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September 2012

The grocery retail sector alone accounts for some 18.6m square metres of parking or vehicle movement areasThe design of supermarket car parks and other hard surfacing needs re-conceptualising with SuDS in mind, argues ACO Technologies research director Martin Fairley
Capacity and knowledge needs to be built from the board, through energy managers and down to the shop floor, says Steven FawkesEnergy efficiency can play a major role in addressing the multiple challenges of improving energy security, reducing the environmental impacts and reducing costs to consumers, as well as creating economic growth and jobs, according to Steven Fawkes.
Waste needs to be seen as a 60m tonne logistics challenge. But with big corporates now encroaching into this space, the days of skips and refuse vehicles may be numbered, warns Peter Jones
» Recruiting for a zero waste landscape
» VIDEO: The river's edge - a journey of transformation
» The big bottleneck on plastics packaging
» Woking food waste initiative is served up to flats and schools
» BSkyB: Switching on to sustainable broadcasting

September 2011

A new technical specification on measuring moulds in ambient air could have a huge impact on organic waste treatment solutions. Adam Read and Jason Southgate explain why
As South West Water reaches the end of its mammoth 20-year programme of coastal works, Natasha Wiseman reports on an outfall project in Cornwall
Air Products director of hydrogen and bio-energy systems, Ian Williamson, writes exclusively for edie of his frustration at government funding and how it is holding up progress on his company's 49MW EfW
» DIY retailers start to shrink packaging and waste
» Viridor looks to add value to business waste
» Compact treatment for 'Venice's Garden'
» Beware the legal pitfalls of bid-rigging
» Getting the value out of SUDS
» Preventing fatalities must come first
» When the drugs reach the works

September 2008

Polypipe Civils is investing heavily in advanced stormwater management systems. Natasha Wiseman spoke to marketing and development director Jason Shingleton to find out what is happening in the sector
If a plant has to deal with several manufacturers after a component part of a pump is faulty or has failed, the resultant confusion can lead to costly downtime. Lee Tebbatt explains the benefits of getting pump spares from one source.
The Composting Association has rebranded and changed its name to Association for Organics Recycling. Acting chief executive Jeremy Jacobs explains the motivations behind the move
» How to strike IT rich - a profile on Hewlett Packard
» Court rules on legal status of leaking sewage
» The pursuit of fairness
» In and outs of confined spaces
» Preparing for the big sewer transfer
» Getting a firmer grip on waste controls
» Edie Legislation Summary September 2008

September 2003

Ever wondered what happens to industrial wastewater after it goes down the drains? EBM looks at one sewage company's approach to effluent treatment
Information on waste issues and environmental legislation used to be just a phone call away, with Waste Watch's Wasteline telephone service. Now information is at your fingertips as well. The internet is a vital resource for many businesses and Waste Watch's new website, Waste Online, is already pro
Noel Morrin has worked at the cutting edge of environmental management for over 10 years - first with ICI, then as director of Business in the Environment, where he developed the BiE Index. He is now international environment director of cement manufacturer RMC. Rob Bell asked him about his manageme
» The winner takes it all?
» The crowning glory
» Scenting change in odour control
» The winner takes it all?
» Enveloping odour emissions
» It's a liability
» Sterilising and sorting municipal waste