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September 2017

In practice: Network Rail's closed-loop partnership to recycle waste coffee grounds

Striking a partnership with coffee waste collectors Bio-Bean enabled Network Rail to make steps in reducing waste at its station, and also got retailers and staff to boost coffee collection to be used for renewable power.

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In practice: University of Northampton's onsite biomass energy centre

A state-of-the-art new campus at the University of Northampton has embraced a renewable energy solution through a £6.5m energy centre which incorporates woodchip biomass boilers and a combined heat and power (CHP) system.

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In practice: Stora Enso's cost-effective move to champion cross laminated timber

A new multi-million-euro investment looks set to transform packaging firm Stora Enso into a renewable materials company and the largest global producer of a low environmental impact timber solution to replace steel and concrete in construction projects.

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· In practice: Amsterdam ArenA's EV battery storage system

· Building the story: How Mars got boardroom buy-in for its $1bn sustainability strategy

September 2016

The story of Roermond: How Smurfit Kappa is making the circular economy a reality

Packaging giant Smurfit Kappa invites edie on a behind-the-scenes tour of its pioneering zero-waste paper mill in the Netherlands, which stands as an exemplar of the firm's global circular economy ambitions.

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Laying the foundations for a more sustainable built environment

Kicking off edie's 'green buildings month' of editorial content, World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) chief executive Terri Wills argues it is time to change our perspectives on the buildings we use every day, and start seeing them as an integral part of the solution to global warming.

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The best retailers for the world: Driving responsible retail and one-planet prosperity

Low-carbon, resource-efficient retail is the only way forward, but we might also need to dig deeper if we are to find one-planet prosperity. Ahead of Wednesday's Responsible Retail Conference, Mike Townsend explores the real challenges and opportunities - along with evidence of an innovative shift -

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· Sharing sustainability success: From selling to showing

· Three years on from Rana Plaza: How The Bangladesh Accord plans to leave a positive supply chain legacy

September 2013

Southern Railway sets out platform for smarter resource efficiency

One of the UK's leading train operators is looking to forge stronger networks in its sustainable ambitions, to leave a lasting legacy both on and off the tracks. Maxine Perella reports

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Urban mining aims to redefine waste as an asset

We need to recognise urban wastes as assets and resources to be reused, recycled and recovered - and this requires some mental digging, argues Chris Coggins

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In conversation with Bupa's Andrew Smith

Taking note of the health impacts of climate change and environmental destruction, this week edie talks to Bupa's head of sustainability strategy Andrew Smith, who explains that the current economic situation is offering businesses a great opportunity to provide solutions that deliver resource and m

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· Intelligent efficiency: turning data and energy efficiency into valuable assets

· In conversation with UPS' Peter Harris

· Is Wyke Farms leading a revolution of sustainable grocers?

· In conversation with Bloomberg's Lee Ballin

· Environmental policy: making a call on the conferences

· Waste champion lauded as pioneering business woman

· Dieter Helm: EMR will need full review to address issues

September 2008

Preparing for the big sewer transfer

Private sewers and lateral drains are to be transferred to water companies - but how can drainage contractors prepare for this? Sally Nash has some answers.

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How to strike IT rich - a profile on Hewlett Packard

IT giant Hewlett Packard is looking into how climate change can boost its profits. Tom Idle met up with the company's environmental strategy manager, Zoe McMahon, to find out how the company is rapidly evolving

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A broader voice for biowaste

The Composting Association has rebranded and changed its name to Association for Organics Recycling. Acting chief executive Jeremy Jacobs explains the motivations behind the move

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· Self-cleaning filtration cuts bills and saves environment

· How clean are your filters?

· Do local results for air quality stack up?

· In and outs of confined spaces

· Weathering the storm

· Dairy gets breath of fresh air

· All mouth, no trousers - marketing sustainability strategies