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September 2003

Odour management is a key part of Reading's new treatment works. Thames Water's senior consultant Ian Cranshaw and Dr Pat Coleman from Black & Veatch Contracting report
Steve Fraser, principal consultant at RPS, discusses odour control and PPC.
Norrie Hunter considers what may be in store for Scottish Water
» Under pressure
» CRAFT presents a novel idea
» Modelling on a record scale
» Technically speaking
» It's a liability
» Into the zone
» Modelling on a record scale

September 2002

As many companies appear to be failing to meet their Climate Change Agreements, Donna Clarke of Greenergy Carbon Partners looks at the penalties that companies will face and how to avoid them.
NSCA has produced two reports on the impact of emissions on the environment, one on transport related to recycling, the other providing a comparison of emissions for waste management options. LAWE looks at key indicators from the research.
Dr Terence Mabbett has a look at the new single and multi-channel analytical tools from Burkard Scientific.
» Greener motoring is the key to cleaner air
» Final tests for Scots’ potable water
» It's a money thing...
» Numbers are the name of the game
» Farid goes for strategic growth in RCV market
» Climate Change and Business: Keep up or get left behind
» Don’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading marketDon’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading market

September 1999

As the fourth consultation on UK implementation of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive gets underway, IEM, in the third and final in the series, presents a cross section of industry opinion on practical implications of IPPC.
Recently introduced to industry, the small and lightweight personal VOC monitor provides an immediate warning of high concentrations.Whenever organic solvents are used in finishing, they are inevitably emitted to air. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pose a health risk to the environment and workers. While instant over-exposure can become a focus of employee concern, says Paul Walton of Shawcity, routine long term exposure
Henri Barthalan thinks consumers' understanding of water quality will improve graduallyA little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So it is with drinking water quality in France, where consumer knowledge has improved but not enough to keep irrational fears in check. As a result, customer service and communication strategies employed by Lyonnaise des Eaux focus on giving consumers
» Safe and efficient sludge removal by road tanker
» American water dreams inspire a French revolution
» Picking up the market
» Improved efficiency requires cultural change
» TEG offers alternative to windrow composting
» Where the air is clear
» Millennium-friendly bug

September 1994