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September 2003

Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission
Monitoring energy consumption is vital to manufacturers and ensures efficient usage. A Stark software system is aiding one company's energy saving measures.
Peter Gostelow, Richard Stuetz and Simon Parsons, of Cranfield University, explore the use of emission and dispersion models, which enable odour variables to be examined
» Modelling on a record scale
» Keep it clean
» or better - or worse
» Technically speaking
» The winner takes it all?
» Under pressure
» Proposal to prevent pollution from mining waste

September 2002

The Water Framework Directive will have a major impact on water users and the providers of water services. Due to the local level planning required by the Directive it is difficult to predict the implications on the industrial, farming and water sectors. However, the water industry is trying to esta
The wire free telemetry system from BOX telematicsCoors Brewers is toasting telemetry specialist, BOX telematics, and Severn Trent Water, thanks to the installation of a £100,000 effluent waste management system, which has both benefited the environment and delivered cost savings of over £600,000 in the past two years.
Recent contamination in Cumbria and Glasgow has highlighted the importance of water qualityCompanies in ‘high risk’ sectors such as food and drink processing could face criminal liability claims should they fail to ensure water management is carried out according to the Water Regulations standards set by DEFRA and enforced by the water industry. Ian Mitchell, water regulations manager at
» Farid goes for strategic growth in RCV market
» Greener motoring is the key to cleaner air
» Municipal waste survey reveals slow progress on road to meeting Government’s recycling targets
» Who says looks do not matter?
» Materials handlers play key role in wood reprocessing
» Strengthening water relations
» Final tests for Scots’ potable water

September 1999

Phil Ely and Asger Eriksen of Monitor-Pro offer some tips on keeping track of your environmental monitoring data.
Dr Alan Heyworth of TEG Environmental argues for an alternative to windrow composting, which he claims will result in a more consistent end-product.
Henri Barthalan thinks consumers' understanding of water quality will improve graduallyA little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So it is with drinking water quality in France, where consumer knowledge has improved but not enough to keep irrational fears in check. As a result, customer service and communication strategies employed by Lyonnaise des Eaux focus on giving consumers
» O&M support for Cairo Wastewater Project
» El Paso sets example for water reclamation
» Up close and personal
» Lessons in keeping a low wastewater profile
» American water dreams inspire a French revolution
» Millennium-friendly bug
» Where the air is clear

September 1994