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September 2013

Waste champion lauded as pioneering business woman

 Kate Cawley (left)

Creative director of WasteSolve Kate Cawley joins a growing band of women blazing a trail in the waste sector. Nick Warburton caught up with her

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In conversation with Bloomberg's Lee Ballin

This week edie talks to Bloomberg's sustainability manager, Lee Ballin, on the evolution of sustainability standards and what he thinks is "on the cusp" of being the next big sustainability issue.

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Urban mining aims to redefine waste as an asset

We need to recognise urban wastes as assets and resources to be reused, recycled and recovered - and this requires some mental digging, argues Chris Coggins

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· Southern Railway sets out platform for smarter resource efficiency

· Environmental policy: making a call on the conferences

· In conversation with Bupa's Andrew Smith

· Is Wyke Farms leading a revolution of sustainable grocers?

· Intelligent efficiency: turning data and energy efficiency into valuable assets

· Dieter Helm: EMR will need full review to address issues

· In conversation with UPS' Peter Harris

September 2012

Truckin' waste: on the road to smarter delivery

Waste needs to be seen as a 60m tonne logistics challenge. But with big corporates now encroaching into this space, the days of skips and refuse vehicles may be numbered, warns Peter Jones

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Shopping around for the best SuDS

The grocery retail sector alone accounts for some 18.6m square metres of parking or vehicle movement areas

The design of supermarket car parks and other hard surfacing needs re-conceptualising with SuDS in mind, argues ACO Technologies research director Martin Fairley

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Waking the sleeping giant of energy efficiency

Capacity and knowledge needs to be built from the board, through energy managers and down to the shop floor, says Steven Fawkes

Energy efficiency can play a major role in addressing the multiple challenges of improving energy security, reducing the environmental impacts and reducing costs to consumers, as well as creating economic growth and jobs, according to Steven Fawkes.

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· VIDEO: The river's edge - a journey of transformation

· The big bottleneck on plastics packaging

· Woking food waste initiative is served up to flats and schools

· Recruiting for a zero waste landscape

· BSkyB: Switching on to sustainable broadcasting

September 2009

Sentinel keeps tabs on methane

The advance of methane recovery monitoring equipment technology is helping industry to safely capture methane for energy conversion and generate new revenue. Phil McLean at gas sensing specialist Trolex highlights the opportunities.

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The price at the pump isn't the whole story

The myth that the price of plastic should correlate directly with the price of oil is a wide misconception, and one that needs to be debunked. Asset International's Dr Vasilios Samaras explains how other factors come into the equation.

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Charging up for an electric ride

The low carbon benefits of electric vehicles are filtering into the waste sector, where a number of models are available. Mike Gerber looks at what's out there

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· Community benefits

· Dennis takes to the road for dual fuel

· Back to the future

· Contractors fear end of frameworks

· Carbon Reduction Commitment 'could stamp out demand' for renewables

· Sunset for the frameworks?

· Saint-Gobain's quantum leap on innovation

September 2004

Materials handlers focus on waste sector

JCB, the brand synonymous with backhoe loaders and which earlier this year passed a major milestone with the production of the Staffordshire-based manufacturer's 500,00th machine, is as well-known now in the waste handling sector as in construction, agriculture and industry. LAWE reports on two rece

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Recycling & 'green' energy top the agenda

Meeting recycling priorities and developing sustainable energy are the key waste and environmental issues in Scotland as the Scottish Executive disburses funds for waste facilities across the country and Scotland plays a pioneering role in on- and offshore wind energy and marine generated power

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EMS in the dock

Experts have found there is no link between EMS and improved environmental performance. Peter McCrum finds out more

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· Doncaster installs air quality information system

· Odour minimisation methods

· Signal solves location problems for Bradford MDC

· MPs call for action on Climate Change Strategy

· The OFR - better reporting?

· Finding alternative remediation solutions

· Waste industry invests to close facilities gap