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September 2008

Case study: Allen & York Slash Waste to Landfill Output

A leading recruitment specialist serving the natural and built environment sectors in the UK has made adjustments to its environmental policy, taking major steps in supporting sustainability. Tanya Bright, from Allen and York, explains how the company has driven down its impact on the environment.

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The Vile Sky Club - a sector profile of the aviation industry

Aviation features high on the environmental most-wanted list. And, as the airline industry is predicted to treble by 2030, this is not wholly unreasonable. But differences remain over how best to curb its emissions, writes Mike Scott

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In and outs of confined spaces

Working safely in confined spaces really comes down to using the right equipment, and using it in the correct manner. Given that, Robert Weeks - a health and safety trainer - is surprised that awareness of the basic apparatus is often lacking.

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· Following protocol: how to climb in status

· Modelling takes on the urban flooding menace

· A broader voice for biowaste

· All you need, under one roof

· SUDS allows building on a bog

· A lighter shade of green - what does ethical investment entail?

· How to strike IT rich - a profile on Hewlett Packard

September 2007

It's never too late to innovate

Pneumatic actuators have many advantages over their electrical counterparts for the water and wastewater process industries. These components are used extensively by the industry worldwide, except in the UK. Festo's Martin Hunt tries to pinpoint why, and sees an encouraging shift in attitudes.

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Climate change bill: A closer look

The government's draft climate change bill was well received but has since been more critically scrutinised. Barrie Clarke of Water UK looks at its six main policy changes

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Framework agreements - is the industry benefiting?

Framework agreements are standard practice in the water industry, but Philip Bolton finds he is no longer alone in worrying about their long-term implications.

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· Opening up the path to better monitoring

· Bristol leads by example

· Closing the loop for organics

· How West London rose to the odour challenge

· Sustainability drive focuses filtration innovation

· Case sets standards for sentencing

· Wave Hub looms off the Cornish coast

September 2004

Waste industry invests to close facilities gap

A report published recently by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) concluded that up to 2,300 new waste treatment facilities needed to be operational by 2020 to avoid a major crisis involving millions of tonnes of untreated waste. The introduction of these facilities, which could total up to £3

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EMS in the dock

Experts have found there is no link between EMS and improved environmental performance. Peter McCrum finds out more

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Capturing data

Peter McCrum talks to Corporate Benchmarking Services about the performance of its innovative management system Trilogy

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· Homeport offers new clinical waste collection service

· Competence regime can improve h&s management

· Technically speaking

· Silent genius - the world beneath our feet

· Studying effects of climate change

· Materials handlers focus on waste sector

· Administering the WFD

September 1999

Improved efficiency requires cultural change

For Britain to achieve significant improvements in water efficiency, there must be a cultural shift to accept the importance of saving water, not only at a corporate level, but also on behalf of the individual. RAJ Arthur reports.

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Where the air is clear

The MTP 5 Meteorological Temperature Profiler is an instrument for the remote measurement of the air temperature profile from ground level to 600m, typically used in studies of air pollution, atmospheric stability and climatology.

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Safe and efficient sludge removal by road tanker

David Knapp of Industrial Flow Control (IFC) describes how efficient sludge removal by road tanker can be achieved with minimal danger to the operator.

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· Confronting consumer fears over water quality

· Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US

· Picking up the market

· Easy data day management

· Millennium-friendly bug

· Lessons in keeping a low wastewater profile

· High-tech emission control