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September 2013

Taking note of the health impacts of climate change and environmental destruction, this week edie talks to Bupa's head of sustainability strategy Andrew Smith, who explains that the current economic situation is offering businesses a great opportunity to provide solutions that deliver resource and m
This week edie talks to Bloomberg's sustainability manager, Lee Ballin, on the evolution of sustainability standards and what he thinks is "on the cusp" of being the next big sustainability issue.
Conference season provides opportunity for reading the runes on environmental policy says Society for the Environment chief executive Alex Galloway. Here he shares his expectations for this year's round of party positioning.
» Intelligent efficiency: turning data and energy efficiency into valuable assets
» Urban mining aims to redefine waste as an asset
» Dieter Helm: EMR will need full review to address issues
» Is Wyke Farms leading a revolution of sustainable grocers?
» Waste champion lauded as pioneering business woman
» Southern Railway sets out platform for smarter resource efficiency
» In conversation with UPS' Peter Harris

September 2012

The installation of a wetland plantThe team working on the rivers and wetlands of the Olympic Park, one of Europe's biggest greening projects, faced numerous challenges, explains Ruth Boyle of engineering consultancy Atkins
Capacity and knowledge needs to be built from the board, through energy managers and down to the shop floor, says Steven FawkesEnergy efficiency can play a major role in addressing the multiple challenges of improving energy security, reducing the environmental impacts and reducing costs to consumers, as well as creating economic growth and jobs, according to Steven Fawkes.
Waste needs to be seen as a 60m tonne logistics challenge. But with big corporates now encroaching into this space, the days of skips and refuse vehicles may be numbered, warns Peter Jones
» Recruiting for a zero waste landscape
» BSkyB: Switching on to sustainable broadcasting
» Shopping around for the best SuDS
» The big bottleneck on plastics packaging
» Woking food waste initiative is served up to flats and schools

September 2009

The WFD's deadline for achieving its water management objectives is getting closer. But, says Chris Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Hydro International, recent flood activity has made us lose sight of the underlying concerns
CONTRACTORS BELIEVE single-stage tendering could return in the water industry to replace framework agreements. The decision by British Airports Authority earlier this year to abandon framework agreements has led many to fear that other major clients, including water companies, will follow suit in th
New legislation and a public less tolerant of environmental noise mean that water companies must introduce noise control measures wherever possible. Alan Carter reports on a project in Derby that shows the way ahead.
» A revolution in maintenance
» Sentinel keeps tabs on methane
» Hail the wizards of Oz
» Saint-Gobain's quantum leap on innovation
» The battle against bioaerosols
» Dennis takes to the road for dual fuel
» Tunnel project boosts Balfour

September 2004

Enviro Technology reports that Opsis engineers have developed a solution to the problem sometimes encountered when it is difficult to locate cross-duct DOAS analysers close to the stack due to restricted access and the necessary limit of a maximum 10 metre length of fibre optic cable/
Small businesses still aren't getting with the green programme. Peter McCrum asks why
Preston-based company Pakawaste Ltd has completed a £1.2 million contract which will help Arsenal in its new stadium project in North London. The Arsenal contract has been part of the Premiership Club's project to relocate an old waste transfer station owned by Islington Borough Council to a new si
» New kit to ensure compliance
» Odour minimisation methods
» Waste industry invests to close facilities gap
» Cleaning up with Biofuels
» Technically speaking
» Deal breakers
» Recycling & 'green' energy top the agenda