what treatment is safe. Gary Wilson examines some of the issues concerning sludge treatment and disposal

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Living with floods: a change of strategy in The Netherlands

Frans Klijn and Jos Dijkman of WL/Delft Hydraulics describe the Dutch government's 'room for rivers' policy which aims to prevent flooding by 'building with nature.'

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· Special feature: laboratory analysis

· Infiltration insight

· Mine drainage and landfill leachate treatment

· Taweelah B plant takes shape

· Septicity in sewage and sludge

· Low footprint effluent treatment

· A biological solution to odour control

September 1993