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September 2003

The crowning glory

What does the Crown Sludge Disintegration System have to offer?

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A den of advice and ingenuity

Information on waste issues and environmental legislation used to be just a phone call away, with Waste Watch's Wasteline telephone service. Now information is at your fingertips as well. The internet is a vital resource for many businesses and Waste Watch's new website, Waste Online, is already pro

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Keep it clean

Ever wondered what happens to industrial wastewater after it goes down the drains? EBM looks at one sewage company's approach to effluent treatment

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· It's a liability

· The winner takes it all?

· Carbon cuts make top of the league

· Sterilising and sorting municipal waste

· Scenting change in odour control

· Under pressure

· Climate change – a major business opportunity

September 2002

Municipal waste survey reveals slow progress on road to meeting Government’s recycling targets

The full report on the 2000/2001 Municipal Waste Management Survey for England shows that there has been minimal progress towards meetings the national strategy goals for waste minimisation and recycling, with a standstill on progress on landfill over the latest reported year despite major investmen

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More rapid response to climatic changes

Wireless communication is making great advances in environmental monitoring. Programming and reading data from a distance and by subsequent measurements arranged long distance are one of the many possibilities offered by e-SENSE from Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment.

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Don’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading marketDon’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading market

Much like the Stock Exchange, the new UK Emissions Trading scheme (ETS) is not merely a matter of buying and selling, you have to pick your moment, and ensure that you have the correct strategy. Emissions trading analyst Tim Atkinson of Natsource-Tullett explains how to avoid the expensive m

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· Low pressure ultrafiltration needs fine tuning

· NSCA reports study impact of recycling and waste emissions

· Achieving the perfect mix

· Scrubbing out odour nuisance

· The Water Framework Directive: why is there so much uncertainty?

· The real value within

· Setting the standard: OMA and MCerts

September 1999

Picking up the market

Europe's first electronic trading facility for Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) and recyclable commodities, The Environment Exchange, has been on-line for more than nine months. What are the options for the future? IEM talks to the Exchange's founder and managing director, Angus Macpherson.

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Easy data day management

Phil Ely and Asger Eriksen of Monitor-Pro offer some tips on keeping track of your environmental monitoring data.

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Improved efficiency requires cultural change

For Britain to achieve significant improvements in water efficiency, there must be a cultural shift to accept the importance of saving water, not only at a corporate level, but also on behalf of the individual. RAJ Arthur reports.

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· Where the air is clear

· Lessons in keeping a low wastewater profile

· Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US

· Confronting consumer fears over water quality

· Up close and personal

· High-tech emission control

· Millennium-friendly bug

September 1994