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September 2003

CRed – the low-carbon revolution

by Dr Simon Gerrard, Project Manager, The Community Carbon Reduction Project

Nearly all of the articles published on climate change paint a picture of impending doom: floods, droughts, severe storms, hurricane force winds, heat waves and so on. Although such extreme events are possible outcome

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Technically speaking

Black & Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at a water taste and odour plan

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New international partnership – the REEEP – to help deliver success on climate change

by Dr. Denis MacShane, British Foreign Office Minister

No one should doubt the UK government’s commitment to taking action against climate change. Our intention to put the UK on a path to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 60% by 2050 - with real progress by 2020 – is well known. Within the

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· Technically speaking

· Keep it clean

· Time for a change

· WISARD spells out waste options

· Industrial carbon dioxide emissions increase crop yield

· Proposal to prevent pollution from mining waste

· Energy data does the business

September 2002

Don’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading marketDon’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading market

Much like the Stock Exchange, the new UK Emissions Trading scheme (ETS) is not merely a matter of buying and selling, you have to pick your moment, and ensure that you have the correct strategy. Emissions trading analyst Tim Atkinson of Natsource-Tullett explains how to avoid the expensive m

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Who says looks do not matter?

Kevin Spence of Sheffield Hallam University explains the objectives and results of a research project concerned with ways of tackling aesthetic pollution from combined sewer overflows

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Farid goes for strategic growth in RCV market

The Farid group, based in Italy, with a strong presence in the UK refuse collection vehicle market, has mapped out a strategy of focused internal growth and selective acquisition, which is seeing the manufacturer emerging as a leading pan-European player in the municipal and waste management market.

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· NSCA reports study impact of recycling and waste emissions

· Strengthening water relations

· Achieving the perfect mix

· Numbers are the name of the game

· More rapid response to climatic changes

· Materials handlers play key role in wood reprocessing

· It's a money thing...

September 1999

Lessons in keeping a low wastewater profile

Générale des Eaux must have wondered whether its efforts to construct a WwTP that would comply fully with the EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD) and satisfy the demands of residents of the wealthy resort town would ever bear fruit. Nine years after its completion, Antibes STP remains on

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High-tech emission control

Costly product losses to the atmosphere from industrial process plants can, and have been, quickly identified and turned to profit, claim Shell Global Solutions of their new economic atmospheric management service - that's based on their own experiences.

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Where the air is clear

The MTP 5 Meteorological Temperature Profiler is an instrument for the remote measurement of the air temperature profile from ground level to 600m, typically used in studies of air pollution, atmospheric stability and climatology.

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· Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US

· Crypto under the microscope at Anglian Water

· IPPC: in the pipeline

· American water dreams inspire a French revolution

· Millennium-friendly bug

· Improved efficiency requires cultural change

· El Paso sets example for water reclamation

September 1994