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September 2009

UK flow monitoring equipment helps Australian engineers develop Kuwait stormwater drainage master plan
The COP-5 climate talks set to take place in December must include water as a key component of the negotiation process. This was the core message to come from water experts meeting in Stockholm for World Water Week.
MORE FRAMEWORK partners have been announced by Scottish Water to help deliver its next capital investment programme, valued at nearly £2B, from 2010 onwards
» The battle against bioaerosols
» Dennis takes to the road for dual fuel
» Pump down the volume
» Spreading the word on valves
» Charging up for an electric ride
» Pipe management wins recognition for SEW
» Saint-Gobain's quantum leap on innovation

September 2008

The UK's first plant capable of recycling PET and HDPE plastic bottles back into food grade material has opened for business. Maxine Perella attended the launch
Gaining certification for your product under the Quality Compost Protocol scheme need not be a struggle if you know what is required. Katie Owens offers pointers
A leading recruitment specialist serving the natural and built environment sectors in the UK has made adjustments to its environmental policy, taking major steps in supporting sustainability. Tanya Bright, from Allen and York, explains how the company has driven down its impact on the environment.
» The Vile Sky Club - a sector profile of the aviation industry
» Self-cleaning filtration cuts bills and saves environment
» The pursuit of fairness
» All mouth, no trousers - marketing sustainability strategies
» Court rules on legal status of leaking sewage
» A lighter shade of green - what does ethical investment entail?
» All you need, under one roof

September 2005

Dr Richard Coulton highlights the likely impact that new legislation will have on contractors undertaking dewatering operations

Charged with driving economic growth of our businesses, UKCEED's Director, Jonathan Selwyn, tells Tom Idle why the environment should be at the heart of the process
Research released late last year by the College of Estate Management in Reading suggested that UK developers are, at long last, coming to terms with contaminated land and the wider issues of brownfield development.
» CHEM plays full role in setting health & safety standards
» Enter the dragon
» Environmental alternatives
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (September 2005)
» Inspecting for contaminated land: avoiding the pitfalls
» Sudden decline
» Debunking the Myths around Thermal Desorption

September 2000

Clearly, power generation, refineries, iron and steel and other major combustion processes (such as cement works and large industrial heating systems) are significant sources, accounting for nearly 90% of the annual sulphur dioxide emitted in the UK.On September 2 1998, the air quality standard for sulphur dioxide was exceeded across a substantial area of the Midlands and South Yorkshire - enough to have caused harm to some members of the public. An 18-month Environment Agency investigation ensued. IEM presents the methodology and the findings.
A joint venture between Ionics Inc. and Barbados-based Williams Industries has built the largest RO desalination facility in the Caribbean providing fresh, potable water to one sixth's of the island's 264,000 population.
EAGLE (Environmental Analysis Group for Laboratory Excellence) was formed in June 1996 in conjunction with the National Measurement Directorate of the DTI to enable the department to have access to peer groups of commercial analytical laboratories in different market sectors.
» Emissions trading: permit market evolution
» Welsh challenge for Galliford
» Sutton builds 'Super-MRF' to meet recycling targets
» Secondary treatment works
» EC law could poison green agenda
» Dual benefits of new generation noise loggers
» Eikelboom to help with sludge training