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September 2006

Why developers must build in waste planning

Developers of urban housing must first tackle waste management if they are to avoid future liabilities and ensure residents' quality of life, argues Tony Yates

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Driving recovery levels up for ELV compliance

Insufficient recycling and reuse of non-metallic components is hindering UK compliance with the end-of-life vehicles directive. LAWR looks at what's being done to address this

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Sino-Dutch team develops Yellow River plan

Conflicting demands on water resources for urban and agricultural uses, combined with a variable rainfall pattern, is seriously impacting on livelihoods and the environment in the central part of the Yellow River basin in north-east China. Robert Smit and Koen Roest of Wageningen University & Resear

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· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, September 06

· Lab breaks speed barrier

· In-vessel solutions: the people's choice

· MCerts: The fuller picture

· Mekong modelling project benefits SE Asia

· Sheffield cares for air in its complex city

· The local leader

September 2005

War on waste

The latest water conservation scheme from Envirowise has made a Big Splash, with 12 companies learning how to stop pouring their profits down the drain. Tom Idle reports

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (September 2005)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the changes this month we see the ratification of a pan-European protocol on wa

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Plastic Omnium offers 'new solution' for waste management

Plastic Omnium, a European market leader in waste containment solutions, with its UK base in Shropshire, has introduced Ecosourcing, dubbed "a complete waste management solution," to the British market.

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· Volvo serves waste and recycling markets

· The price of success

· Indonesian government takes on mining giant

· Leaping the knowledge gap

· Deep Impact

· Industry group criticises 'environmental deregulation'

· Hyundai wheel loader serves Sheffield recycling station

September 2002

Climate Change and Business: Keep up or get left behind

Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust, calls for companies to take advantages of climate change opportunities

The opportunities being offered to business by low carbon technologies are comparable to those of the fledgling car industry at the beginning of the last century, where those who remained committed to the horse and cart very quickly went out of business, says Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the

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Don’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading marketDon’t get caught out: tricks to survive the UK emissions trading market

Much like the Stock Exchange, the new UK Emissions Trading scheme (ETS) is not merely a matter of buying and selling, you have to pick your moment, and ensure that you have the correct strategy. Emissions trading analyst Tim Atkinson of Natsource-Tullett explains how to avoid the expensive m

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Major initiatives launched to meet recycling targets

Recycling is playing a increasingly important role in the drive to meet EU targets. The EPA is publishing a new guide on recycling markets in Ireland which should identify potential areas for development. In the specific composting sector, Cré, the Composting Association of Ireland, is playing a pr

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· Farmers put on a good spread

· Low pressure ultrafiltration needs fine tuning

· Toxicity management: it's a bug's life

· Who says looks do not matter?

· Achieving the perfect mix

· Materials handlers play key role in wood reprocessing

· The real value within

September 1997