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September 2002

Recycling is playing a increasingly important role in the drive to meet EU targets. The EPA is publishing a new guide on recycling markets in Ireland which should identify potential areas for development. In the specific composting sector, Cré, the Composting Association of Ireland, is playing a pr
Kevin Spence of Sheffield Hallam University explains the objectives and results of a research project concerned with ways of tackling aesthetic pollution from combined sewer overflows
The Farid group, based in Italy, with a strong presence in the UK refuse collection vehicle market, has mapped out a strategy of focused internal growth and selective acquisition, which is seeing the manufacturer emerging as a leading pan-European player in the municipal and waste management market.
» Numbers are the name of the game
» More rapid response to climatic changes
» Don’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading marketDon’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading market
» Greener motoring is the key to cleaner air
» Strengthening water relations
» Materials handlers play key role in wood reprocessing
» The sound of silence

September 2001

Chris Pick, of CODEL International Ltd, examines key issues relating to the hazards posed by air pollutants produced by traffic in the confined space of road tunnels and the need for effective and accurate monitoring
Dennis Eagle is developing its existing range with the launch of a new, innovative design, Phoenix 2. The original Phoenix, pictured here, will continue to be processedDennis Eagle is officially launching this month what the UK specialist vehicle provider terms the next generation of refuse collection vehicles, in the curved shape of the Phoenix 2. This leading UK manufacturer sees the new vehicle, which incorporates innovative design, as its "most s
New guidance on regulating clinical waste from the Environment Agency is aimed at aiding the public, healthcare providers and the clinical waste services industry as health and safety issues within the waste management sector are the subject of more stringent control. In this special featur
» Alternative fuels power the drive to combat atmospheric pollution
» Double deck collection vans add big-time capacity
» Oil companies: Future perfect or Carbon-dated?
» Market Boost for green waste containers

September 1998

Dexter's WwTP is divided into two FAST treatment trains, complete with Kraus-Fall ClarifiersAfter receiving four state discharge violation notices following rainstorms, the town of Dexter decided to incorporate Smith & Loveless' FAST® system into its WwTP writes James A.Bell, Vice President of Technical Services for Smith and Loveless.
A biofilter treating odourous gases from a sewage treatment works. There are many options available for removing odours from gas streams before discharge and in this article Chris Smith from Bord na Mona discusses the biological techniques available.
Al Taweelah B, Abu Dhabi Belgian group Tractebel Energy Engineering has completed performance monitoring at the halfway stage of the two-year guarantee period of the Taweelah B power generation and desalination project in Abu Dhabi. Alan George reports from Brussels.
» Low footprint effluent treatment
» Infiltration insight
» Special feature: laboratory analysis
» Single reactor activated sludge system
» Burning and burying - dealing with sludge
» Sludge treatment and handling scheme
» Living with floods: a change of strategy in The Netherlands

September 1993