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September 2015

Islamic Reporting Initiative: Aligning local culture with CSR

A 'one-size-fits-all' approach to CSR reporting is becoming irrelevant and impractical, writes Daan Elffers, who has launched a new framework to align sustainable business with local principles and values.

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Social circle - the full benefits of the circular economy

Reuse offers tremendous social value - because of this, it could act as a useful lever to secure public buy-in for a more transformative resource agenda, argues Craig Anderson.

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edie explains: COP21 Paris Climate Conference

From November 30th to December 11th this year, Paris will play host one of the most important climate conferences in the history of mankind. Here's everything you need to know...

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· Looking towards the next sustainability agenda...

· Rugby World Cup 2015: Top 10 sustainability facts...

· Is it perfect policy timing for waste?

September 2014

Stopping climate meltdown needs the courage that saved the ozone layer

Governments dither on the solution to global warming - but the Montreal protocol is a reminder of a time when they took their hands out of their pockets.

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10 steps to tackle climate change AND promote economic growth

A healthy planet is incompatible with a growing global economy - or so goes the conventional wisdom. However, a new report by some of the world's leading economists and political leaders has laid out a ten-step international plan to achieving sustainable growth; in every sense of the word.

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Scottish independence: Kill or cure for future renewable developments?

Ahead of the vote to decide Scotland's future as part of - or apart from - the United Kingdom, edie investigates what might happen to the nation's renewable sector if it does strike out as an independent country.

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· In Conversation with MillerCoors' Kim Marotta

· Formula E: Six sustainability facts about all-electric motorsport

· Designing energy-from-waste plants for communities off-piste

· Scottish independence: What the NO vote means for UK renewables

September 2011

Beware the legal pitfalls of bid-rigging

There are many lessons the waste sector can learn from the OFT's investigation of the construction industry cartel. Rosemary Choueka outlines the key points

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Islington goes retro with SUDS

A retrofit SUDS system that’s one of the UK’s first, is capturing more than rainwater. Natasha Wiseman went to take a look

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DIY retailers start to shrink packaging and waste

The big DIY chains are getting their houses in order when it comes to reducing packaging and improving waste management processes. Maxine Perella gives a progress report

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· NEC Group: managing waste in an eventful way

· Reaching the waste streams others can't reach

· Meeting the private sewer challenge

· Polperro outfall reaches final phase

· Through swell and high water

· Bioaerosols: managing the hidden risks

· Dead in the water

September 2006

ITT Flygt pumps up the durability

The new force in de-watering pumps is expected to exceed current market standards in terms of durability. ITT Flygt's new hydraulic design, the 2600 Series, is launched this month and the company says it will provide longer periods of maintenance-free operation, even in the most demanding conditions

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Driving recovery levels up for ELV compliance

Insufficient recycling and reuse of non-metallic components is hindering UK compliance with the end-of-life vehicles directive. LAWR looks at what's being done to address this

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Have your compost collections got bags of potential?

Single-use plastic bags are widely used for collecting compost, but local authorities need to be aware of the knock-on effects that the choice of bag can have. Tony Breton explains

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· A polished solution

· Self-help improves supplies in rural Uganda

· Good faith pays off in Tower Hamlets

· No-dig solution for Colombo's colonial sewers

· PPP project provides for Cartegena's poor

· Court considers whether carcasses are waste when sold as fuel

· The power of communicate