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September 2009

CONTRACTORS BELIEVE single-stage tendering could return in the water industry to replace framework agreements. The decision by British Airports Authority earlier this year to abandon framework agreements has led many to fear that other major clients, including water companies, will follow suit in th
'Turbo-consumerism' is implicated in the worst economic crisis for generations. Barrie Clarke asks if it is time for a new definition of the consumer interest
The largest meccano set on the south coast - that's how Viridor is describing its new high-tec MRF which made a breezy entrance down in West Sussex. A windswept Phil Mellows attended the opening
» Sunset for the frameworks?
» Tunnel project boosts Balfour
» Hail the wizards of Oz
» A revolution in maintenance
» Dennis takes to the road for dual fuel
» Scottish Water announces capital investment partners
» The battle against bioaerosols

September 2008

The Composting Association has rebranded and changed its name to Association for Organics Recycling. Acting chief executive Jeremy Jacobs explains the motivations behind the move
A central monitoring scheme for flow measurement is necessary and desirable, says Keith Flint of Pulsar Process Measurement. But, he argues, MCerts is not robust enough
Gaining certification for your product under the Quality Compost Protocol scheme need not be a struggle if you know what is required. Katie Owens offers pointers
» All mouth, no trousers - marketing sustainability strategies
» How clean are your filters?
» Zagreb's sewage requires extra care
» Edie Legislation Summary September 2008
» Preparing for the big sewer transfer
» Self-cleaning filtration cuts bills and saves environment
» Getting a firmer grip on waste controls

September 2005

Dr Paul Zuber of Brightwater Engineering looks at the sometimes difficult but ultimately successful development of MBR technology
The waste services sector is facing challenges on several fronts in carrying out its responsibilities in health and safety and in collecting, transporting and treating clinical waste.
As local authorities face up to the formal targets for efficiency gains at the same time as tackling the huge challenges involved in delivering recycling services and changing the way residual waste is managed, the prospects can seem pretty daunting. But is it really such bad news, or can something
» Volvo serves waste and recycling markets
» Power to the people
» Making a clean break
» Sudden decline
» Plant hirer supplies Case machine for Hounslow site
» Leaping the knowledge gap
» Soil Surgeries - The Doctor is in

September 2000

Daphnia pulex - the miner's canary of aquatic pollutionWWT's technical editor, Peter Minting, looks at direct toxicity assessment.
Project Aquatrine is the largest proposed UK public/private partnership to date. Roger Eyre and Geoff Morgans of Hyder Consulting explain the large and complex asset base work that needs to be done up-front.
Fig 3: Value of leakage confidence factor calculation.Water companies are making significant cost savings as well as dramatically improving their identification and rehabilitation of water leakages with intelligent acoustic noise logggers.
» Integrated site remediation cleans up for store project
» When special conditions apply
» Welsh challenge for Galliford
» Stable mate for STW bosses
» Eikelboom to help with sludge training
» My point is...
» Membranes for estuary water