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September 2005

Paul Garrett, Regional Manager, London & S.E. at Churngold Remediation Ltd looks at new challenges facing land and property developers.
Dr Richard Coulton highlights the likely impact that new legislation will have on contractors undertaking dewatering operations
WWT talks to Ian Smith, convenor of Scotland's new water watchdog, Water Watch Scotland
» Enter the dragon
» DEFRA aims for standard PFI contract for waste
» Debunking the Myths around Thermal Desorption
» Plastic bins help prevent accidents says H&S lab
» Imaging beneath the ground using non-invasive techniques
» JCB lines up new waste range for 'one-stop' shop
» Inspecting for contaminated land: avoiding the pitfalls

September 2004

JCB, the brand synonymous with backhoe loaders and which earlier this year passed a major milestone with the production of the Staffordshire-based manufacturer's 500,00th machine, is as well-known now in the waste handling sector as in construction, agriculture and industry. LAWE reports on two rece
The UK Government's claims that Britain is making notable progress on the global warming and air quality fronts have been challenged in a new report from a Commons Select committee which warns that the climate change strategy is "seriously off course." In this special air quality feature LAWE review
Faced with the challenge of providing West Sussex-based Cliniserve Ltd with vans to meet specific internal requirements, Lex Transfleet came up with a contract-winning solution - specially adapted vans with an internal specification similar to that of a refrigerated vehicle.
» Deal breakers
» The OFR - better reporting?
» Administering the WFD
» Signal solves location problems for Bradford MDC
» Technically speaking
» Odour minimisation methods
» Capturing data

September 2001

Dennis Eagle is developing its existing range with the launch of a new, innovative design, Phoenix 2. The original Phoenix, pictured here, will continue to be processedDennis Eagle is officially launching this month what the UK specialist vehicle provider terms the next generation of refuse collection vehicles, in the curved shape of the Phoenix 2. This leading UK manufacturer sees the new vehicle, which incorporates innovative design, as its "most s
Oil companies need to start to think about the alternatives to hydrocarbons 
        (courtesy DOE)There can be no doubt that the products provided by oil companies are essential for today’s economy, what about the prosperity of the future? Are huge oil corporations blindly grabbing the Earth’s non-renewable resources as fast as possible for maximum short-term profit, or are serious thought and
The demand for containers for green waste collection has seen a surge this summer Otto reports. A pilot scheme which has been introduced in Kent shows how advance preparation can help achieve successful participation from residents
» Double deck collection vans add big-time capacity
» Agency sets technical guidance on regulating clinical waste
» Alternative fuels power the drive to combat atmospheric pollution
» Tunnel vision check combines with atmosphere monitoring

September 1996