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September 2003

Black & Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at a water taste and odour plan
Emissions trading could harm UK competitiveness argues John Constable, senior economist at Esso UK
Wisconsin-based AG Gas claims to have achieved excellent results from its use of carbon dioxide emissions for open-field crop yield enhancement.
» Scaling the heights of plant design
» The crowning glory
» Mandatory standards dropped from proposed air quality directive
» It's a liability
» Mayer Parry case sheds new light on metal packaging waste definition
» Technically speaking
» Into the zone

September 2002

Brian Chambers of ADAS argues for greater promotion of biosolids as organic fertiliser
IETG Air Division staff undertaking UKAS accredited source emissions samplingThe past eighteen months has seen wholesale change in the way IPC/PPC stack emissions monitoring is undertaken. The cornerstones to these changes are OMA and the new MCerts standard, but where do these new schemes fit into the current system and what do they mean for site operators and emissions mon
Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust, calls for companies to take advantages of climate change opportunitiesThe opportunities being offered to business by low carbon technologies are comparable to those of the fledgling car industry at the beginning of the last century, where those who remained committed to the horse and cart very quickly went out of business, says Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the
» Achieving the perfect mix
» Final tests for Scots’ potable water
» Municipal waste survey reveals slow progress on road to meeting Government’s recycling targets
» Farmers put on a good spread
» Numbers are the name of the game
» Ireland backs global action plan
» It's a money thing...

September 1999

The MTP 5 Meteorological Temperature Profiler is an instrument for the remote measurement of the air temperature profile from ground level to 600m, typically used in studies of air pollution, atmospheric stability and climatology.
David Knapp of Industrial Flow Control (IFC) describes how efficient sludge removal by road tanker can be achieved with minimal danger to the operator.
Thierry Bourbié  believes public-private deals are the best way for US municipalities to cut costsThierry Bourbié‚, executive vice president of Lyonnaise des Eaux, talks to Erin Gill about the company's years of US experience and its plans for a profitable future working with American municipalities and the industrial sector
» El Paso sets example for water reclamation
» Up close and personal
» Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US
» IPPC: in the pipeline
» Millennium-friendly bug
» Lessons in keeping a low wastewater profile
» Picking up the market

September 1994